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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Day 349, Why do I allow limitation?

There has been these particular points about myself that I do allow to exist within me for either to not be in confrontational disputes or to not have to be not liked by others, or be hated by others, or someone that has to be avoided, because I will be seen as a " negative person." Understand that this finding me "a negative person," is just a label we place on people and if one really have a look at our world one can see that the reality out there is NOT positive. We can color it in all we want, but it is not going to magically change because we are a bunch walking along being all positive within our minds. If this was real, with all the positive religion explosion in this world that is going on, the world should have been extremely positive since the times of the Beatles, since the flower era. I am not looking for people to find me a "positive person" either, I am just telling the things as they are, not coloring them in, and if this makes me a "negative person," in people's eyes, it is their own judgment, has nothing to do with the reality that is a fact to be what we will term/interpret as: " bad/wrong/negative." The reality though is that our reality is harmful/destructive/abusive/unequal and these are labeled as "bad/wrong/negative." Here under this paragraph I place a picture that is fueling this dilemma, where with phrases like these people will always keep on brushing people away from them if they see that they are not agreeing with their positive bubble in their heads.


So I have a self-judgement that I fear that others might find me a "negative person," thus I shut up when it comes to the topic of what is going on in the world sometimes. What I did noticed though even within this fear, that when I do go into expressing myself for life, I am not fearful of wording what I'm  aware within myself to be common sense, and I talk loud and clear, and I am certain within myself about the points that I am busy conveying or bringing to the table as is being said.
As I have noticed and it is a fact, people do not like to hear these two words: " acceptance & allowance,"  because they know that these two words place them in a position where they have to take responsibility, and this word too is something most of us do not really want to engage into, especially when it comes to the responsibility to ALL LIFE.

The moment I say the world is the way it is, and not because of some politicians that are doing something or some elite somewhere is doing something, the world is how it is because we are the ones accepting and allowing all these things that we see as "bad/wrong/and negative" to continue  being here, being part of our reality.
We love to find someone else or a group to blame for what is happening, but the moment the blame is shifted and put upon us, ourselves, we want to push it away, and the "BUT's " will start to enter the conversations.

Of course in this world, you have in regards to what happens in the world two kinds of people, The ones that do actually DO something, either that something would be positive or negative, but they are the doers and we have those who just stand by....... the standbyers, the watchers.

Now the standbyers as I am calling us, which is the greater majority of us, which one can call the 99% of us in any particular country are the ones that will allow the 1% to do what they like, and we keep on blaming and blaming, criticizing them just because they are the doers. Maybe we secretly are jealous of them, because they actually DO what they say they will do, they are not just talkers, spewing verbal diarrhea. So even though the 1% is in their actions not doing what will be best for all, they do have the potential though to actually make things happen, meaning, they take action, something the 99% is lacking in extreme measures.
Now just imagine if the 99 % were the doers, all these things the 99% find that are "bad/wrong/negative" in their own lives, that they find the 1 % are doing to them, they themselves just make sure that these things will never happen again and go actually do it themselves, just take the stuff over and stop what is hurting us and change it? And when I say taking it over, I am NOT talking about taking it over by/through force or military force where people can get hurt and harmed, I am talking about taking it over by elections, making usage of direct democracy.
We are actually a humanity full of fears. We fear so much that we allow a 1% of us to put words on paper to actually bring harm instead of harmony, or put words on paper to enslave us, instead of freeing us, put words on paper to control us, put words on paper to tell us what to do and what not to do, limiting our participation in a world where all were born into freely in the same way as everybody else. Have you not noticed that the words on papers are all not words you directly participated in agreeing that they should be on paper or not? But yet here we are allowing all this stupidity to go on. Understand that words on their own are totally harmless, even the words that we have given to things that harm ourselves. It is us living what we believe these words to be, IS what is the problem and IS what is REALLY harmful.

Now let me tell you why that did not happen yet, and there were instances in  history when there were so called: "revolutions,"  but these revolutions were messy and were just a switching of powers, nothing really fundamentally changed, because we still did the same thing, allowing a little group to have the power over us, making decisions that influence our daily lives, and these decisions that are made always, are only "good" for a few, these very few individuals that made the decisions, but never that we create a system that allow all of us to not only have a saying, like an opinion but that we literally all are corner stones of making decisions on behalf of all of us, thus that everyone participate in the decision making, because at the end of the day, what the 1% is making decisions about includes all of us, but they just make sure that they the 1% get more instead of making sure that everyone is equally provided for and we can start with the REAL living as a humanity on this planet.
So the reason all of this is going on is because we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves separation to exist, we do NOT see ourselves as equals for real yet. We may talk about it, but actually in fact see/realize and understand that we ARE equals, very very few people can see this and actually strife to bring about this equality that is here.
And this is the why we are still roaming around in this system of inequality, because within and as ourselves we are unequal. We are unequal in our thoughts/words and actions, thus this what we are within is being allowed outwardly too, as anyone in this world can clearly attest now in this era that is called: "information era."

In my next blog I will be working out the points mentioned in the beginning of this blog.


Larry Manuela

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Day 348, DEBT in the money system; The killer invented by humans!

The words and sentences used in this world in relationship with the word: "debt."


Words & Phrases:

Civilization decline
pursuing downsizing
suffering finances
deflationary drive
weak demand
high government spending
income tax
For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil
private banks
tax evasion by corporations
fiscal and monetary policies
hoarding money
gambling with the people's money
taking (high)risks
corporatization of governments and countries
restructuring of the monetary system
impoverish nations
financial reforms
cut off
critical liquidity
credit line
unemployment & underemployment
people's values
dead deposits
federal reserve
central banks
World bank
hyper inflation
stripped from service
experts on economics
competitive bidding
violation of constitution

manipulating the financial markets
free market
free market capitalism
housing bubble
quantitative easing
commercial banks
the poor
secret services
shadow governments

wall street
tax havens...........................................................................

