Saturday, 26 December 2015

Day 369, Drug experimentation, success or failure?

This piece is not so much about me, however it is about me witnessing someone else going through some rough times with experimenting with drugs/soft-drugs.

It was a day as any usual day. I had a get together with my stepdaughter, because we were to go together to a marketplace in Amsterdam where there are more affordable clothing. I needed to buy some winter jacket and so on for her, for when she arrives here she won't have to buy these anymore, they are then taken care of.
I took the train to Amsterdam and as usual I enjoy the train trips every time. One never knows whom one is going to meet or what one is going to experience on that particular train travel.

So on my arrival in Amsterdam everything seem a little the same as when I was used to live there. Amsterdam since I am here in Holland, was and still is my favorite city to be even though it is full of people, and busy and it looks stressful to lots of people, however to me there is this experience of multicultural living that somehow is in my liking.

So I decided to walk around while waiting for my stepdaughter to arrive.  I will share a few pictures here from that trip.

The lady here in the picture is someone who found it necessary to come and feed the pigeons everyday, because most of these pigeons prefer to eat leftovers from what people on the streets throw away.

So there I was in Amsterdam walking around and looking around. After awhile I decided that I will go to a kind of like a multi-service bar. The reason I say this is because they sell normal bar stuff, but they also sell food and weed, and the music is mostly pop music and some others and there are 2 big screen t.v. in the bar that are mostly streaming soccer games.
Anyways I was sitting at the bar and enjoying the music sipping my drink.
After awhile a few young ladies from U.S.A. walked in and they sat at the bar to, however they bought their weed before coming and sitting at the bar, and by the way they were lighting the weed up and smoking it, I could tell that it was their first time trying weed. For those of you who don't know, however Amsterdam is very famous for foreigners when it comes to weed smoking, because it is legal in this country to buy weed and to smoke it. Thus because of this many tourists visit Amsterdam to try out smoking weed, because in their own countries they can go to jail for this. 

After sitting awhile on the bar and waiting and waiting for my stepdaughter to show up, suddenly an Asian guy, tourist of course came to the bar and wanted to ask for a drink, however he started to like loose his balance and rock back and forth and it did not take long before he fainted. He fell down not too far away from where I as sitting. Immediately the people working in this bar rushed over to help him, and the friend that was with him got really scared and started to like cry and calling his name, but he was like coming and going, like fainting and waking up, like the system is having a bug. So the guy working at the bar started to massage his neck at the back with cold water and the lady working in the bar went to look for some lemonade syrup, because these are very sweet, having lots of sugar and she made a syrup drink for him, super sweet, meaning more syrup than water in the mix. after a few sips of this he could stand up, however he looked lost, did not know where he was and what he is doing there. They helped him to his chair, and there put him to sit down, soon after that the friend that was with him also started to go into the same thing and the same method was used with her too.

The problem with most of these tourists is that, they do not know that the weed tailors in this country are always busy with making the weeds stronger and stronger. The weeds they sell they give them all these strange exotic names, and sometimes they write them on a blackboard too, with all kinds of colors, so it looks very attractive to the tourists, however if it is their first time trying weed, it can be a very hard hit for them, like what happened to these two friends.
So going back to that moment, I noticed some things about the people in this country and people in general. When the guy fainted, I wanted to call the ambulance or something, that was the first thing that came to me, however by carefully looking at the situation I immediately saw that the people working in this bar had the situation under control and it seemed like they had many experiences like this with people coming in and trying these weeds for the first time in their lives and immediately smoke too much of it, which can be dangerous. What I also found fascinating is that no-one with a phone took images or started filming, this would not have happened if they were maybe in the states, because I have noticed that in the states everything having to do with some sensation will be filmed and than placed on YouTube, even though there were all kinds of people from different countries there, however I find that they can sense that in this country people don't just do that. So no-one filmed it nor took pictures, there was this kind of like silent agreement in the moment of respect.

So what did I see and learn from this trip?

Firstly, that sugar really in this case have a healing purpose, it is not ALL bad.
Secondly, people can sense what kind of morality is in a country where they themselves do not come from.
Thirdly, people are very much desensitized too to certain events and occurrences, like they don't really care, they look at it as a moment of entertainment, scared a little, however more so in a watching/observing-mode.

In the next blog, I will share few of my own experiences that I had in the past with experimenting with some drugs in this country, when I used to be a student.


Larry Manuela

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