Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 205, Not Wanting To Help Each Other.

At work i have noticed that in other shifts the people don't like to help each other out. Those that see mess lying around and clean it immediately are always doing it, and then there are those that don't want to do it, because somehow they think/belief that they are better then someone else, or cleaning the mess is not part of their job. But the reality is simple if one makes a mess where one is busy working it is common sensical to clean it up oneself, and not to leave it like that behind for another to come and clean it up after you.


There are some materials we use at work that can be dangerous if someone would stumble or slip on them and due to this fall and hurt themselves, so it is better to clean after one have worked at a location or clean it up immediately and not after.

Now what i find so funny and also so stupid is that some of us at work want to point someone out to be responsible for this. By this i mean, they actually say that someone have to be responsible for that, thus someone other then the one that makes the mess. There must be someone whom can order them around or give order to make them clean up their mess.

What i can see is that the point of self-responsibility is completely ruled out. It is believed that the people can't take their self-responsibility thus someone have to take it for them. Instead of investigating the point of why it is they refuse to do it, they react to it by putting force on them. Now what will happen..?? It can become worse or it will  just stay the same, because the point ----thus the cause of them acting in that matter is NOT about the mess, it is about something else that is bothering them that have to do with lots of points within themselves, that can be points that they are against in themselves in regards to their boss or points that are within themselves with regards with their own situation at home.

And of course at work, no-one gives a damn, because the ''time'' justification comes in. They will say that they have no time to go and talk to no-one about what they are going through to find out how we can work with each other in the BEST possible way. Why...?? Because time is money and money is time in this current system, and the company/factory will rather make money then making sure that its workers are functioning at their BEST. When a company talk about wanting the BEST for their workers, it is a lie. What they really mean is that they want to make the workers work harder and make more money for the company/factory. We all know that improvement in this current system is ALWAYS based on the profit motive. But the presentation looks like they care for the workers, they need you to belief in it. And they give you just a little bit more so you don't complain all the time and do the job anyways and in the end they can make the money they want to make.

There is another point to, and that is the point of  ''private life.''  There exist this belief in a private life thing. People are always very afraid to talk about their ''private lives''
They will protect their so-called: '' private life''  no matter what. Thus by NOT wanting others to know about their private life, they will not openly talk and say what is bothering them. Thus the ones that leave the messes behind will continue doing so, till the day may arrive for them to understand that in order to really get to know one another, one have to communicate more about whom one is as a person for real, so we can understand each other and assist and support each other, and thus really work with each other in the best way possible in this current moment as the system is currently existing.

I will be doing self-forgiveness and corrective statements in the next blog on these points in myself and also as taking all the points of others as myself as my own self-responsibility to correct them in me, because we are all one and equal as this LIFE..!!


Larry Manuela

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