I can go on and on with these words we use today that are mostly pertaining to the subject of economy.
We have managed to come up with so many words that in fact make things much more challenging and harder in relation to our living and surviving on the planet.
Understand that money as we know it is just an idea made manifest by us humans, we just agreed that money should be the way we would share the resources of the earth.
We take money so serious as if life itself depends on money, when in reality everything is depended on life, even death.
What is so funny and yet also so seriously dangerous is that we take this whole system as something we cannot do anything about it, and as if it is THE most important thing ever, when in reality it is soooooooooo limited and so easy to get rid of.
What makes it appear as if it is something so difficult to do or whatever, are these words we invented to make it sound so sophisticated and out of our reach, something that takes tremendous work and have high degrees of difficulty, when all in all it is all really simple. We just got lost along the sophistication of words and of systems and forgot totally the simplicity of life.

All the above words are very well mentioned in the news and in the languages that are being spoken in this world at the moment, because there is an imminent threat going on that what we have as this system is counting its last days. We all fear the consequences.

But one must understand the following;

When money dies, the resources of earth don't die with it.
The plants that you eat, don't die with it.
The animals you depend on for your survival don't die with it.
The water you use don't suddenly evaporate and its gone.
 The house you have built and is living in, will not disappear.
Your body, will not suddenly die.
Your ideas will not leave you empty.
All the roads and bridges we have built will not crumble and fall down
Rain is not going to stop suddenly.
The land you live on it not going to disappear.
The knowledge you have about how to do certain things, and how to survive will not suddenly leave you.
The doctors, the engineers, the construction workers and you name it, all of these people will not just suddenly disappear and/or loose their knowledge about what they do, because the money is gone.
The people you use to have relationship with to exchange goods in other countries, will not suddenly disappear together with the goods you used to get from them.
Your fridge is going to continue working.
The clothing you wear, are still going to be here, and the people and the machines and the resources to make the clothing are all still going to be here.

One can see where I am going with these. I am conveying here that everything that actually makes our living here possible, all the relationships that are here, between people and and the rest of what is here, are all not going to disappear because money disappeared.
But yet, here we are acting as if that is what is actually going to happen. Now understand that because we have limit all of these and tie them to money, it will in the beginning feel like and actually people will go through certain very extreme situations, but it all does not have to happen like that.
The way we are being controlled is through fear and through laws, to make sure we don't just turn our backs at those who are controlling the masses and using the masses for their own self-interest.
By making laws to protect them in being in control of the resources we use, was and is the way one  can loose all the relationships that are here and that are in need of people interactions and labor and ideas to happen in the real physical, practical world.

All the words and few phrases I have placed even though some may have a positive inclination to them, one must understand that in their totality and combined existence in this world in a system of debt, they all lead to the same outcome, namely: "destruction, harm and abuse to/towards all life on earth."

Thus, join us to keep on planting the seeds of LIG proposal till it is just on the grabs for people when the time is right as this can be anytime.


Larry Manuela

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 347, Give me a Job, I need a job?!

Here we are in a moment in time, where finally we are all going through the same thing again, where we are seeing that the jobs we have are not really for purposes of bettering our living on the planet. Jobs purely exist right for purposes of getting money or for making money,........nothing to do with LIFE!!!!

The crashing of the system of money that is going on now, is worse and will continue to worsen up till we stand up, because this time it's different than the previous times it happened in the past, because now we have accumulated enough damage, where looking for a war to stop and make a reset with the same old thing again will not suffice. We have exhausted and consume more and more of the resources, we have become purely a bunch of consumers, doing nothing else than consuming and consuming, especially in the "rich countries."  Or to be more precisely, the "rich people," which is everyone that can afford a job and can pay for their survival needs without much difficulty, in two words: "The Have's."


When I have a look at the people living in this country and also at other people in other countries, they all blame the politicians for not producing enough jobs......that is all they all talk about constantly. We need more jobs, we need more jobs, there is not enough jobs, people are without, jobs, jobs,jobs, jobs...........If I put on the T.V. and go through the channels where there are news and social programmings going on some television talk-shows, I will hear this word, job again and again on the tips of the tongues of the people, over and over, everything is being placed on the shoulders of the word: "job." As if having a job is having a life. Unfortunately it is so in this system of inequality we have accepted and allowed, however this does mean that it HAVE to be so.


So one can say for certain that this delusion about: "MUST having a job," in order to have a life on the planet is as good as imprinted within the minds of all human beings that they can only interpret and see jobs and no jobs. When having a job and getting the reward in the form of money doing the job, we are happy, but as soon as there is no job and there is then no reward, we are extremely unhappy and very stressful and fearful, because we are all aware that without a job there is no other way one will be effective enough in the system of money as it exists now in this world. The word: "job," is nothing but something we use to get the money we were effectively brainwashed to accept as THE only way we can share what is on the planet in order to meet our survival needs.

But the reality is that there is NO sharing going on, there is only business going on, ways of making more and more money, through businesses we are trying, and some successfully too, to accumulate more and more of this thing called money, because more means; we have more saying and more buying power and also more influence in a world where we have accepted and allowed that money have more value than LIFE itself. Those conducted the big businesses have made sure, through laws to keep them as close as possible in being the owners of a particular resource that are being used to transform that into the machinery of making money, making a mockery between the relationships that exist between humans in making usage of the resources that are provided by the earth, as the nature that exists on earth.


We are only looking at how we can make more money. Saving money is just another word for having more money for myself actually in fact. Again nothing to do with supporting LIFE on earth.

Supporting LIFE on earth is like THE most alienated idea people seem to hear when it is shared, because most people interpret life as only their life or the life of the ones close to them.......but not ALL of LIFE. Thus the moment ALL of LIFE is mentioned they will feel a resistance to/towards it, because we were brainwashed to only care about our lives and even that is very superficial too. Thus sharing is something we have been brainwashed NOT to do, even though we were told by our parents to share with others, but the reality of living together is not so as we express through our words. We talk about it, but in the way we deal and give or use our money says something else, namely: "I better hold on to my money, because one never knows when I will be in need of it in times of difficulties, when money is scares." Now this phrase is imprinted into us through the word banks came up with, called: " savings."  They were encouraging people to remember to open saving accounts to save their money in the banks, because the banks themselves then can use it to make profit, without the individual being aware of this.

