Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 192, Am I Really Tired..??

I started this year with lots of disappointments regarding what is going on in this world, how we humans treat each other and everything else.
When i have a look at what we are doing, it seem as if lots of people are maybe getting it, by this i mean; 'getting the message of oneness and equality,a.k.a.: LIFE.' The reality is that not many are getting it, or to put it more correctly, Willing to get it.


So when i look at all this it makes me so tired of this whole thing. Like i want it all to End now..!!  But i know within myself i have to focus and just do  what i have to do, which is my writing of self-forgiveness and my commitments to LIFE. We at desteni already know that ONLY a few people throughout the whole world will really join us, we will not become a Large group. But this is enough and more then enough even to change the world.

Understand that even the elites that most people are so afraid of, are not a large number of people, just a few, but have a look, they run the whole world. And i am not talking about the secret societies like; ''Bilderberg, Scull and Bones, Masonic lodge, Illuminati and the like......I am talking about the ones that give orders to these groups. They are the ones that no-one know whom they are. These groups are just being used by these people. They are the real decision makers that affect everyone on this planet and everything else. By the very fact that they are hiding, one know that they do not have LIFE at their BEST interest and in higher regard. I am saying this, because there are some conspiracy theorists going about saying that we are being supported by the elite in this world, which of course is very hillarious. First of all, If we were backed by these groups, we would have had lots and lots of money and lots and lots of famous people joining us, but none of this is happening........why...??  Because we Dare say the things as they are right here, we expose everything as they are without being biased about them. We expose everything for what they really are and for what they really stand for in this world, as what they represent. And we expose our own shit to in order to see/realize/understand where and when and how we went wrong and then STOP ourselves, investigate it using self-forgiveness in writing and we then correct ourselves through the commitments we will write ourselves down and we do this all in self-honesty, that we know is livable, something we can apply ourselves. We cannnot write commitments down that are right now impossible to live of course.

So i am tired because i had to start today working again and doing something that i don't really enjoy doing, but there is NO other choice, so i have to force myself to go do it everyday. And in my mind i already projected the whole year of doing the same thing over and over, just to survive, which makes me so tired of this whole system and everyone else accepting this bullshit. People are so afraid to loose their so-called: ''comfortability'' which is a comfort on the backs of many that suffer in this world, which they will fight defending even, because their lives seem protected within this system up to this moment still. So sad..!!

Being tired is another trick of the mind, because my body is NOT tired, it is my mind that is telling me that i am tired, looking for internal conflicts/frictions within myself in order to generate more energy for it's existence as an energy entity. And when i give into the conflict/friction and the mind have consumed the produced energy, then i will experience this as me being tired.

O.k. i will be writing self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements regarding this tomorrow.


Larry Manuela

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