Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 198, Why Can't We Let Love Go And See Reality..??

Common sense is very difficult for intellectual people, and for people that have all kinds of believes.  The moment the topic of love is on the table everyone seem to become personal about it.


Common sense about this love is easy. One can look at it on many levels and from different approaches.

We all know we are NOT walking around in every breath experiencing this feeling we call love, it have to be impulsed according to specific symbols we have created and hold as valuable within ourselves. So whatever that is outside that we see/hear/touch that are specific to these symbols as ourselves within ourselves will give of a signal, an impulse, a frequency. When we experience this we will experience this as the feeling of love. Now all this is happening within oneself.

No-one is giving it to oneself, it is oneself ALONE creating it. For a indepth explanation of the man who can stand as what he speak as the words he is, i suggest to hear this interview so you can grasp it:

The more i explore this love thingy, the more i see how insignificant it is to love like we love in this current world, which only implies, having FEELINGS about another or something. And this feeling we are having about another and other things are preferences we have, that is why it is impossible to love everyone and everything the same in the current world as we humans love. We have different levels of feeling love. So how can one trust someone that is like this, like a rollercaoster inside ..??

Thus, because people are allowing themselves to fall in love and feel love as an energy within them, they will with much difficulty stop this within themselves and start to physically feel reality as the physical reality that is constantly and consistently here.

If you are reading this and you have HEARD the common sense explanation done by Bernard Poolman, i will suggest you start to question seriously your love that you are feeling, it is so simple to find out that it is equal and one with this physical reality.

You can ask yourself the following questions by being self-honest with yourself:

Why do i love..??
Is love LIFE as is being said in many religions..??
Why do the love i feel for certain people vary..??
Why do i accept that love have to happen to me unexpectedly..??
Why do i not feel this love for strangers..???
How come i can't love strangers...??
Love is suppose to be that which binds/unify/to care/to have compassion, but yet i do not see this binding and unification nor caring and compassion going on in this world in humanity at all, the ones that love, how come...???
Why am i not 24/7 feeling this love for the ones i so-called love, i only feel this love for them in certain moments, when i am impulsed and it's intensity gets less and less as the years passes by, how come...??
If it was true that in every family the mothers and the fathers are loving their children and teaching their children how to love, how come the world is still not a lovely place, because the majority of things we create are not things that people that love would create at all, so how come...??
What is really important and of or LIFE...???   Which one is always HERE..??
Can i really conclude that to love is NOT to live...??

And if God is love as many belief, those whom belief that there is a God, then this God is less then LIFE and is something that appears and disappears and needs to be generated.

So if you belief that there is a god and that this god is love, well lo and behold what this love is capable of, look at the whole world very very closely that was supposedly created by this god and ask yourself if this is a creation out of love where ''kill or be killed'' is the mode everywhere....???

So let god and love go, they are not needed for you to LIVE, to live is to express yourself as LIFE....!!!


Larry Manuela

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