Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 215, Ever Increasing Human Population..??


I was watching a short film today and  the man said that a lot of the reptilian population are going extinct because of what the human does, and he gave as reason the increase in human population.

When i look at this deeply i see that it is not so much because the human population that is increasing, but more so that it is about HOW the human live with each other and everything else which is the problem.
The human doesn't have a clue how to live on this planet at all with its fellow planet companions. One thing we are very good at is TAKING a.k.a. CONSUMING. As a matter of fact this is all we have been doing and nothing else but that. 


We built cities, roads, come up with new technologies, all of it for the purposes to consume the earth of all its resources, thus the more we become, as in increasing in human population, the faster the consumation happens, that is common sense when consuming is all we do and know how to do.

When i was a little boy what i was eating i had a relationship with it, i watched it grow, i was part of it coming to life, i planted it, took care of it, and it was more then enough. Now we just go to a supermarket and we just buy stuff, we have no relationship whatsoever with it at all, most of us don't even know how to grow anything, and our children don't either, more and more we are devoiding/separating ourselves from reality.

We are very much spoiled and used to this system where we just need the money and when we get the money, we just go and buy stuff with it, that is all we have to do. And we become very demanding too, when we have the money to buy stuff, because we think/belief that our money is very precious, and if we don't get the stuff the way we liked it with our money, we become very mean people, people that have no idea whatsoever as in how the things we buy are being made and whom is making them and in what kind of working conditions they are involved to make these things so we can just come with our money and demand things using our money.


Self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be/become this human being that is part of this whole group that is called humanity, that just know how to buy things and do not know at all how these things we buy are really made and by whom, making us always because of this an irresponsible race of beings that does not care at all for ourselves nor for others as ourselves.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to sometimes in my life, to be angry at some people that are sellling products, when the product turns out to be not what i expected, just because of the amount of money it cost me to buy the product to later found out it was not worth that money, without me having any ideas whatsoever into how much time of work went into making it and what were the conditions the people that worked to produce the product were working in or anything related to the product that went before the existence of the product, only the price and how long the product will last me is of importance to me. Thus within this, i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to only be interested in the price of the product and the durability of the product in accordance to the price the product is sold for.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fall in the trap of letting people tell me what the cost of something really is, when in reality i know within myself that i never ever in my whole life made any desicion with other people about what a product should really cost, and was brainwashed so extensively that now i can compare prices with each other and thinking/believing which one is cheaper or more expensive when all i know about cheap and expensive products is in accordance to the price the sellers gave them, which is all system brainwashing. I realize that i don't have the real value of any product that is being sold in this world at all, i only know the price as i see it on the product and compare the price to past prices and then reach a conclusion that it is now more expensive or cheaper, meanwhile the old prices were all made in the same way in this system, which are not real prices but fictional prices, prices that have nothing to do with reality.

Now before i continue, with my self-forgiveness statements, let me give an example about this whole pricing phenomena.

In this crisis one will notice that prices of things go up more then they go down. And they will tell you that it has to do with the market forces and all that none sense. And everything in between the production of the product all the way to where one will come and buy it, all the necessary resources that were needed, the prices thereof have changed and went up, just because the price of oil have gone up. Now understand that the methods they are using to get the oil out of the ground are still the same, and the man-hours for the work done is still the same, and everything else revolving in turning the oil into different other usable products are still the same, only the price of the oil itself have been decided that it must go up. Because of this one will go into the supermarket and buy 1 tomato that was before the crisis € 0,15    and in the crisis it is now € 0,36.  Now all the necessary steps for this tomato to come into being did also not change, thus in the way it has been grown, and planted and everything, just because of the price of the oil that some people have decided that it must go up because it is in a limited quantity, thus every seller of tomato now must also raise their price in order to keep on making PROFIT, it is all about the profit making. So one can see that the resources that are being used, including the  people working on producing them is still the same, the people did not suddenly became  weak or less or something in order to fit into this whole equation, or that the tomato is containing much more nutrients now then before thus it have to comply with this illusion of the price going up. And this profit making illusion is also a major problem, because in reality it is a way of trying to keep being ahead of the DEBT that is devouring everything in its path. Now this is what has been going on, the DEBT has been catching on on many businesses and most of them especially the little ones are closing their doors,because they can't keep up with this DEBT machine, because the buyer also have less money to go and buy anything from them. So this whole stupidity of making profit based on DEBT will collapse, there is no way out, it is inherent within the equation of the system, that the DEBT must come out as being ahead and victorious as in; MORE then the actual money that is available. And the few whom are in control of this DEBT-machine are the REAL profiteers. And with this illusion being supported by all of us, they can in turn get their hands on that which is really REAL, as land and resources of this earth. The money scheme is a good way for us to see how stupid it is to have believes, because by having believes one MUST give-up that which is REAL and of substance..!! One must give up LIFE, in order for the belief to have an illusion of being real.

