Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Day 377. Why Is GIVING Such a Problem For us The Humans?

Many of us humans, know that we have a problem with giving. We have created a society where if one is in the act of giving, it is being seen as a abnormality, something outside the norms, and we have managed to change the word; giving in some cases and call it charity, as if when one do this charity,  it is seen as an act of being noble and even an act of caring.


As one can see that which we have given other names to, is so, so we can see ourselves as beings that are caring, is actually telling us something about the way we live, the way we have come to shape our societies, where the act of giving is not a norm, has become something we do once in awhile in order to feel good about ourselves, because deep down we are aware that the way our societies are shaped is not healthy and goes against the nature of life on this earth, which is TO GIVE!!

Our foods are a gift
Our bodies are a gift
Our earth is a gift
All the resources we use to built and create things with in this world are gifts of LIFE.
Our breath is a gift
Life itself is a gift

Have a look. Do we pay the foods we eat? Do we pay the earth for the body it gives us to express within and as? Do we pay the Sun and Moon?  Do we pay the air we breathe? Do we pay the water itself we drink and wash ourselves with? Do we pay the resources we use? Do we pay life ?  Whom do we pay? Is it not the humans we are paying with the fruits of our labors and the fruits of our talents? Why does the human believe so much so that it even went as far as creating a system wherein it needs to be paid because it has contributed to something? Why is contributing to society not a gift, but something that one rather be paid for? Why do we see giving as something weak and not valuable and in some cases even wrong when everything we need that we are using in this world is a gift to us?

Life support itself through all that it is through giving.

Now we are going to school to study something, because we have made of our lives something that needs to be paid for. Everyone is doing something in order to get paid, and with getting paid, I do not necessarily mean; getting money, however the fact that one thinks and believe that one needs to "get" something because one have done something, contributed to something, this pattern is related to wanting/wishing to be special.
The idea of wanting to be special have brought lots of problems we now face in this world.
The whole wanting to be better than others in whatever, or thinking and believing that one is more than others or has more value than others stems from this want, this wish, this desire to be special.
As we can clearly see specialness can only exist in separation, and not in Equality and Oneness of life HERE. Specialness is conflict and friction, not necessarily something that is " bad/wrong/negative," however something that requires energy to exist, it cannot exist HERE in Breath, in effortless flow of life as Equality and Oneness.

Thus the solution to our problem as humanity is to start living the word: " GIVING." Enough with living the word: " PAYING!!"  Enough with living the word: " SPECIAL!!"


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