Having savings seems as a great thing, and it may be so, in this system of lack, or better said: " deliberate created illusion of lack."  But this lack only exists in the money system, not actually in the resources of earth that are here to support us in living as best as possible on the planet. People are starving not necessarily because they do not have food, they are dying of hunger/starving because the means to get to the food is none existent, and that means is: " money."  Some people are without homes in this world, not because the earth is not producing enough resources to built homes with, and us not having enough people that can built homes, oh is because these people do not have money to be able to pay for a house or housing. The same goes with medicine and water and you name it, all the things that should have been a priority in each human beings life on this planet, a priority that actually should be a given, mimicking what nature is doing, like our bodies itself is doing, always making sure that the whole body is supported equally so that the body can exist as a body, as a whole. Nature is making sure that all of what is here as an expression of this very nature is taking care of, because nature is making sure that all life on earth is supported equally, from the very small up to the very large, all according to their specific design and survival needs, on land and in the oceans, everywhere.


But of course we humans believe we are such a special bunch and that we can change these laws of nature and make of nature what we want it to be to fit into our delusions of grandeur, without having an inkling of an idea what we are busy creating that will have an effect/outcome/consequence on life on earth that will be destructive and harmful to lots of expressions including ourselves. even now that the evidences of these are apparent, we still want to continue with the same old system that has injected us into this very moment where the extremity of two outcomes exists, as in us either making  it or not?

Thus, we must first realize and also accept that we are delusional about "needing a job."  When we accept this problem, we can than start to see solutions, because right now, most of the solutions we are trying to bring are all about: "  We need to create jobs for people."  
Acting as if the job that are withering away is why we are where we are, when in reality, it is the laws/rules and regulations supporting a monetary system of inequality IS the problem.
Thus what do we do, we change the laws/rules and regulations of money to support Equality for all!!!


Larry Manuela

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Day 346, Principle or Facts?

I listen to an interview on youtube awhile ago put on youtube by Dennis Wise, whom is the one whom made a series of videos that was called: "Adolf Hitler, the greatest story never told."

I will place the video here for those whom want to listen to it, into what I am going to write about it.

Now the reason why I am writing about this, is because the argument Stefan Molyneux gives in this interview is not very practical. It barrels down to believing that facts do not matter anymore, even though he is saying he does not dismiss facts totally, but facts are not really important and do not change the way humanity currently functions within its relationship with everything that is here if we were to find the facts.
Stefan have some points there that are relevant, but also not. Why?
Because If we do not know the HOW we arrived to what we are now, and how we live now, we will keep on repeating and becoming better in destroying what is here, because we did not understand ourselves within our lives when we did or did not do certain specific things that have led to what we are living in this world at the moment. Thus there were certain relationships that have happened/occurred that catapulted us into the situations we find ourselves within and as at this very moment.
I find that in order to sort out these problems we have, and we must find the relationships between facts and principles in order for us to sort out our problems,that at the moment have only lived one thing, and that is? " to be self-centered." The principle of life, which is that which is equality and oneness was never lived. Principles should be; because we are physical beings on a physical planet and have physical needs, be the point of equality, thus equality in sharing and supporting of what is here for physical nurture and sustenance of the bodies of life that are here.

And to illustrate what I am saying here, I will quote something Bernard Poolman said in the past, on this subject, that I found very supportive and practical. It was placed in the FAQ section on the website of desteni, where the point of "experience living and Principled living" was discussed.

B: John Lennon. It made no difference. No matter if millions were loving and doving; nothing changed, everything got worse. Because if your principle is based on an experience, it's no longer a principle. So therefore, one can say that Love is not a principle. Love is an experience.

Equality and Oneness is a principle. Therefore, there is no feeling linked to it. There is no energy linked to it. There is a consequential, specific outflow in every breath that is measurable. Are we equal and is all our experience equal? Are the laws that guide us providing for all equal? Is the living space provided all equal? Is the food providing for all equal? Is water for all equal? Are resources for all equal? And are we dealing with all as one? One Body: the Body of Humanity. That is equality and oneness practically within the context of everything.

So therefore, even money – is all money distributed equal as a method of communication, as a method of sharing value, as a method of appreciation, as a method of support - or is it used so that some may experience money well, while others experience having NO money. That's not equality. That's not equality for life, either. It is not oneness. You bear oneness with the context of separation: some having, some not having. And according to your “not loving enough” because “you are not following the spiritual principles” [as depicted in mainstream religion] - you are not allowed to have this outflow of oneness.

But oneness, in principle within equality would say, “It is regardless at this stage of your particular situation; you should be treated equal.”

And the education should be equal. I would go as far as saying where technology already is available, that one must particularly start looking at even [the situation of] a child before they're born, be assessed if they will be able to live an equal life. Because what is the point to have someone who suffers in the name of someone's apparent idea that “God” has apparently bestowed upon you a disease that will harm you and make you suffer all your life, when it is clearly a DNA defect? I mean, we already know these things, but we will not apply because we do it under the experience of “Love.” I mean, where is – what does “Love” have to do with it? “Love” is an experience of self-interest. That is why when you “fall in love” with someone, I mean, it's all wonderful. But when you fall out of the, the experience changes. And it changes into something that you despise, hate, disdain. All kinds of experiences flow from it.

How can “Love” be a principle if it can change?

Love then, is not a principle that can be lived by, because it can change."

Now imagine that detectives were to not use facts as important for their investigations, but only rely on principles, something the whole of humanity never actually in fact have lived before, and I am saying this from the perspective of the principle of life, which is oneness and equality, that which is best for all life.
Adolf Hitler, the greatest story never told, is important to have a look at, in order to not only have one side of the story, which was the story most were told in their school books, which was the story of the ones whom won the war against Germany in that time. Why is it important? It is important, because as of now, we have made lots of decisions based on that story willingly or unwillingly or consciously or unconsciously, but decisions were made that lead to certain/specific consequential outflows in relationship to what was told about what happened. Our perception was manipulated in order to have certain and specific outcomes that will be beneficial to a small group. So if we do not understand why and how we came about to be what we are now, we will keep on having ourselves repeating the same thing over and over again, by a small group being able to use certain tools to manipulate us and changing history as to what happens to appear different in order to reach certain outcomes in their benefit because we will give them our consent.
To me facts are what are physically here as to how they function and to what relationships occurred that made them in the manifested consequential outflow that they find themselves in now. Thus the direct seeing of what is here as physical real proof as in how it exists as a physical manifestation. And then we use principles to measure the facts, if the facts have a result in the physical reality with the principle of life, which is that which is equality and oneness, which is best for all life. So there must be a relationship between the fact and the principles in order to understand and measure what is really happening at the moment, because humanity have never lived according to principles. We talk about principles as if we have lived them, but we haven't. There are very very very few human beings that have lived principles, and most of them have lost their lives doing so. Why? To show that the world as what the human has made of it, does NOT value principle living and does NOT want it either at this moment as a fact. It is not part of the systems we have created. There are some of us making noises out there, but the majority is not really waking up to stand as oneness and have one goal practically that will propelled LIFE on earth to be the best experience for every being that is born on this planet and go for it and really stand our ground. We are starting to see the deceptions, but we lack in our standing as one group. We haven't reached a point yet where we agree with each other, that only what is best for all will be our way out. This may sound selfish, but it is not.....because we are at the brink of time where everything can be seen and be known, the suffering can be seen, the abuses can be seen, the manipulations can be seen, and it is so in our faces that they cannot be denied anymore. The pretending will have to give way to the reality in everyone's life. Because as long as some of us our lives are o.k. we won't care about what happens in the lives of others. We may say: " oh what a shame, oh what sad," but that will be it, we do not really do something to stop it and change it practically, and we even resist the ones working towards solutions that will have a result that would be best for everyone. We are at the moment still choosing to protect our self-centered preferences.

