Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 347, Give me a Job, I need a job?!

Here we are in a moment in time, where finally we are all going through the same thing again, where we are seeing that the jobs we have are not really for purposes of bettering our living on the planet. Jobs purely exist right for purposes of getting money or for making money,........nothing to do with LIFE!!!!

The crashing of the system of money that is going on now, is worse and will continue to worsen up till we stand up, because this time it's different than the previous times it happened in the past, because now we have accumulated enough damage, where looking for a war to stop and make a reset with the same old thing again will not suffice. We have exhausted and consume more and more of the resources, we have become purely a bunch of consumers, doing nothing else than consuming and consuming, especially in the "rich countries."  Or to be more precisely, the "rich people," which is everyone that can afford a job and can pay for their survival needs without much difficulty, in two words: "The Have's."


When I have a look at the people living in this country and also at other people in other countries, they all blame the politicians for not producing enough jobs......that is all they all talk about constantly. We need more jobs, we need more jobs, there is not enough jobs, people are without, jobs, jobs,jobs, jobs...........If I put on the T.V. and go through the channels where there are news and social programmings going on some television talk-shows, I will hear this word, job again and again on the tips of the tongues of the people, over and over, everything is being placed on the shoulders of the word: "job." As if having a job is having a life. Unfortunately it is so in this system of inequality we have accepted and allowed, however this does mean that it HAVE to be so.


So one can say for certain that this delusion about: "MUST having a job," in order to have a life on the planet is as good as imprinted within the minds of all human beings that they can only interpret and see jobs and no jobs. When having a job and getting the reward in the form of money doing the job, we are happy, but as soon as there is no job and there is then no reward, we are extremely unhappy and very stressful and fearful, because we are all aware that without a job there is no other way one will be effective enough in the system of money as it exists now in this world. The word: "job," is nothing but something we use to get the money we were effectively brainwashed to accept as THE only way we can share what is on the planet in order to meet our survival needs.

But the reality is that there is NO sharing going on, there is only business going on, ways of making more and more money, through businesses we are trying, and some successfully too, to accumulate more and more of this thing called money, because more means; we have more saying and more buying power and also more influence in a world where we have accepted and allowed that money have more value than LIFE itself. Those conducted the big businesses have made sure, through laws to keep them as close as possible in being the owners of a particular resource that are being used to transform that into the machinery of making money, making a mockery between the relationships that exist between humans in making usage of the resources that are provided by the earth, as the nature that exists on earth.


We are only looking at how we can make more money. Saving money is just another word for having more money for myself actually in fact. Again nothing to do with supporting LIFE on earth.

Supporting LIFE on earth is like THE most alienated idea people seem to hear when it is shared, because most people interpret life as only their life or the life of the ones close to them.......but not ALL of LIFE. Thus the moment ALL of LIFE is mentioned they will feel a resistance to/towards it, because we were brainwashed to only care about our lives and even that is very superficial too. Thus sharing is something we have been brainwashed NOT to do, even though we were told by our parents to share with others, but the reality of living together is not so as we express through our words. We talk about it, but in the way we deal and give or use our money says something else, namely: "I better hold on to my money, because one never knows when I will be in need of it in times of difficulties, when money is scares." Now this phrase is imprinted into us through the word banks came up with, called: " savings."  They were encouraging people to remember to open saving accounts to save their money in the banks, because the banks themselves then can use it to make profit, without the individual being aware of this.

Having savings seems as a great thing, and it may be so, in this system of lack, or better said: " deliberate created illusion of lack."  But this lack only exists in the money system, not actually in the resources of earth that are here to support us in living as best as possible on the planet. People are starving not necessarily because they do not have food, they are dying of hunger/starving because the means to get to the food is none existent, and that means is: " money."  Some people are without homes in this world, not because the earth is not producing enough resources to built homes with, and us not having enough people that can built homes, oh is because these people do not have money to be able to pay for a house or housing. The same goes with medicine and water and you name it, all the things that should have been a priority in each human beings life on this planet, a priority that actually should be a given, mimicking what nature is doing, like our bodies itself is doing, always making sure that the whole body is supported equally so that the body can exist as a body, as a whole. Nature is making sure that all of what is here as an expression of this very nature is taking care of, because nature is making sure that all life on earth is supported equally, from the very small up to the very large, all according to their specific design and survival needs, on land and in the oceans, everywhere.


But of course we humans believe we are such a special bunch and that we can change these laws of nature and make of nature what we want it to be to fit into our delusions of grandeur, without having an inkling of an idea what we are busy creating that will have an effect/outcome/consequence on life on earth that will be destructive and harmful to lots of expressions including ourselves. even now that the evidences of these are apparent, we still want to continue with the same old system that has injected us into this very moment where the extremity of two outcomes exists, as in us either making  it or not?

Thus, we must first realize and also accept that we are delusional about "needing a job."  When we accept this problem, we can than start to see solutions, because right now, most of the solutions we are trying to bring are all about: "  We need to create jobs for people."  
Acting as if the job that are withering away is why we are where we are, when in reality, it is the laws/rules and regulations supporting a monetary system of inequality IS the problem.
Thus what do we do, we change the laws/rules and regulations of money to support Equality for all!!!


Larry Manuela

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