Saturday, 16 February 2013

day 210, To Save Human Lives..??

This is a sentence that is being used by many of us many times during our lives and depending of ones profession maybe even daily.




This trying to save human lives, we are using it as an excuse to NOT bring about a way of living where ALL life is dignified, and NOT just the human life, but the rest of expression/manifestations/forms of life that also co-exist together with the human in this world, in this reality, and which are contributing and sometimes even in horrific ways, so that all life functions here, including the human life. But the humans somehow have the belief and also an opinion that all that is here is just for the humans to take and take and take and consume at all costs. We are so blind and separated from reality that we think/belief that what we do and how we live as humans on this planet, that somehow what we contribute is of more value then what the rest of the expressions are contributing, when in reality the earth and nature and the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom, are really doing the MORE and can express themselves at their very best without the human on this planet

If we really have a very closer look at reality, the human is the one race that is much more dependent on the other races and expressions and manifestations, so much so that the other races and expressions and manifstations don't really need the human at all...!! They can exist without the human..!!!   But the human on the other hand CANNOT exist without them..!!


Is the human such a stupid thing that it cannot see this...?? Or is the human deliberately trying its best to control that which is more advanced and much better equiped physically to live on this planet than itself..??

The whole concept of trying to save human lives is so stupid to put it more softly, and i am not judging here, i am exposing our way of living and how we're using words, that do NOT coincide/align with reality at all. Because we all know that everyone and everything DIES. Some expressions may have a longer lifespan then others, but dying they WILL...!!  And the saving lives is not real, because LIFE is always HERE, it is what exists as existence. The truth behind it is; that the human is fearing death and trying to prolong its living on the planet as the human form as long as possible, but in the end the body that was so-called; ''saved''  to NOT die in that moment will eventually DIE, or to put in another way, will transformed to be used again on this planet. The only way that the human knows it is alive is as the human body. And even this is NOT really so, we are at the moment NOT our bodies, we are personalities in a mind. There is no other way that the human is aware that it is alive other then being a human on this planet. The human may have all kinds of beliefs and opinions but the real truth and each one knows this within themselves, and that is that at the moment existing as the human form on this planet EARTH, is the only awareness of oneself one have as being alive. Some may belief that they are a soul in the human body, but not one of them that is believing this, thus that they are a soul that is existent according to them within the human body is aware of themselves as such, it is just a belief in their MINDS that lots of humans hold on to as IF it is really real and actually really really exist, that they actually ARE this SOUL but yet not ONE of them that is convinced of this illusion can say nor proof to themselves that they are indeed a soul in the body they live in on planet EARTH,----------------------- to repeat this once more, and that they can leave the body for instance at will and than come back again in it....!!

Thus what we have been given to work with as the human beings we are, but we are NOT really expressing oursleves completely to our utmost potential as the human form, because at the moment we are NOT using our ability for purposes of SERVING, which in reality implies ''TO GIVE,'' but we use this ability to control ourselves and also others and everything else. Now i understand that one may react to the word ''serving,'' because serving to most of us is very much strongly connected/linked to being a slave and that to serve is something low, as of having no importance and value, only if it can be used as having a value to the one(s) that is being served in the current understanding within this world that we have created as the current world system of money where inequality reigns.


Thus living is NOT about saving lives, life doesn't need saving. If we are trying to save lives, we are far removed from reality, it is about assisting/supporting all the expressions of all LIFE as what LIFE is and as how life manifest itself in zillions of forms and manifestations in the BEST possible way, that result always in ALL kinds of ways, what IS BEST for ALL life...!! In this way, we will NOT fear death anymore, because we have than finally truly LIVE, while we were here to our utmost potential and also at the same time contributing to the uplifment of supporting other expressions to also live to their utmost potential.


The reward for all this will be that we each as expressions of life will perfect ourselves as the expressions that we are as LIFE, on all levels and as everything, thus that all of LIFE is functioning at its very BEST as its expression/manifestaions/forms and in this we are all than really FREE, because we are then assisting/supporting all of ourselves as individual expressions of LIFE and as a collective of life to live in full potential to always expand and grow as LIFE, which is oneness and equality, which always will result in an outcome that will be what is BEST for ALL LIFE.


Larry Manuela

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