Facts are:

Millions are starving to death on this earth, be them humans or other life-forms.
Earth resources are being (ab)used and depleted by us the humans, in order to transform it into money, they are not being used to support life on earth in the best way possible, equal and one for all.
We are building weapons to destroy each other, the faster the better and the more damage the weapons can do by murdering lots of people in one single blow, the better.
Our believe systems are all based within and as inequality. There are phrases in them that are principled based, but they are quickly ignored and certainly NOT being lived, but the leaders love using them in their speeches to attract the masses to follow them, and all of this begs the question: "have we practically change in the way we live with each other and everything else on this planet, with all these believe systems we are all participating in, that we can see with our direct eyes that we are living what is best for all in every way?"
Our justice systems support inequality.
Money itself supports inequality too. Money is not distributed to be equally available for all to equally having the same force(buying power) for each human using it to have a life of dignity.
Fruitful land is not equally distributed to all, neither being used in the best possible way to have it produce the best possible fruits to meet our survival needs.
Education is not equally available and is the best everywhere to educate human beings in being the best stewards in living on the planet and supporting life on the planet using what nature provides for life on earth to be supported in the best possible way.

 I can go on and on with these......

Thus we have to assess the facts as correct as possible in order to make sure we do not repeat the same mistakes, and use principle, to be more exact LIFE-principles, to measure if the facts are accumulating to have results that will be best for LIFE on earth and if not, where did it all went wrong exactly as close as possible, and where do we need corrections.


Larry Manuela

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Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 345, Freetime, leisure time, Do I have it?

Within this blog I am going to write a little about this leisure time as how I went through it all and also what kind of experiences I have gotten from other people depending in what kind of circumstances and situations these people's lives were in that moment and when I was looking at all that I saw certain patterns within people whom have not gotten much education in their lives, because they haven't gotten much of a support in their lives due to mainly money being the problem at the core.

I will be using some pictures and a video to illustrate what I will be investigating.

Now on this first picture here one sees a little girl with a bucket on her head, wherein she will carry water in it so in order for the family to get water, and who knows how many miles away she must travel in order to get water. This activity in her life is a MUST. Now there are children in these kind of life situations that when they have been asked what they want to become later on in life, most  wanted to do something that have to do with getting them and the rest of the people they are in relationship with out of the situation they find themselves, or at least they will choose something that has to do with helping them out of the situation they were born into. You won't hear them say, they want to be a specific engineer in whatever field, like we educated people would do, because we have seen more and are fed more information about careers and available jobs to choose from and to engage ourselves with. They on the other hand will most of the times want to be a: " teacher, a carpenter, a car mechanic, a doctor, a nurse, and very sporadically depending how deep they are in poverty few of them will want to do something that has to do with computers."
Thus these children are aware that more then anything else, in the situations they find themselves, these are their immediate pains, thus need immediate attention and support, thus will willfully choose something where they can contribute to the betterment of the situation they all find themselves.

Now let me take you into a little journey in my past, when I was just a little boy of 4 to 6 years old. In that period of time where I was born, living on the country-side was "IN" or as we say now: "ON." using a little bit of slang  So what I remembered from this experience was that almost everyone had a little country-side piece of land/farm where they grew food and attended animals mostly for consumption when was needed, so animals were killed but only because the people needed to eat, they were not killing animals because profit had to be made out of the need to eat. Now what I remember was that my parents let me stay at the farm with my grandmother, who is now diseased to keep her company. When I look back at all this, I found that even as this little boy, I felt very much like I needed to be responsible when I am there with my grandmother, because I am keeping her company, but also helping her with all the farm activities. So as I see now, I have known how to be responsible somewhere along the line within my own live, and imagine that as a "kid." And now it's like I am desperately looking to find that within myself, but this will be a topic in another blog about myself.


So back to the activities that had to take place during that time at the farm keeping my grandmother company. We would always wake up early in the morning and will milk the goats, and later on use this milk to either drink it or cook it, actually we will fry it. This frying of the milk will happen only when it is milk of a goat that has previously had a young. We had to milk them otherwise their udders will fill too much with milk and the young one cannot drink all of it by herself/himself. Thus by milking the mother we were then supporting the mother's udders for her to keep on producing milk for the young-one till the young-one does not need it anymore.

 Now in that time, because we were planting a specific kind of wheat(picture below) where from which we will make a kind of pancake, but this pancake will be much heavier than you the reader may know about pancake and also we would make with this like an oatmeal, thus this whole thing goes on in the morning, and with the goats milk sometimes we will use it to mix it in the coffee which tasted from my experience much better then mixing it with cows milk, or cream as we have now, but anyways we will eat this and prepare it on a Kerosene cooking-fire.



