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DAY 368, Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) PART 2

So now, I am continuing with having a look at this point of GSA.

For those of you who haven't read the earlier blog, here is the link to it.


I left off yesterday questioning; " love," " bondage," and " sex,"  within these cases. With these exceptional cases, suddenly words that are regarded as highly powerful/valuable and wonderful and right and what not, are being seen as weakness, as powerless, as having no value, bad and negative, disgusting even for some people, however for the individuals in question experiencing them, the words are as they are being defined and agreed upon within humanity collectively. So what does this mean? Does it mean that because these are all words not necessarily lived, however more so, experienced as an energetic experience that they are deceptive? Can they be trusted? No matter which side one chooses, it is the physical part that is what is being used as measurement to give these words that have an energetic charge as an experience within, their value.

Now lets talk about what is the reason behind people treating these cases as incest. Understand that incest in this world, or majority of countries if not all is punishable by law. People can go to jail for this.
Within incest the words: " disloyalty,"  " dishonesty," " bullying," " physical/psychological abuse," and " morality"  come into play. Now understand we are still looking at the " how something that is being felt as good within the human beings, is sometimes to be not acceptable in certain circumstances?"  With this I mean, the experience of the feeling of love that occurs between these individuals is the same as others will go through when they also fall in love with someone else, it's the same experience, even though they( individuals in these exceptional cases) say that the feeling is deeper and the bond is more powerful. This of course is personal, within their comparison of what they had before as an energetic experience when were in other relationships.
So, how come we humans can agree on the experience of the feeling of love to be something good, only when it is in accordance with what we determine in a moment what " good"  should be?
Can one see where I am going with this? I am focusing on the " the feeling of love." I am showing you through walking through these questions, how the feeling of love even though it is experienced as something " good," " positive," " wonderful," " powerful," " beautiful,"  and what not, it is not equal in practicality, in what the human do with his/her body. The outcome in the physical reality is not always the words that I have shared here that we the human beings use and give to love.
It is as the saying goes: " How can something be so wrong but yet feel so good and wonderful inside?"

Now that we have seen this, what is the lie? Is it not the energetic experiences? So how come we are still measuring our relationships with these? We are measuring relationships based on energy inside of us that are not equal in reality.
To give an example, two people cheating with one another, will tell you that they feel very good inside, they may even love one another, but yet their action/what they are doing together is unacceptable and they are aware of it being unacceptable, however, the FEELINGS inside are being experienced as " positive" " good"  " wonderful" " beautiful" ...............and what not, all these wonderful positive charged energies are being experienced and coined out in words such as these for description and definition of what they're going through.

So the BIG question remains;" how come we are still trusting these things, these energies, when we can see that they are not trustworthy at all to measure reality with?"
Within this we can see when Self-interest steps in, because now we are going to fight against one another to convince or convict one another when these wonderful feelings turns out to be something " wrong," " bad," " negative," according to our own findings.
They will only be what we all describe and define them to be, when it suits us personally in our doings!!!!

Now, how can we solve these problems?

As one can see, this is not only the problem with these people within these particular exceptional cases, however what they experience inside, that which they are using for their defense is the same that all humans experience when they are in love.
So WHO are we to condemn these individuals, calling them names and ostracizing them, when we are aware that what they are going through on the level of experiencing love is the same what we experience in our own relationships we have. Why is their love wrong and ours right? Love cannot be two things, understand that the experience itself is the same inside these people, it is the same positive energy charge that they are going through.

Thus to solve this problem, we all need to start forgiving these feelings, these emotions, these energetic charges we are experiencing inside ourselves, and we also make sure to measure the physical reality with common sense. And common sense is, that which is best for all practically measured and lived, that will have an outcome that is equal and one, best for all.

At desteni, this is what we do, we investigate ourselves, we assess what we do and what we do not do and to see if what we are doing will have an outcome that is best for all practically. As I have walked with you here to show you how we as humans are using love to measure our relationships with, to give it value and importance and to see it as something good, when love itself is not equal in the physical reality as it is being felt inside, the feelings do NOT match the reality outside. The physical reality, how we treat each other in the physical reality IS our truth! This is the WHO we are! What we accept and what we allow.


Larry Manuela

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