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Day 204, Water Distribution In EqualMoneyCapitalism.

Now we are going to have a look at something that i really like, that one day in the future i will be dealing with. Since i was a little boy, water always fascinated me in some way or another, either it being the ocean, the rivers, the clouds, the rain. I just like all the wonderful transformation that the water takes as transforming into different forms and shapes. So i will give a short information here about the problems we have with water in  this world and what we can do and what will be the benefits of solving the problem for real, so we can then start with living and practising the prevention methods, so problems will NEVER arise in the future.

Just have a look at this wonderful depiction of the watercycle/the hydrologic.

So how are we going to solve the water problematic in this world within an EqualMoney Capitalism..??

Lets have a look. We have our:

*** Surface Water. ( water on the earth's surface; rivers,streams,lakes,reservoirs and oceans.)
*** Groundwater. ( water beneath earth's surface; wells, natural water seepage to the surface,springs, groundwater in spaces between alluvial materials( clay,gravel,sand,silt) in aquifers.)



The water that is mostly being used is the Groundwater. And this groundwater in most of the countries of the world is being supplied through pipes to the homes. Now understand that this is NOT the case in many countries. There are countries in this world that are literally running out of water and some even have no water at all. This is happening in the Pacific.  Countries like: Tokelau and Tuvala have NO water, thus NO fresh water at all, and parts of Samoa are running out of fresh water.

Many third world countries are using an unimproved drinking water source as WHO( World Health Organisation) calls it, we are talking in total about 884 Million people.

As is mentioned in the WHO report, water supply can be broken down in three categories:

***   unimproved drinking water sources.
***   improved drinking water sources other than drinking water.
***   water piped into a dwelling,plot or yard.

My focus here is on the problem which is the '' unimproved drinking water sources.''  With this they mean; ' unprotected dug well, unprotected spring, cart with small tank/drum, tanker truck, surface water, bottled water.'

Due to sea level rise, some of the groundwater is being contaminated in some countries and we have also chemicals that are being poored slowly but surely, fertilizers,septic tanks, industrial chemicals such as  arsenic and chromium, and we also have to deal with rivers and streams that sometimes carry harmful microorganisms from animals and humans, storm drains can carry polutted runoff from cities into rivers and streams.

Now all i have mentioned here about this problem is due to the current monetary system, that is a system based purely on making profit alone, thus LIFE itself is NOT important and of value at all.


What we can do is make sure we come together and we just STOP the current system and make new rules about how we live with each other and everything else. For this we start with the EqualMoney Capitalism, which is a transition-point to the EqualMoneySystem itself.

All the available solutions we already have in this world as in supplying clean and safe water for everyone and everything, but money is the problem. Something is being done only when it can be used to make profit. We can use what is called in this current system: '' too expensive technology'' to supply water to everyone and everything in an EqualMoneyCapitalism system, because in this system LIFE will be of value and NOT profit. And when LIFE is the value we work on real improvement and can come up with  the BEST ideas and then investigate them very well to make sure all is the BEST and then implement it, so we will have a very clean and perfect water supply to all the earth creatures.


The reward will be that if we take care of our water on this earth, we automatically take care of our lives and lives of others, because water is in everything, is part of everything, it is also not called for nothing: ''The Universal Solvent.''

By making our waters clean and supply it to those whom are in need the LIFE expectancy will go up for humans/animals and plants alike, and not to mention all the little microorganisms that are living in the waters. Due to the problem that is existent in this world in regards to water shortage and contamination of water, we will have lots of work to do for many years before all is working at its optimum to supply water not only for the humans but also for the animals and plants that are in areas where there are water shortages, we can improve their lives by adding water to their environment. Thus by participating in this great task ahead one will be sure to have a job to support oneself and ones contribution will be much appreciated, because not only is one doing it for others but also at the same time for oneself to. Thus in an EqualMoneyCapitalism system, the problem of water we have now will surely be solved and then prevented in the BEST way so it will never rise again.

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