 Then when all of this is done we will let the goats go out in the wild so to speak to roam, and later on when the sun is going down we will go and call them to come back home. After we have done this we will go on the farm land and start to plow the land with our hands, using the tools specifically design for that. In that period of time they did have the plow-machine, but not everyone could afford it, but as a kid you don't realize in these moments that the plow-machine is not working on our land, because of my grandmother not being able to afford it. Sometimes she could but it won't be the whole land that will be plowed, some area's of it only. Now within each of these activities some handling is required, that one must master in order to have the best result as e.g. milking the goats, or plowing the soil by hand using these tools. There is of course more going into all of that, but then the whole story will be too long and the point I want to emphasize on, which is the point of free time, or leisure time will be lost within the story.

On the farm with all the work that has to take place in order for the farm life to happen is a whole daylight activity, meaning that during the day, one is consumed completely with the farm activities and work, that free time, or leisure time is almost impossible, but within this what I found was that the work itself, thus that which needed to be done was in itself liberating. Free-time out of it, would be when we would break for a moment to eat and rest a little and then to continue after. Why I ask myself that the work done on the land itself is liberating, was that even though one is doing the same thing day in and day out, one can like see the changes in nature afterwards as in how everything grows when the rain comes and how the whole land changes from being plowed and seeing just soil to eventually turning into like an open source where life happens, where everything grows, the whole scenery changes. Of course I had a little time left after the work of the day to play for awhile, and even playing will involve some sort of mastering of something practical within what is available on the land of the land. Thus comparing that child's life on the picture above with mine when I was a kid, the work that has to be done is almost similar, especially from the perspective of learning how to practically balance that bucket on your head for example as this kid is doing. There was a time in my life that I have done some things that will be considered "bad" in this world, but I myself will call it " harmful or abusive or exploitative." Doing that, have placed me in a position where I could meet with poor people or people whom have it difficult in their lives, and when I looked at their lives they all have the same pattern, they all wanted to just get out of the living condition they are in, and will choose whatever way to do so, as long as it makes money.
Within this group they do have leisure time, which will be accompanied by drugs/sex/alcohol. That is what their free-time would be like, because the money they were getting was and is being seen as money to have fun with and also having to do with these people being effected into believing that free time means time for me to have parties and you name it, or buying luxury life as is being promoted in the media and when they do so, all the money will then disappear and their lives don't really improve, because the money is being used for other purposes, even though they do cover their expenses and basic survival needs. But the need to party takes precedent.

Now I am placing a little documentary here in this blog to have a look at people's lives in this world, where poverty is not just a word we use, but is an actual reality of people's lives of intense suffering.

Within this documentary one will see and realize that the poor have NO leisure-time or free-time. All they have are worries about where their next meal will come from. Their lives are just one struggle after another. Sometimes they have rain, but then again too much of rain where they won't be able to grow food on the land, thus all in all they will be stuck for a few months without being able to grow food on the land and thus will not be able to have food as they should. So within this small documentary they take the viewer to different parts and regions of Bangladesh to show the poverty that is a thread there as they have said in the video, a thread for the lives of these people. These people have no hope and dreams, all they want is work in order to get the money and then after getting the money to pay to live or buy their lives. I am deliberately using the words placed in the form I just wrote them, because as we know even within our own experience with money, we are doing the same thing, " paying to live and buying our lives," which of course is unnecessary and completely delusional.

Now the reason I placed this like a story is for you the reader to get the sense of exploration that goes on in the activities we do in our daily lives, wherein within it lies possibly our solution.


Thus when I compare my own experiences with others I see that leisure time is available for some depending where they were born and in what kind of culture and religion, and traditions, all of these will have an impact in how they will define leisure time to be according to what they have accumulated in their lives based on their experiences as how hard their lives were or not. Where people live in country-side area's and yet are still people that do have money, these people will have another take on leisure time, and yet others living also on the country-side but are poor, will also have different perspective on leisure time/ free time. Yet people living in cities for example again will have other ways of looking at leisure time and also of practicing it, again based on, in which country one is living. Thus leisure time is dependent on the living condition of an individual and also on the input the individual have had in his/her life in relation to his/her relationship with the people and the whole environment at large in the country he or she was born into. All of these will influence not only on how they will see and interpret leisure time to be, but also how they will practice it.


When I take what I experienced when I was a child being with my grandmother on the farm was the ability to explore, to find out new things or how they work and how to work with them. Thus what I am saying is that humans will find leisure time attractive when it involves an activity that somehow gravitate on the premise of exploration, in whatever small or big this exploration may be. If we have a look at toddlers, we will notice that they enjoy finding out how things work in their environment and explore new things and new possibilities. Thus by gathering information within/from each parts of societies world wide, we can integrate and come up with new ideas as in how to give leisure time or free time another meaning, where it will become the time one gives to life yet at the same time enjoying doing it, because it will be expanding oneself and adding to one's whole life experience on earth and wherein out of which new inventions may sprout, contributing to not only one's life alone but also in the lives of all living on the planet. Thus making sure our monetary system support such endeavors as a way of principle. At the moment those whom are living in poor conditions do not have opportunities to have a look at what are playing out in the world at large so they can integrate some aspects of what they will see and learn into their own lives to explore, thus when we put our ideas and share our ideas with each other, they too will start to come up with ideas about how they would like to spent some leisure time/free time. Within this leisure time will be enjoyable, fun, transformational, supportive, practical, and contributing to the betterment of life on earth. Thus looking from the perspective of how we that have money in this world have come to define leisure-time or free-time and bringing it into practice we would see, realize and understand that there are some modifications to be taken into account on some areas depending on the type of activity that is being done during the leisure-time or even complete termination are needed where leisure-time is abusive and harmful to life.


Larry Manuela

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 344, Is the earth really a sphere as we are being told/taught?

There are people up to this present day still of the believe that the earth is flat, like a disk, or that it is concave, some even believe that the earth is hollow. There are many theories out there. But this one about the earth being flat, the ones whom are believing this I find have some very strong arguments. The reason I am writing about this, is because I find it interesting and also to look at, what are all the things we have been lied to. Because many things we think we know, because we were taught it to be so are not in actuality really so. Working from the perspective of: 'investigating all things and keep that which is good," as Jesus once said, is of paramount importance to also include such a topics within my investigations.

What we are being taught in schools all over the world are the following theories(facts?).

We are taught that the earth is rotating and turning on its invisible axis every one day, with an average speed of 1675 Km/hour, which is 1,040 miles/hour.

Now lets have a look at this theory.

