Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 101, Friends.

So what are friends for really..??




In this world, in this society many whom have friends always regard friends as someone that will be there for them not only in ''good times'' but also in ''bad times.''

This someone is also someone who will agree with them on many many points, and what they really think of you will be hidden in the black waters of their secret minds. Because they, as you are all afraid to get into conflict/friction, so will avoid confrontation at all costs, and play the wonderful inequality game called: '' i respect you as whom you are''   which in reality means that no matter what you are, as long you are their friend, they are going to let you be whom you are, because if they saw something within you that they don't agree with, they will  not bring that to your attention, because that can cause friction and conflict, and then the whole friendship can END. And what do we know about ENDINGS...???  That we are afraid of endings, especially in relation to relationships.

This whole friendship thingy is part of the reward system. Like i will be your friend, but what is in it for me, what will i get out of this friendship relationship..??   

The rewards can be many, like for example:

*  having a good feeling

* having someone to stand by your side

* someone to talk to, that understand you

* someone that you can party with

* someone that can help you with some specific things when needed

* someone you can gossip with about other people

* someone you can smoke some pot with

* someone you can travel the world with

* someone you can get drunk with.....................etc etc etc

 So it is about someone supporting your personality and what your personality have chosen to be a acceptable way of living, and then go out into this world, looking for people that are like-minded and there you have it, then suddenly you have the so-called: ''good friend''



I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to never question my own relationship with the friends i have as to see why it is i am friends with them.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to only have friends that will value the whom i am as the personality i think/belief i am. Within  this i,  on my behalf also accepted and allowed them to be the personality they think/belief they are, so we can all happily ever after live a life full of lies, where we all belief that what we are as personalities in our minds is what we truly are and what we exist within, as our human physical body is just a temporary vehicle, when in truth the thing that is actually temporary is the personality that will END, when the body has had enough of it's abuse done to it, and the body will transform and return to it's source the Earth and the personality as the illusion together with the mind where it find itself within, will END.


I forgive myself for i have accepted and allowed myself to have always selected my friends very carefully, because i was always someone who studied people and their behaviors within myself, no matter if i was wrong or right about it, but the opportunity to understand why they are as whom they are interest me,as for me to try and understand just maybe what the heck am i doing here in this world, which was the main question i had in my life.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to treat my friends as friends as what society is telling me friends are all about, and never ever treated any friend or anyone for that matter as equals as LIFE as myself as LIFE, for this was never taught by anyone ever on this planet,and the few whom were here and really did show the way through example, their examples are NOT lived anyways, they never became a living application.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself   to belief that having friends in this world is something that must happen if one is to learn about oneself, when in reality i can see it is NOT necessarily so, because all the one is, is already here within oneself, within ones own mind, as the personality one belief one is. So knowing the personality and the place where it lives, which is the mind one will then surely come to the realization of whom one is and for real, and what one is NOT.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to belief in something like ''friendships'' when friendships are clearly something in this world that will never produce individuals that will be the BEST humans they can ever be, because friendships are not designed for that, they are designed to keep individuals enslaved in characters in the mind.


I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand that everyone that is in our lives that we interact with most of the time, are people whom will never ever support and assist us to be/become the BEST humans we can be/become. I realize this for the world as the stage is the proof, for i see not ONE human who is the BEST human that ever lived, because a BEST human is a human who truly lives as ONENESS and EQUALITY, that which is BEST for all LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to rely on my personality to direct me into choosing friends and friendships, without seeing/realizing/understanding that the personality i belief i am is always making choices on what will keep it alive as the personality in the mind and what will not challenge it ever.


I commit myself to through my writing of self-forgiveness and my self-commitments to life show that friendships are NOT what we think and belief they are, that the soul purpose of their existence is to make sure one never loose character, and be a very obedient slave in/as the mind.


I commit myself to show that there is another way to co-exist with each other that is NOT as friends, but as ONENESS and EQUALITY, where we assist and support each other as equals as LIFE as one.


I commit myself to show to all that want to hear, that the only way friendships are going to be real is when we all live with each others as equals.


I commit myself to show those whom are my friends that what they accept and allow within themselves they will accept and allow within others as themselves, instead of working together to stop these patterns that are brainwashed within us and get it over with once and for all.


I commit myself to walk my process and be  little by little as i become more and more stable an example to all my friends and all those whom are in friendship relationships as to what it means to live with each other as equals.




Larry Manuela


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