Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 209, The Body of a Child VS The Body Of An Adult.

Today at work i was making a joke with a colleague whom happens to be Muslim and i saw an add in the newspaper where they were showing women and children in swimsuits on vacation, on some beach somewhere. And i knew that he will have problems with the adults in swimsuits, so i asked him to have a look at these adds, and he turned and looked and he closed his eyes when he saw what i was showing him. And i told him now you have to add an extra prayer to the normal 5 times you have to pray in a day, because you have done something that is considered ''haram'' according to your religious view. And after this we just laughed it out.

Now when we were done laughing i said to him: ' you know something....? I just had a realization, because you can look at the little children in their swimsuits but yet when it comes to the adults and especially the women in swimsuits, then suddenly there is a problem, suddenly it is something bad/wrong to look at. '



Now lets have a look at this. first of all let me say, that i find this fascinating how we superimpose our mind garbage unto the physical reality, because the body/the form may have transformed and become more/bigger, but it IS still a body, thus the body being a body did NOT change. It is still flesh and bones.

All of this is due to our own make believes about sexuality, that somehow when our body parts change we suddenly have some nasty fantasies in our minds about them and we think/believe that they need to be covered, or if they are not, it is NOT o.k.

The thing about this is, that it is what we ourselves have as desires within ourselves in our minds that is the problem here and NOT the body itself, the body is natural. We have also taken SEX and made it unnatural, we use SEX which is natural to try and do with it what the minds imagine and desire,  but are NOT in alignment with the real physical world, the real physical body in this case. We are abusing that which is natural through/with our minds, what we have as believes within it.

So what does these believes represent and what are they really contributing/supporting as to the consequences to our living conditions, to our reality of earth and the way we live with each other and with everything else..?  As one can see clearly our minds goes against our nature as what we are as the human forms, as the whole of the physical existence as a matter of fact. And everything within the mind is being given more value as IF it is of more value and that which is of value itself, which is LIFE manifested as all kinds of forms, have NO value at all to the ones living in their minds, which are ALL the humans walking this earth. Now understand when i use the word  ''value'' in relation to the mind, i am implying all the values, be them positive in nature or negative. Because this same mind tends to give more credit and try to pursuit more easily that which sounds positive and that which sounds negative is being avoided, when in reality either ones are of the mind/as the mind, depending on how one was shaped through the environment and the society/culture and so forth.......................

Let me give an example of this so it may be more clearly understood.

 According to many of us within our believes we think that a woman should NOT show much of her skin or much of her nakedness, thus a woman that is NOT showing her skin/nakedness, we will consider it positive/a good thing, because she is living according to what we have accepted and allowed to be ''morally acceptable'' within the parameters of this existence of inequality, within our brainwashing, and if a woman walks around showing more skin for those of us whom want it to be covered will see this as negative, something bad, something wrong, something obscene and sometimes even vile, depending on the extent of the brainwashing of course we received through our parents/culture/society/traditions/religious beliefs, which by the way are contributing to the perpetuation of inequality in this physical reality.

So either one have found nakedness positive or negative, these findings themselves are what are NOT natural as to that which is the human form.

The human form have parts of it that are used for sexuality, and sexuality really means, to assist and support another body as yourself, as expressing real physical touch and care and of course to reproduce offsprings. All these are natural expression belonging to the human form and many other forms of life have similar expression in order to produce offsprings and to care physically for each other as in touching one another.

Now the moment the mind interfere with all this naturalness, we have a problem, because the mind is looking for stimulation in order to extract the most energy from the body, all kinds of weird beliefs and justifications are being formed and superimpose on the body to perform or to prohibit. And these go into extreme measures. That is why pornography is such a hit, and all the sex-driven media and campaigns to turn natural sex into virtual sex/mental sex, and then everyone is mentally sexualized against their own natural sexual nature. And in this the body will be abused extensively. Debates will rise whether or not what  will be morally acceptable within our own self-created delusions of grandeur, in a self-created collective inequality existence, where EQUALITY as LIFE have NO validity whatsoever, and where that which is NATURAL is suddenly unnatural, and the unnatural itself is being seen as natural.. What a mess isn't it....???

Now i am not even going into the child molesters whom are walking the earth, trying to rape every little piece of flesh as children in this world. These are all parts of the extent of the participation into mind delusions about sexuality, that has become extremely dangerous and harmful and abusive in all sense of the words.

It is time to get REAL...!!

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