Most of us when we were kids while sitting in our parent's car would put our arms out of the car, sometimes even our heads to feel the wind pushing us. Now understand that a car most of the time will be at a velocity of 60 to 80 Km/ this velocity one will feel the wind wanting to push one's head backward or one's hand backward and one would have to fight the wind so to speak to keep on holding it in one place. So now imagine we are on a planet where there is no "INSIDE" on it, we are fully OUTSIDE. Because the theory goes that we don't feel the velocity of the earth's rotation because it is just like driving in a car, we also don't feel the velocity of the car, which is true. The only point being, that we are IN the car, if we were to have a pickup car and you will be in the back of the pickup car and would stand up, you will feel the wind trying the push you back, you would be having it difficult to keep on standing or keeping your eyes open, because the wind will blow too hard in your face and upper body. So keep in mind that we are not INSIDE of the earth and wind is blowing outside, we are completely expose on the surface, OUTSIDE..... there is no chassis protecting us like in a car. So how come we are not experiencing this enormous wind blowing when we are outside, we are talking about the wind blowing at 1675 Km/hour here, harder than any hurricane we have ever witnessed up to this moment. So why don't we feel this contra wind blow so to speak?  There are days where it is totally calm, no wind blows at all, so how does this happen when the earth is rotating at a speed of 1675 Km/hour? So the whole point about this is the WIND that we do not experience like we would experience if we would move at great speeds, we will experience a wind that push against us, and depending on the velocity we are traveling the harder the wind will be experienced.

Those protecting the status quo will tell you that the reason we don't feel any movement is because of the balancing of forces between gravity acting as centripetal force and earth pushing upwards on you.

As one can see on this picture here above where they are showing what Centripetal force is, one can go in that ride and tell me if you are not going to experience the WIND. Thus this theory does not rule out the wind-experience when one is moving in great speeds.


We are taught that not only that the earth is rotating at 1,040 miles per hour, but that it also rotates around the Sun with a speed of 67,000 miles per hour and on top of all this, the sun is also traveling around the center of our Galaxy at a speed of 600,000 miles per hour.

The earth circumference is 25,000 miles. Taking this into account at 6 miles one must be able to see the curvature of the earth and the object must be 16 feet below the eye sight, according to the equation. But this does not happen and was even tested. They tested this in England on a river that is 6 miles long and flat all the way, and they could still see the boat at 6 miles away from the point of departure, it did not go below eye sight of 16 feet as the ones that are telling us, teaching us are saying about the earth being a globe.


The Causeway Bridge on this picture is 28 miles long over water, or 38 Kilometers long. So at 6 miles this bridge must be going down the curvature of the earth as shown on the image below here in green. So where does the bridge "curve"? One will find that this bridge is all the way through flat, does not curve to meet the circumference of the earth. Thus this means that at the letter "H" is where one will start to see the bridge curve and will not be seen anymore, it starts to curve, looking at the image below here. from "O" to "H" is the 6 miles I am taking about where the curvature must happen according to what we are being told and taught in school, so where is it?


The ones believing that the earth is flat are saying that; because of the strong gravitational field of the earth,light of the Sun take a curved pass around the gravitational field of the earth and this will make things that are flat appear curved but also make things that are curved appear flat, thus one must be careful with using light to measure things in high gravitational fields.

A very strong point I find that the flat earthers have is the following.

They say that if the earth was a globe as we believe it is, when we were using plumb-bobs to construct buildings we would not find a straight line to the center of gravity to measure and built a straight up building if the earth was a globe, because you will then have a building that will look slim on the bottom and very wide at the top, which I find is a very strong point.   

Now imagine if we would extend the line that runs from "O" to "M" and we will move "M" all over this ball, we will see that at the circumference at the point where "M" is in contact with the circumference one will find that at the bottom if one uses a plumb-bob, it will be slimmer at the bottom and wider at the top of the building.



What we can also do is just stand one day in an open field and when there is no wind and throw a ball straight up in the air, and one will notice and find that the ball will fall straight back from the point where one threw it in the air. Now if the earth was rotating and specifically at 1675 Km per hour,  that ball would never fall back where one threw it in the air, because one will move away from the moment one throw the ball up with 1675 Km per hour speed, thus the ball will never land where one threw it up. Now this does make sense, if the earth beneath ones feet was moving or rotating as they say. So the theory that says; it is because of the gravitational force of the earth makes it that the ball lands exactly where one threw it up in the air does not make sense. because if it was windy, that ball will not fall back in ones hands, so the gravitational force seems weak when it is windy? Does this make any sense?

The moment men went high enough in the air to see if the earth is actually a globe or not, is when we all believe that to be true, because of the pictures that were taken, that we can rest assure now that the earth is a globe, but don't forget that these pictures were taken from space as they say and light that travels through space will curve at the gravitational fields surrounding any object. Thus the pictures are correct, but from the perspective of the light curving around the gravitational fields of the earth, thus what we are seeing is not really really a globe, we are seeing light that bends/curves around gravitational field of the earth, and thus will make earth seem as if it is a globe.

The gravity that holds us on the land is the same gravity that holds the tonnes of water as ocean on the bottom of the ocean as the scientists are telling us. So how can the gravity not crush us? because the tonnes of water is much heavier than us. So how can the same force of gravity hold something that is heavier down as it also holds something that is lighter down and without crushing that which is lighter, putting to much pressure on the object that is lighter. Earth has an equatorial surface gravity of 9.81 m/s². Does this make sense? would that be enough the hold the tonnes of gallons of water on the bottom of the ocean and also at the same time be enough to NOT crush us that is lighter than these tonnes of gallons of water as the ocean?

Now lastly about the point of the Hubble telescope, they say that the Hubble telescope can look in the universe as far as  14 billion light-years.  Now 1 light-year is 10 Trillion Kilometers, thus that would be 14 Billion x 10 Trillion= 1400000000000000000000000 Kilometers. So here we are having a telescope that so-called can look into the universe that far away and just Google the earth images we have you will see that all of them look like a realist painter did them.

Here is a link to look at all the pictures from NASA taken from space, and have a very good look at all of them.


