Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 199, Wishing is NOT Physically Moving.

I write here about wishing, because this word with its meaning have devestated a lot of humans, and through the humans all other LIFE-form. It keeps you in a state of NO action, in a state of NOT being practical.


We notice that we wish always in some way to escape that which is negative or to protect ourselves from that which is negative and desire the positive, the little carrot put on a line in front of us...loll........... We never look at what we can do phyiscally right here in order to NOT have to try and escape like a coward. The funny thing about all this is the following.

We are always bragging about us evolving, right...??

Have a look at this, in the past everything that is HERE as the system and everything else was created in the past, thus IF we were evolving as many belief, and we are becoming much smarter, how come we cannot just STOP the bullshit we created in the past and create something totally NEW, something that will benefit ALL life on earth Equally..??

Wishing is avoiding movement, it is sabotaging oneself, it is NOT wanting to face oneself, it is a never ending trial of trying to escape through the mind for what oneself accept and allow to be HERE as part of the reality one find oneself in, that oneself contributed for it to be what it is today, at the moment. All the ''good person'' you believe you are, and all the ''bad persons'' you blamed for what is here, IS contributing to what we have in this world, so that the world can be in the state that it is right now, right HERE. Everything is pointing to self-change, if we want to change the world for real, all of us that are participants HERE, MUST change..!!!!   But most of us want someone else to change first and even when that someone else changes, we will attack them instead of applying what they did to change ourselves, we become jealous of them and start to attack them with our nastiness. We all know deep down that we live in a physical/practical world, where practicality is what counts, there is nothing moving in this world that is practical by just wishful thinking. So as you can see, changing and becoming a ''good person'' is NOT going to do it, because it is already here and as you can see throughout the whole world it does NOT bring about that which is BEST for all LIFE...!!  So don't even think that by just being a ''good personality'' is going to bring about a world that is BEST for all, because a ''good personality'' is JUST a personality, it is NOT LIFE...!!!  Personalities are mind entities, they are NOT real, hence you can see in common sense for yourself that what is NOT real is never going to support the real, because it only sees what is NOT real, that which it is. It only gives value to what itself is equal to, hence we live in the world and treating ourselves and everything else as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become.

You want to walk, you HAVE to do it physically, whatever you want to do in this world, physical movement is involved, we can call it work, physical work. It doesn't move by itself. So is LIFE to in this world, you want to LIVE/EXPRESS as LIFE in this world you HAVE to physically LIVE as the life-form you are, which is your human physical body, the real being we are right HERE, the being that was formed from the substance of this earth. Can you grasp this...??  Can you see your importance in this..?? The earth, and i mean to really have a  look at how you are just a spack, but yet a part of this whole earth, this whole organism, that is alive...?? At the moment you only ''know'' you are alive, it is NOT you being life-AWARE, which is a very very BIG difference. Common sense tells one already in the words: LIFE-AWARE, that one is AWARE of oneself as LIFE and ALL the rest that is LIFE, you are aware of the totality of what LIFE is as yourself and as all that there is as LIFE right HERE one and equal. Thus not LIFE-Aware, is what we are living now, which is a living in the mind, separated from our own awareness of ourselves as LIFE and thus ALL of LIFE.


Thus this whishful thinking and wishful living MUST come to an END..!! It doesn't serve our physical existence at all to what IS BEST for all. It is a form of trying to escape the reality that is HERE, which in its turn keeps on creating through neglect the same consequences of Inequality all the time.

Understand, that you can sit and wish all you want/like, but your physical body is NOT going to move because you are wishing things in your mind.  And understand that to EXPRESS yourself as LIFE, HERE in this world is to LIVE as one as equal as your human physical body and also as one and equal with all the other BODIES that are here in Zillions of forms/types/shapes.

Thus just STOP yourself in breath every time you see yourself going into wishful thinking or imagination and forgive yourself self-honestly, because it will lead you nowhere. It is designed to keep you stuck, NOT moving and accept and allow the atrocities that are HERE without doing absolutely nothing to STOP it and then to change it. That is why religions and spirituality exist for you to rot away in wishful thinking and imagination. From these all you will ever be/become is another personality, in this case a ''religious personality'' and a '' spiritual personality.'' And ALL personalities ARE NOT real. Can you NOT see how it is impossible for you to change and become another body..??  Because the body is REAL.


Larry Manuela

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