Therefore we at desteni have come up with this great idea to replace this current system with, and it is the EQUALMONEY SYSTEM. This system we came up with is not a system based on belief and illusion. It is based on what is really really of need for the human and everything else to sustain themselves as BEST as possible, wherein REAL sustainability exists as an actual/factual manifesto, NOT as it exist now as it is being tossed around coming out of mouths of people in this system of abuse when the system we are in is a system of consumation and a rape to LIFE, where needs are turned into profit making by making them very difficult to obtain or even worse, impossible for many, where people starve to death just because they have no money to buy what the earth provides for ALL its creatures to live. We do NOT need your belief in equalmoney system, we need your support, your contribution to it, your coming together with us and help make it real, so when the time is right and HERE, it will be in place and it will be for real OUR system, because all of us worked on creating it. It will be a real decision based on all of us that this is how we are going to live together for now on till the time will come that we will see by living in this system that in reality we never needed money at all, which will be far far in the future, when we have learned to live as the human physical form that we are, the REAL being of earth, and have put down all of our illusions so they won't exist anymore............

Continuing with self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a world exist where desires and wants go before real needs, especially when the needs pertain to our physical living, what our bodies really require to sustain itself in the BEST possible way.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let myself get brainwashed that DEBT is needed and is necessary in order for us to live here together on this planet, when the real things we need are already here without the DEBT, without the money, they are not existing because of DEBT or money, they exist because of the gift of LIFE, all we need to do  is to share these gifts equally to all expressions/manifestations/forms of LIFE so none will be in any kind of lack.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be angry at myself and others as myself when i found out what the heck we all accepted and allowed to exist in our names as a system that is against LIFE and not in anyways whatsoever PRO LIFE.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to really believed that we as humanity were the most valuable race on earth, when in reality we are the less, the ones that are not really needed at all as we may think/belief.

 I realise that it may look like we are needed now that we have fucked everything up and we are trying to fix what we have done, like trying to help animals and cleaning the oceans and soil and all of that, and because these other lifeforms are not capable by their design to do it for themselves, we see ourselves as being needed and as valuable or as more then them, but forgot that they were fine the way they were without us imposing our shit on them. Animals and plants they all rely on the support of nature even the human, but these animals and plants and nature don't rely on the human at all, they don't need the human...!! Nature itself also always take care of those species that are causing unbalance to the whole, that is why even without the human as being also a cause of some species to go extinct, some species of animals and plants do go extinct anyways, because they were not contributing to what is BEST for all, their contribution was one of self-interest, much like we humans are doing now. So if we continue like this, we will also be extinct. The difference between the earth making some species go extinct and the humans being the cause is in the unbalancing of the whole life on earth. Earth take care of those species that don't contribute to what is BEST for all LIFE on earth by itself, but the human make species go extinct that DO contribute to what is BEST for ALL of LIFE on earth, endangering ALL LIFE on earth in this matter.

Thus within this i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be the cause of animals and plants going extinct that are NOT suppose to be going extinct,because they were contributing to what is BEST for the whole of LIFE on earth.

I forgive myself that i haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand the true implications of my actions to what for outcomes/consequences it will have to all of LIFE on earth, because i accepted and allowed myself to be brainwashed into believing that the human life is what is of most importance then any other lifeform.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be part of a species that does NOT care at all about itself let alone care about anything else, without ever doing anything to STOP myself first and change me and then change it, no matter what.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand that by the very fact of supporting the way we live now is in fact, affecting all LIFE on earth to a degree where we only harm and destroy all LIFE.


I commit myself to make sure whenever i am about to go into or i am into not paying attention and looking at all things as in finding out how they are created and where they come from and who benefited and whom lost something, to just STOP, take a deep breath and bring msyelf back HERE and make sure that i little by little start to investigate all of the things i buy in order to make a real decision as to what to buy and what not to buy, and keep my life simple so i don't buy unnecessary shit that i don't need, and make sure to participate with others that are doing all they can to stop the way we are living now and change it to a way of living that will benefit ALL participants on this planet in the BEST possible way.

I commit myself to STOP myself in the moments i see myself becoming angry at some people that sell products that will break easily and just remind myself that these people are just as blind as i was in this system as believing that this is the way things must be and will always be.

I commit myself to inform all people as best as i can about the ways we live with each other as in bringing awareness as to what extent we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be brainwashed to accept and allow such a system of abuse as representing ourselves as humanity.

I commit myself to make sure i keep on exposing the system of DEBT and how money works in this world till we all get it, and start making real common sense decisions based on physical/practical living instead of decisions rooted in/influenced by believes and opinions.

I commit myself to make sure to inform as best as i can that we are
NOT THE most important species on earth at all, but that we are most likely the ones that are suppose to serve the rest, and serving them is in fact giving, and not slavery.

I commit myself to make sure to expose our designed nature as human beings, so we can all come to an equal understanding and stop ourselves in creating ourselves as this design over and over, and create ourselves as LIFE instead.


Larry Manuela

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