To me it does not really matter what form the earth is, but what does matter is that if we are being lied to or not. As long as the government goes and the military, these two are two organized bodies that have hidden and lied over almost everything, and understand none of us have had the opportunity to actually go in space and look at it ourselves, all we have is pictures and today in the world that our technologies have evolved we can see that it could have been very easy for NASA to Photoshop all its images from space, and another point is also people are not allowed to fly over the South Pole, which I find strange and questionable, because here we are sending (man on the moon?) and sending probes on Mars and yet we cannot fly over the South Pole, does this make any sense?
So the best thing to do is for us to work together to bring about the best living conditions for everyone in this world and when we the people have the power and we are then really free we will investigate all these points and see what we will find, because then no-one will be able to tell us we can't go there or go here or only certain people can have access here or there, we can all freely explore our world and actually get to really know her.


Larry Manuela

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 343, Consequences of using money as we do right now.

List of our delusions that have become our way of living:

I am making a living. { No, we are not making any living on this planet, we are destroying life actually, all we do now is try as hard as possible to make MONEY and making money stands for destruction of life in this world right now, even when one is making money with very good intentions}

I earn a living. { Why do I have to "EARN" my living, who came up with this idea? was he or she someone that gave life instruction/command for me to have a life, and if so he or she must be someone that was before life?, which of course is impossible, because there is nothing before life or beyond life and certainly not the human.}

I work for my bread. { There are just practical things we HAVE to do in order to survive, and these we can term work, but work as we understand work right now as in: "MAKING MONEY" is delusional, why? because it supports the system of money, and NOT life. Now, one may argue that money gives one the ability to right now buy the things one needs to survive with, which by the way have become more, our needs have increased with this money scam, lots and lots of products are being made to fit into the description of "our needs" that are actually not necessary, they only exist because someone wants to make money, which in their turn helps with the exhausting of the earth resources. Thus buying one's needs, or surviving, or believing that this means one's life is supported within this money system , is actually at the other end of the polarity, taking life/exhausting life/destroying life. The reason most of us don't see this, is because we don't pay attention to all that is here and question what we see and hear, and even when we do, we don't do anything about it, to stop it and then change it.}


I have to work. { Here, again we use the word work as meaning: "making money." just have a look at it, all we do is either striving to one day  have a work/job or we are working or we want to change work/job to get a better paid work/job. Is this all we came here to do, to just be born, go to school, study something so we can than use that which we have studied in order to have a work/job? That's it? Is this all what the human being is good for? According to the brainwashing, this is our purpose in life. Just have a look at it, it is all that we do. We spent more of our times working then anything else years on.}

I have to have an income. { The most successful brainwashing ever in the history of mankind, in order to convince the slaves to continue being slaves without much resistance.}

I need money. { Again the most successful brainwashing, actually believing that we  NEED money in order to survive, overlooking that all the things we really need to survive with/ all the resources we are using, are and were already here and NOT ONE human OWNS any of these!!!!! We just have to use them in the best possible way, but we don't, we abuse/misuse/destroy that which was here before the brainwashing happened and that are really actually what we DO need to survive with. We have made money the middle-"man," stripping/separating our direct relationship with what is here as the earth resources to work with and expand and learn and grow.}

I need money to buy things. { yes of course now that we have imprison our own lives, with this money we can place it as a big need, I mean have a look at how far we have come  to accept and allow this delusion/illusion, so far that people and animals and plants and lots and lots of other lifeforms have to die/be murdered/be killed in order for us humans to continue with our delusion of having to "need" money, so much so that it has become our reality, because we are living the delusion, making it real no matter what, destroying ourselves and everything else along the way.}

I am rich. { It may look like that for awhile, that someone can be "rich" in this system of money, but eventually poverty will be encountered along the way, because the very system that one is using to get rich with, is the system that takes and takes and takes from life in order for someone to be able to call themselves "rich" within this system. So when there is nothing more left to take, the rich will be EXTREMELY poor. So poor that the word poor itself is too poor to call it poor.}


I am poor. { The other end of the polarity, wherein our delusional great brainwashing as "money" as we know it, hold its grip.}

I have power. { No. We don't have power with this money at all, we are weak, very weak. We only told ourselves and came to believe it whole heartedly that when one is in a position of having lots of this illusionary thing called money, that one have power, but actually it implies that one have placed oneself through/by using this money in a position where one can abuse others. It makes abuse so much easier. Thus the power that is talked about within this current system is actually none other than the power to abuse others. It is not real power as in GIVING. This is what LIFE does,it GIVES unconditionally. Our current creation of money only takes. So only when we give money the REAL power to give as life gives, then money will have real power and us using this money as in giving with it, then our usage of the money is real power. Then we as humanity can empower ourselves and lead ourselves into living exchanging what we have become as a humanity that have learnt how to give and live it as its own expression wherein through the human as it express itself it is giving life to life back.}

I own things. { No we don't "own" things. These things we "own" were the things we have stolen by using the the scam called money as we know it right now. And as a matter of fact we cannot "own" anything, because we came with nothing and we will leave with nothing.}

I own a big house. { No we have to get out of this illusion of owning things, and just start to get use to USING things in the best possible way till we are no longer here.}

I don't have a house, just a shack. {yes unfortunately within this system of money, lots of people will live in these shacks, because apparently the middleman called: "money" is not here to support its creator, which is the human being, it is the creation of the human to enslave itself, imprison itself. Through its own creation the human will practically see/realize and understand that it did not gave its creation responsibility to/towards life, because we as humans ARE irresponsible. Our creation of money as we know it is just our reflection.}

I live in a mansion/castle. { of course this is one of the pleasures of some within the current monetary system, where these few can live in mansions and castles and probably having poor people to clean their mess up and taking care of these mansions and castle for them, all they have to do is give a very small amount of their money to these poor people and whuala, the abuse can continue, and they can now justify that they care about the poor people because at least they are giving some of them a job.}

I live on the streets. { unfortunately this is one of the consequences that happens in this monetary system, because it is a system that does not support ALL equally, give to ALL dignity and respect and value for being alive, life expressing itself within and as that one body.}

I live in a foster home. { this too, again unfortunately is one of the dilemma's of the current system where because of problems involving money some children will end up in the foster homes and some eventually with some foster parents. And by the way, here we think and believe that we are solving this problem by introducing these systems within the money system, but CHANGING THE MONEY SYSTEM  itself that produces these problems, we don't even consider.}

I am in the army, they pay good. { now here we are at the lowest degradation we can get, because we are willing to even murder others to get this illusion called money, put ourselves down getting commando's from others to go and kill in the name of our countries or whatever ideology, but as long as we are getting paid, we will do it.}

I am a victim of war. {many many men/women/children will be and continue being victims of war within this current system, because war itself is a way of making money for some people.}

I have a big business. { big businesses are the corporations in this world that are sucking huge quantities of money in, leaving little to very little to the average man that also have to work within this system, not realizing and understanding that there will come an end, because all these businesses exist because there are buyers and the buyers need money to buy things with, thus if there comes a time where they cannot buy anymore, because the corporations themselves have override the buying capacity of their own buyers, they too will perish and go falliet=(bankrupt).

