Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 202. LandOwnership in a Equalmoney Capitalism.

I am going to write about this problem we have in this world with this whole ownership of land.



Those whom saw the opportunity to abuse others and take control over others-( the ones with lots of money already of course), saw that by planting an idea within the minds of the individuals and make them  belief that they can be owners of a piece of land will be perfect to take control and abuse them, because at the end of the day, the ones with more money will be able to buy all the land with all the resources that are on the land or beneath the soil of the land, and by doing this they have control over the lives of the others, because they can after this make them PAY for what the earth provides, thus making everyone else whom does NOT have access to the land and to what the land provides for support to LIFE, slaves to them. Thus a silent way of stealing. After doing this, they also assured to place laws/rules/regulations into being, that will ensure to keep it that way, so no-one can reclaim the lands back. Because there is this notion that everyone can ''buy'' a piece of land and be owners of it, while in reality not everyone have money to do so, and they also sell everyone the idea that they to can own land by using the greed they saw in each human just like them, no-one is looking at the problem, that they are allowing others to enslave them through NOT allowing access to the land by other people to use to surive.


Let me give an example. In the country where i come from, which is an island, they are right now having problems with this whole thing. The government want to tax everyone whom own a piece of land, because in the past the government did not tax them, or taxed the people too little and now they want to get that tax money fast back and the tax is higher, and because the people don't have that money now they are reacting in fear, that comes out as anger to/towards the government. And within this there are much more problems in regards to this whole landownership problematic. Now understand, i am not in favour of the government here, i am just addressing the problem of owning land. All that these people want, is to hold on to their lands they own, for ''the raining days,''  thus when things get difficult they can ''SELL'' the land they own. This is the main purpose/reason for wanting to hold on to the land, because the majority is not doing anything with the land at all, it just sits there. Now this is exactly the problem. Because as the financial crisis keep on getting worse and worse, and more people without access to money, there will come a time that they will have to sell the land, and when they sell the land, it will NOT be to someone that is born there, it will be to a foreigner, which by the way, is already happening. Lots of foreign people are coming in, to buy big piece of lands, because it is cheap, much cheaper than in their own countries, to built houses and you name it on the land, because they have the money to do so. So the danger within all this is that sooner or later, all the people from the island itself will be cast out from their own lands in their own country, and their children will work on the land that the foreigners whom now own the land that once were theirs, as slaves doing whatever the foreigner constructed or will be planting or whatever in order  to make profit. This is what they do NOT want to see, because it is happening, but their dependence on MONEY as it exists now have more power over their decisions. Thus they will sell their lands with these foreigners, get the money, spend it or share it with their siblings and then when the money is spended, they will still have to live there on the island where nothing changed, and where everything is a hardship and poverty will reign. And it will be in this moment that the reality will dawn upon them, what the value of a land really is. That the value of the land does NOT exists in the profit one can get out of it, but in the support the land gives to LIFE, as the human life, as the animal life, as the whole eco-system. 

The solution:

To solve this problem we have to REMOVE these laws/rules/regulations that give people the power to OWN piece of land. Everybody will have a piece of land appointed to them to use and work it and take good care of it as if it was theirs, but in reality it is from no-one, no-one owns the land. So the land will be worked on and taken care of to produce and support the life of the people and the animals there. Certain areas that are suited for people to live and built houses and stuff will be given to people to built houses on it, but we will not be building houses all over the place without taking into consideration the animals and fauna habitat. And the government will also be supporting with the maintainance of the whole land where the people are appointed to live and use the land. Thus the ownership of the land one have now will be for purposes of''usage/cared for'' only. In the sense of how big the family is and if one can take care of it properly. Thus the property will have no value as in a monetary value, but a value as support to LIFE. So one will not be able to sell the land one is using or taking care of. One will be able though to exchange homes, thus exchanging from country to country going to another country to live in another home and treat that home and the property as if one use it as one uses the one that one was using before in ones own country one came from. Thus the point here is self-responsibility. We will start to little by little learn to live as self-responsible human beings,that are highly sensible to sustainability, and that care for all LIFE no-matter where one finds oneself.



What is the reward of all this? Well it is simple. We will have everywhere a community where everyone live in full understanding of the land that provides for them to support themselves and everything else. And what will be produced on the land, being whatever they might be, will be used to support oneself and the whole community at large in the BEST possible way, where one will derive great satisfaction/pleasure in giving to others as one would like others be giving to oneself, because one is aware that ones contribution to the land is not only for oneself but for all others including to the land itself to, so there will be no lack of any kind. One can in a natural way plant all kinds of fruits/vegetables/flowers/trees/herbs/weeds to enhance the balance of the land, to perfect the nutritients within the soil, and with what the land provides one can make money within the Equal Money Capitalism  to support not only oneself but also the community at large. All the knowledge one have about ones particular type of soil and whatever that is planted on the land can be shared with others so others to can have an optimum usage of the land to and how to take care of it in the BEST possible way, so we always work on all levels to perfect not only ourselves as we thrive HERE on this planet but also everything we touch and interact with. Our foods will always be healthy natural grown food produce.


Larry Manuela

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