Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 201, Why Lies..??

Now within this blog i am going to look at lies. At how we lie, and why most of us lie. 


The thing about lying is, that everyone knows why they are lying, but yet no-one is daring to face the CAUSE of what they themselves have managed to manifest outside themselves as the current system we live in, which is in fact a projection of what is happening inside,thus what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become as the whom we are and the whom we must be of each ONE individually and of all collectively, where sometimes to survive we are going to lie, because we fear the consquences. We are aware of the consequences that will manifest if we were to really say it as it is. One can loose friends,family,job, all material possessions, one can be rediculed, bullied, killed, treated as not existing, been sent into jail, etc etc..........Thus all the things we have come to value can come to an End if we were to tell the truth of ourselves, without seeing/realizing/understanding that it is the Reality of ourselves as LIES, that will come to an END. Thus what do we value..??  We are right now valuing ourselves as LIES...!!!  All our wordly systems we built and construct and invent is to support ourselves within our living participation as LIES..!!

Thus in order for NOT wanting to go through all these consequences if one would tell it as it is, one would rather LIE, and keep on creating the reality as it exist NOW where to LIE is accepted by many if not all as ''normal human behaviour.''  And on top of all this, we created a justice system that punish one that tell the truth, it doesn't prevent lying in the first place, its sole purpose is to punish those whom so-called: ''lied.'' But in reality, in order to find out that one has lied, one needs to find out the truth of what truly happened, and when this truth is spoken out, then one will be punished as being a liar, thus one is in fact being punished for telling it as it is/the truth. What a conundrum isn't it...?? Thus telling the truth has become a fearful thing instead of finding out ways to make sure we don't repeat our mistakes again, thus to prevent ourselves in creating ourselves as such over and over and over.......... ~into infinitum. Our system that supports punishment and reward, is in FACT supporting LIES and not Truth. Thus LIFE, that which is actually HERE as what is happening in fact right HERE as to how everything and everyone functions for real, as what is actually in fact going on right HERE is being punished and NOT prevented to become an outcome/affect/consequence that is NOT BEST for ALL. Thus to make it clear; 'we do NOT prevent ourselves in creating a reality for ourselves and everything else where we do NOT have/need/require to LIE.' Thus LYING in its turn flourished by the reward provided to the punishment of the truth as how we live HERE with each other and everything else in FACT.!!

Lying has become part of our living together and some have even managed to lie so much so, that they will lie about anything, to make themselves appear in the eyes of another as if they are someone that is of  great stature, when all of it behind the scenes is just LIES, deliberatly orchastrated lies, to manifest an outcome that will benefit self-interest. We have also managed to justify lying by saying that sometimes we need to or we have to lie in order to protect ourselves from apparent danger to ourselves or to our loved ones or to protect our survival as we are now surviving based on fear in this current system.

Why is it so difficult to NOT just see what is HERE, with this i mean; 'to see that our society at large and the systems we created are all our own projections as the whom we are within, and that they are not supporting us at all so that LIFE as ourselves, as the human physical form manifest and as other life-forms can have a pleasant living expressive application of themselves, that is dignified here without harm/abuse/suffering done to themselves or others as themselves..??'

Instead of us stopping the cause as where it orginated from, which is within ourselves, we want to tackle the outcomes/affects/consequences. Desperately trying to fix the outcomes/affects/consequences. When in reality, what we really have to do is to STOP ourselves in creating ourselves as such, as to what we are NOW within and then correct ourselves through forgiving ourselves self-honestly and hence live as the correction within and without one and equal, which then leads to a physical living expression of each participant that will lead to a world that is BEST for all. Exactly what we are doing NOW and have been doing for eons of time, but then in reverse this time we live as what is BEST for LIFE, which is BEST for ALL and NOT what is best for self-interest, which is Against LIFE..!!

Thus the solution to this living as a LIE because of the fear of the consequences we are aware of, is to make sure we do NOT create a reality wherein we have to LIE, wherein we are the very pawns of the LIE, wherein we have to built systems which are in fact continuation/extention of our own existence as LIES.

I will be doing self-forgiveness statements and self-corrective statements in the next blog.


Larry Manuela

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