I have a very small business. { Small businesses are little by little closing their doors, because they cannot compete with the large corporations in order to hold their businesses alive so to speak, and again don't forget that people are all brainwashed to only look for ways to "make money." It is all about how can I make money, or more money. What can I sell to make money? We merely never ask the question how can I support life in the best possible way?} 

I am going on vacation. { Within this system when one have money, vacation is seen as a great thing, to leave the workplace for awhile and go as far as possible. What is also very troubling within this whole vacation system is that those with money or living in countries where they have a job and can afford a vacation mostly choose to go somewhere where they can buy more with the currency of their country in another country, this is one of the abuses that are being overlooked within this system. People are always looking for the cheapest tickets, the cheapest hotels, the cheapest everything just so they can save more of their money in their own pockets. Thus going to a country where their currency is stronger than the others is always the primary choice, especially when going far away. Here the power to abuse in money is clearly seen.}

I am staying right here where I live, because I can't go on vacation, don't have money. { Here we are now, where we can invent all kind of ways of transportation but yet again money as the middle man rules, because the resources are NOT being used for support, for enjoyment and learning purposes of our reality, only when one have money can one travel to a distant destination on this planet.}

I eat anything I want. {Yes, with having lots of money and living in a country where food is readily available one can actually say that, one don't have worries anymore about where one's next meal is going to come from.}

I have nothing to eat, I am starving. { unfortunately within this world many people will go through this abuse and unacceptable situation because as long as one have to have money in order to get food and not get food directly from the earth itself for one's nourishment, one will eventually die of hunger and no-one will care nor know. One's death will be on a chart in the form of a number together with the rest of the people that died of hunger where some people will use these charts to evaluate how many people are starving and how extreme or not poverty is at in particular moment, but actually care, we don't. So one's death will be just a topic for discussion as it has been for long time now, either for the one's that want things to continue as they are or for those whom want things to change for the betterment of mankind.} 

I have debts, lots of it. { Debt is the engine of this monetary system, and this very engine always run dead at some point where a new engine is needed, only this time when using the word engine and comparing the situation with a car as I am doing here,.........the roads are all messed up, the car is corroded,lots of destinations that one used to drive to are none existent anymore. Thus even if some wants a war in order to reset the same old system with debt as its engine, the world and the resources are already too exhausted to carry on with the same activities we are involved with/in at the moment, even with very small percentage of humans left and within that, even for them the food and air and water would be poisoned.} 

I have no debts and have lots of money. { No, unfortunately this is also a delusion, because one may appear to have no debts personally and it may be so too, but unfortunately where one lives and the money one uses is always DEBT, if there was no debt one would not even have the money, because all debt will be paid and no more money will exist. Thus the word: "buying" is actually = paying debt.}


I was able to go to an university. { Of course again, when one have money and living within such system as ours, going to a university is a piece of cake. The only problem is that the universities are all within fitting the design of the system we live in itself, meaning: " with the current knowledge one will be prepared to move into the system to be effective for the system and university is where one can achieve the highest level of education, thus one is then knowledge-wise and information-wise better equipt to function at the highest levels within the current system. Thus the design of education is to imprison one within the parameters of the current system, getting out of it is almost impossible. And most of the people educated on this level will be the loyalists within the system, and will even defend it, because their reward within the system is much better then the rest of the levels beneath them.}
I have no education. { Again with having no money of course education too will be a very challenging thing to get, and this is for this system a "good" thing, because now these people that have no education can go do the jobs that those educated one's do not want to do, the so- called: "dirty jobs/lower jobs." One will find then later in ones life educated people giving speeches and creating programs to help the lower educated people and feel all good about themselves, but yet at the same time some are helping them with good intentions, but most actually are exploiting them to get them to do what they themselves won't do with the simple words as these: " someone got to do these jobs too." This "someone" is never them.
I am a scientist. { Who knows how many human children died in third world countries that could have become great scientist and came up with great ideas, but then again at the moment we will never know, because there is this have's and have not's dilemma to deal with and on top of it, there is this whole race problem too in regards to this, that people believe that those whom are poor somehow won't be able to be smart. But how can they know if we have never given them a chance to reach their highest potential, they were born in poverty and will die in poverty as long as this current system we participate in continues to exist.}

I am a simple person, not smart. { being born in poverty many and many will be simple person, but this word: "simple" is actually an euphemism for "stupid." We feel guilty about what we allow and because we don't want to "hurt" the people's feelings and call them directly that they are stupid because of course they cannot afford an education and cannot read and you name it, we will call them "simple." I mean, how bizarre is this, leaving people who needs our support for their own vices just in order for us to feel guilty about it, as if supporting our guilt is somehow a solution? } 


Thus within this list I have made if one noticed it may appear as if I am blaming some people or all of us but in reality I am giving a sarcastic view of what is really going on within the world we live and what are the things we accept and allow and some things we are thinking but we don't talk about them, and some things we just do and don't care about the consequences they may have, because we haven't gotten to the point where we can see yet what all the consequences of doing or not doing something will lead us into. We all know that this list can be made very very long, but as what I have written here, I find that we all can understand it, because most are things we see within our world or things we know about.


The first and most thing that we have to do is look for a way to come together and agree together as to where we want to lead ourselves within this world and we form a bog enough group and from and within this group we appoint individuals whom for now will go and be on the political platform and effect the changes necessary to bring about a change that will benefit all equally. One thing is certain at the moment. We cannot continue like this, because we will lead ourselves into destruction. Therefore have a look at our proposal LIG and join us to perfect it more and more as we go along, because working together as one, will be the only way out of our own accepted and allowed consequences.


Larry Manuela

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