Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day 113, God Bless You..??

Have you noticed that everything that people consider/belief/perceive/interpret to be ''good'' or a ''good action'' they will attribute the ''God bless you''  saying to it,if this is their background religiously or if they were influenced by this religious sayings...??



Now let us look at this ''good'' and '' good action'' that is being perceived by many, based on their religious upbringing, or influenced by religion from all corners of this earth, that there is an invisible force or being that is the creator of everything and is behind everything and is looking for ways to bring about the ''good'' in the world through people or whatever means.

If someone is being considered intelligent, they will tell this person that he/she is blessed by this God,just because we all know, either directly or indirectly that one that is intelligent in this world have more possibilities to survive better within the system that is HERE now, that is the bottom line..!!  And on top of that, it is also believed that these kind of individuals can somehow save the world by using their intelligence, because they know more. 

Now let us have a look at something that you may probably already noticed but maybe did not question it.  Have you noticed that ALL the mental related jobs in this world are being rewarded better..?? All the jobs where one needs to depend on the mind more, will be rewarded better within this system,brainwashing everyone to always have the MIND in higher regard and seen as very powerful and more valuable. Jobs like psychology, philosophy,lawyers,planners, inventors,judges, accountants,brokers,economists, managers......... etc etc, are the jobs that are being rewarded more and are being seen as more valuable, something most should aspire to, to be/become. And all people with higher education that have PhD's and Mr. and Prof. in front of their names are all being rewarded better, making sure that everyone belief that this is what one needs in order to make it in the system, and this may be so in the system,when there is no major crisis, but when it comes to real practical living what one does as the so-called: ''talent'' one have it is just something/a function that one is using. One does NOT have to be seen/treated as more valuable or whatever because of the functionality one have achieved through brainwashing really in this world. In the animal kingdom and plant kingdom--------- nature in it's totality one can see this, that every part has it's function that works in unison with the whole, it is a ONE movement. The wind is not going to see itself as more valuable then everything else because of it's functionality for being the wind and fuck the expression of the rest because of this, or the trees seeing themselves as more valuable because of their functionality of being trees and fuck the expression of the rest because of this. Parts in our bodies don't see themselves individually as more important and valuable then other parts,they all work together as what is their functionality as their design within the whole as the body etc etc.....It is only in the human mind  that exists such stupidity,that what they can do, thus their functionality makes them more valuable then the rest of the humans and deserving more then everyone and everything else, because they can do something that is being considered ''important'' within the system. This people,---------- let me tell you: '' is beyond insanity and it is very very destructive, really dangerous stuff.! '' 

Now let us have a look at reality, in this world it is these people whom are so-called intelligent and intellectual that are seemingly in control and are the ones deciding who, how, what, where, why things should be the way they are.

It is the intelligent people as presidents that are promoting WAR and wanting to go to war and are passing laws/rules/regulations in favor of the system and NOT LIFE, and within the military itself, all the top officers are all intelligent humans, and what do they do...??  They plan strategies to kill other people that do NOT agree with them. You have lawyers that even with very clear evidence that the one they're defending is guilty, will take a chance anyhow if this someone have lots of money, to try and keep them NOT going into jail, and lawyers are what, or are being seen as what...??   yes you know it: '' intelligent humans .''   But yet we keep on giving these people our power to act and make decisions in our names. So whom are we then when we allow such thing in this world..?? Are we NOT exactly as them, because if we were NOT, we would make sure to do it ourselves and in ways that bring about a world that truly is BEST for all LIFE, but we don't------------- we keep on giving them the responsibility to fuck with us and then keep on blaming them forever, but never ever take ourselves our responsibilities, by doing it ourselves..!!!  We are the slaves and we don't want to free ourselves by/through ourselves from our own slavery, we want someone else to free us from our own slavery. Does this make any sense to you..?? This means total lack of self-responsibility..!!!  This also means that our peers never ever taught us at all SELF-RESPONSIBILITY..!!!

I can give many examples, but the point is very clear, that intelligence IF it is NOT being used as to bring about a world that is BEST for all LIFE is JUST plane USELESS and abusive, and an abomination to LIFE, a total DISRESPECT for  LIFE, for real..!!

So there you have it, IF there was a god and he have blessed these people then lo and behold for what this god wants and desires for you to go through in this world through them, the so-called '' intelligent and intellectual humans, that are  endowed  with blessings by this god(s).''

