Sunday, 19 August 2012

Day, 112 Money The Root Of All Evil.

'' We know that money determine all decisions on earth as we know what happens when we have no money, yet we do not change what we do with money --strange.   Bernard Poolman.





So there you have it, very simple in your face common sense spoken from a MAN that truly stand for LIFE, all LIFE.

In my LIFE i have never known anyone whom is as dedicated to bring about a world that is practically and physically BEST for all LIFE. And he has proven it to me through his very dedication even though i have never met him yet in the flesh.

Some people will attack him, and compare him with what is termed spiritual masters or  great thinkers or whatever and who knows what else. And especially when he comes out with common sense reasoning that one cannot get out of it. And most people will become nasty.

Lets have a look at something you haven't noticed.

Look at the ones in this world whom are so-called standing up for those whom  have no voice, look at this: '' do you see them on almost all the social networks themselves, do they talk to you directly when you do get to be in their groups, or do they always hide themselves not answering themselves any questions that you may have or having their own BLOG, or youtube channel---------his youtube channel has been taken down by the way and who knows why, someone or some people might be very afraid when faced with common sense...loll...??  Now this MAN does, and not because he see himself as special or whatever, OH NO, IT IS because he truly knows for real what ONENESS AND EQUALITY AS LIFE IS ALL ABOUT and what it means to love thy neighbor as thyself for real, because it is what he LIVES as himself HERE...!!


I understand that in the time that he is here he have said and is still saying and will continue saying till his last breath more common sense stuff then anyone who are proclaiming that they care about life and especially those whom are being seen as examples in this world. He doesn't have to go to a special talk or meeting to then say something or write books in order for people to quote them later, oohh no, he is saying them in one breath, right here, in every moment he opens his mouth and talk, as the living word, everywhere, when he is driving or just walking, as you can hear in the video i have placed here, now there are many many videos like this.  So this is how you can get to know that someone is serious about what they say and what they LIVE...!!


And for this i am truly grateful to have met him and all the rest of the people at DESTENI whom are working together for real to bring about a world that is truly BEST for all LIFE.  You the reader may not understand this right now, and maybe even think/belief/perceive/interpret that i am glorifying him or whatever, but i am NOT..!!  Because i will not accept nor allow it for myself and HE certainly will also NOT accept and allow it from NO-ONE..!!  No bullshit HERE..!!


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a money system exist that is evil because it is mirroring exactly what i have accepted and allowed myself to be/become in this world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blame money as the root of all evil, when it is the human that is the real root of all evil, because the money is and was created through and by the human, money is not a living being in this world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself in the past to NOT see/realize/understand how it can be that i as the human is the real root of all evil. Within this i realize, that even though this make absolutely perfect sense, but just because i had the belief that i was created by an benevolent being somewhere, i cannot be the ROOT, because this will mean that GOD/higher power will then  be evil, because i believed that there must have been a higher being as in the form of a god of sorts that created me and everything else, so me being the root of all evil mean that this higher being IS EVIL.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be afraid of seeing myself of the root of all evil, because then it will mean to me that now that i know this i MUST change and LIVE the root of all GOODNESS, and when this happens it means then that i myself is the creator of myself, because i can change myself from ''bad'' to ''good'' and to completely get out of this whole polarity game, i just create myself as what is BEST for all LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to even give money the title of being evil when it was and is all along my creation through my acceptance and allowance, and full with my disease written all over it, where the money will be used to do what is exactly evil within me in this world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to NOT have seen/realized/understood to what extent i have given this money my power of evil that is the whom i am in this world to be used and now where i am enslaved by my own evil creation which is money as my representative in this world.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blind myself within my own fear of knowing what can happen when i do not have this peculiar thing called; 'money' in this world, and due to this always not take my responsibility to STOP the way money is being dealt with and what we do with it.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to belief that i cannot do anything to change the way we handle money in this world so i rather just accept it and be selfish like everyone else and never try with others to form a group and truly do whatever it is in our power to bring about a world that truly is BEST for all LIVING creatures.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to NOT see/realize/understand that the value money have in this world is the value i have given LIFE, and as i can see LIFE has absolutely NO value at all under the dictatorship of this money i have accepted and allowed to be HERE, for this money does NOT value LIFE, but consumerism/greed/control/manipulation/profit-making/destruction.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let myself walk within this system never looking for ways to bring about a world that is BEST for all LIFE, because i did not even KNOW that such system can be possible in this world,and since in my education solving problem in LIFE was NEVER given,i did not see this at all. I realize that in education that the only problem solving that is being taught is: '' problem solving tools that might NOT fucked up the capitalistic system.'' So this means that i must solve the problems in the system to keep the system going regardless of what LIFE will be taken for this to happen in whatever forms.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to blame the ones in power that are using money to execute their power on the masses, without seeing/realizing/understanding that i am as them allowing it deliberately, due to fear, both driven by the ''fear of loss.''

I commit myself to show through my walking that we at desteni are HERE to bring about a real change in this world, a change that is BEST for all LIFE, because we know it is possible.

I commit myself to every time i see myself going or about to go into blame to STOP and BREATHE and make sure i am touching something that is physically here to remind me that i am HERE, till i am stable and nothing moves within me.

I commit myself to walk next to Bernard and all the people at desteni as ONE group till this is DONE.

I commit myself to show that WE at desteni are all about bringing about in this world a world that truly for real and practically WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL LIFE..!!


Larry Manuela

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