Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 217, My life vs ALL Of LIFE.

Before i continue what i started yesterday i had a cool realization today, so i will share this realization today and tomorrow i will continue with the deconstruction of the dimensions i have to walk in regards to the post of yesterday about Being Nice.

It is as follow: '' MY life as what i see/perceive/interpret as of more valuable is impossible without ALL of LIFE.''

In this whole of existence every little thing is dependent on the WHOLE, they cannot exist as a singularity without the support of the whole, thus if I support only what I term MY life, and does NOT support what is the whole,  which is ALL of LIFE, I am automatically  abusing MY life and ALL of LIFE. Thus my life MUST be equal in support as what the WHOLE is doing, the moment I use/abuse the whole for MY own life( thus self-interest steps in,) I am trying to be NOT part of the whole of which I cannot exist without as this singularity, that I call MY life.

Let me use our own body as an example.


My heart pumping blood to give oxygen to the rest of the parts which the whole of the body consists of and exists as, MUST always do what will be BEST for all the other parts. Now this heart and all the hearts of all the people and also the animals, this is its functionality within the bodies to make sure that all the parts receive their nutrients and oxygen.  Now the functionality has its purpose and importance for the heart itself and for all other parts, but the heart cannot do what the lungs can do, that is not the purpose or what the function of the heart is, only the lung can do what the lung is designed to do, and so is this applicable to all the other organs and parts of what the body consists of and exists as. So all the parts cannot express themselves individually independently from the whole, they rely on each other for their own individual existence within their unique expression and functionality. All these organs and parts are aware that if they do NOT make sure that the whole is always at its BEST as it express itself as the whole where each of them is part of, each of them will be in trouble if something goes wrong with the whole that they are part of. Thus their individual contribution, which is their fuctionality within the body MUST be to support that which is BEST for the WHOLE of the body.  Can you see this...??

Most of us, we know this, but yet when it comes to systems and the lot we create in this world as a respresentation or an extension of ourselves is NOT aligned to this order, this: '' taking care as BEST as possible for the whole that I am part of...!!!! ''   

 Suddenly each part see themselves as having more value then other parts in our case, this whole that is called humanity. Where each human is part of, thus HUMANITY which is the whole of what we are as parts as one human body each.

So what does this mean..??

It means that somehow we are NOT our bodies as we may say and belief and act as if we really are, because we are NOT living like our body itself is living by itself where each part of itself always does what is BEST for all the parts of what the body consists of/ exists as. There exists no disputes and fights for superiority between the parts, like; 'the heart for example and the lung or the brain and the liver, where they will demand more value or importance or deserve MORE because of their functionality.' They are aware that,  if something like that is to happen/occur, the whole body will collapse and none will have an existence, no matter how superior they may see themselves to be if this was real of course. Now, this is REAL intelligence...!!!

Why are we not living as a whole body together with other bodies, each individually exactly in the same way our own bodies are existing as a totality of parts together as one group that form one BODY and each part individually working to maintain always what is best for the whole body that each is part of...?? What is wrong with us, what is keeping us separated from living as this wholeness, this oneness, this equality, where each part have equal value no matter what their function is, be it a simple function or a more complex function, their value/worth IS equal and their support to each is also equal so each part is equally supported to express themselves to their optimum, that will contribute to the expansion and growth of all parts in perfecting themselves in their unique expressions and manifested forms, where none will be left behind or lacking in any kind.

We should have been learning from our bodies, but we don't. Even now that we know much more as in how our bodies function on a biological level, but yet still we don't use the system our bodies use, we don't take its way of functioning as an example and implement it in our systems we create outside of ourselves, what a shame..!!

We are devided and conquered through/within/as our own MINDS. This is where we are separated...!!

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Larry Manuela

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