Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 195, I Don't Get It..

Now the title here that i have chosen to write about is, what most of us in our lives have said, in many different languages and dialects, which implies we do NOT understand something, the functionality of whatever that is HERE manifested in whatever form, be them; 'objective,subjective,abstract,rational' or whatever. 

I want to write in this thread more so about NOT getting LIFE..!!!


Most of us when we are asked what LIFE means, we never have a clear answer, most of us will even give an answer with another question, like: '' do you mean life in general..??''

I find this fascinating how we have separated LIFE so much so that we have come so far as to see LIFE as something that can be generalized or be personalized, or individualized.

Now i wonder when we take these 3 words i have chosen here, are they all not HERE..?? Either one generalized LIFE, or personalized LIFE, or individualized LIFE, it is still LIFE. We do NOT see the Equality of this LIFE in all these 3 perspectives and ways of seeing life or making statements about it. LIFE did NOT change as the words and the meanings we have given to these words. So we can clearly see that it matters NOT the form that life takes as it expresses itself, LIFE itself within and as its forms always Remain, LIFE...!!!

So now how come we as human forms one of the zillions of forms of this LIFE, are not living honoring and expressing ourselves as equally aware of ourselves as our equality and oneness as this LIFE...??

Why are we spending our times here killing,abusing,make other lives suffer, we torment each other and other life-forms..??   Can it be that we are divided/separated by something that we hold as so dear and valuable to us, because it is all we have ever known ourselves as...??

I am talking here about our minds, and more specifically what goes on IN this mind. This is the REAL problem that is obstructing us to SEE reality as it really is, because through what LIEs within this mind, we interpret and see our reality, but then in separation to this reality. What is in the mind as programmes only interpret what is real. Interpretation is NOT seeing directly..!!

Now as we can see in this world vividly what happens when we do NOT see directly how LIFE functions here for REAL. LIFE itself gets to suffer as it's forms, as its very manifestations as/of itself through this so called: ''wonders,'' within the mind that we rever so much as our: ''thoughts/feelings/emotions''

So this means we exist as our bodies interpreting reality through thoughts/feelings/emotions in the mind, and we do NOT LIVE as our bodies as one as equal as the expression of LIFE itself. The real being is the human form, NOT the personality in the mind as thoughts/feelings/emotions, that have all kinds of judgements/reactions/beliefs/justifications/back-chats/internal conversations etc etc.......... Have a look at this......all the other parts of our bodies don't have these thoughts/feelings/emotions, but yet they are working together to maintain this whole human body as ONE body, and we all know we are alive, and they do care for one another, by the very fact that body is a whole body constantly and consistently in every breath. It doesn't fall apart or separate itself into parts away from each other or try to avoid one another, creating conflicts/frictions that will compromise the whole body and thus so for each individual part that comprises the whole body.

So our very body which we are at this moment still in the whole history of humanity, have NOT lived as it one and equal yet, is showing us how to live together and what it means to express as individuals supporting oneself and others as oneself as all support the wholeness  by their very individualized expressions. Thus each part always work as themselves for the common good of all for themselves and for the whole so it is a win/win situation always for each part and the totality that all these parts form, or what we could call: ''the fruits of their labor'' 

So, do we get it...???


Larry Manuela

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