So i can say right here: '' Fuck god(s) with all their blessings, because all that is here is just a fucked up world of torment and abuse and suffering everywhere by/through US the humans,and if there was a god he is abusive as us by the very fact that abuse is here done by the humans without him doing anything at all to STOP it in FACT.!!!''


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to belief in my life that there was this god that could bless me or anyone else, and especially if i am ''good''

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand that by the very fact that this god wants and blesses only the ''good'' ones means that this god is not living by it's very principles in the books he left behind through written words through people when he says: '' we are all created equal.'' 

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to see blessing as a great thing when i was believing in god, without seeing/realizing/understanding that if there was a god,he was favoring me, and by favoring me in this world where my life was fine and NOT do nothing that would be considered a blessing to those who really really need it-------- i was in fact accepting and allowing abuse to be here.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fall for this trap of there being a god that is looking after the ones whom are good, because i can clearly see that NOT even ONE is good, they whom belief they are good are just having a belief rooted in polarity game of '' good'' and ''bad'' wherein their perceived ''good'' is just what they have been accepting and allowing within the parameters of what was brainwashed within them, according to their environment and culture and upbringing they had.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to never saw that when i was believing in the ONENESS of spirituality that this ONENESS was not real, because real ONENESS will imply that everything that happens i must go through it myself to, if i am ONE with all that exists, so i cannot just experience bliss when countless beings, including the human are suffering and going through immense pain, without me ever going through these sufferings and pains myself when i am experiencing my so-called: ''oneness as bliss as in spirituality.'' So within this i realize that the ONENESS of spirituality is another mind design, and is meant to separate me more from what is HERE as LIFE.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be angry at people sometimes when they say this stupid saying of '' god bless you, '' because i know they are just regurgitating something that they have no idea at all to what extent it implies to say such a thing, and how deeply lost one must be to really belief in such a thing and then word it out.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be very angry when i found out for real/in fact that there can be NO GOD at all, when i saw/realized/understood for real what the fuck was going on in this entire world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to try and justify the existence of a god by giving the fault to another same invisible force which is the devil, that is the cause and fault that the ''bad/wrong/negative  a.k.a. EVIL is HERE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see/realize/understand that being blessed by this god in fact means that i am EVIL, because i will look for my own salvation or blessing alone in the face of those that are suffering right here for REAL, without ever considering how a god can bless me, one of those whom doesn't really really need it, and yet bless NOT those whom are really in need and that i know they are in need because i even use them as a means to act as if i CARE and have COMPASSION, when i donate to charity to try and be a so-called: 'good person, that is blessed by god,'' believing that, that would be a ''good deed'' since god have blessed me, so at least i can give a little to those who are in REAL need, and are NOT blessed by this fucker, confirming my EVIL nature and that of this God if he ever existed, ALLOWING suffering and abuse to exist so i can pretend together with this god that we are ''good.''

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to never considered that i was EVIL when i was feeling high when someone will tell me that i am ''blessed'' by god, because in my mind i know this person means that i am a ''good person'' when in reality i am as EVIL as this person and the god he beliefs in, that is in reality his mind or our MINDS.


I commit myself to show that being blessed by god IS an abomination to LIFE and a total lack of self-responsibility.


I  commit myself to DEBUNK and EXPOSE this LIE whenever i can and wherever i am for i see/realize/understand the implication to LIVE a LIE and infect it on others, and i will NOT accept nor allow such bullshit when i am HERE.


I commit myself to every time i see myself go into anger or about to go into anger to/towards myself within myself and to/towards others as myself outside myself to STOP-------------- BREATHE and make sure i continue breathing till there is no more movement as energy within me and during this make sure i am touching something that is physically here, to remind me that i am HERE and not there in my mind, LOST..!!


I commit myself to discipline myself more and more through my writing of self-forgiveness and my commitments to LIFE to be/become a living example for what is to be understood as ONENESS and EQUALITY, that which is BEST  for all LIFE.

I commit myself to show that the LIE of GOD and the LIE of the DEVIL are the same LIE, as LIE, as illusion. Both are characters in the MIND.

I commit myself to show that as long as we humans keep on wanting/wishing/desiring for some outside force to bless us or whatever we will continue being the SLAVES to our own MIND, that is heading in full speed for self-destruction.


Larry Manuela

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