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Day 346, Principle or Facts?

I listen to an interview on youtube awhile ago put on youtube by Dennis Wise, whom is the one whom made a series of videos that was called: "Adolf Hitler, the greatest story never told."

I will place the video here for those whom want to listen to it, into what I am going to write about it.

Now the reason why I am writing about this, is because the argument Stefan Molyneux gives in this interview is not very practical. It barrels down to believing that facts do not matter anymore, even though he is saying he does not dismiss facts totally, but facts are not really important and do not change the way humanity currently functions within its relationship with everything that is here if we were to find the facts.
Stefan have some points there that are relevant, but also not. Why?
Because If we do not know the HOW we arrived to what we are now, and how we live now, we will keep on repeating and becoming better in destroying what is here, because we did not understand ourselves within our lives when we did or did not do certain specific things that have led to what we are living in this world at the moment. Thus there were certain relationships that have happened/occurred that catapulted us into the situations we find ourselves within and as at this very moment.
I find that in order to sort out these problems we have, and we must find the relationships between facts and principles in order for us to sort out our problems,that at the moment have only lived one thing, and that is? " to be self-centered." The principle of life, which is that which is equality and oneness was never lived. Principles should be; because we are physical beings on a physical planet and have physical needs, be the point of equality, thus equality in sharing and supporting of what is here for physical nurture and sustenance of the bodies of life that are here.

And to illustrate what I am saying here, I will quote something Bernard Poolman said in the past, on this subject, that I found very supportive and practical. It was placed in the FAQ section on the website of desteni, where the point of "experience living and Principled living" was discussed.

B: John Lennon. It made no difference. No matter if millions were loving and doving; nothing changed, everything got worse. Because if your principle is based on an experience, it's no longer a principle. So therefore, one can say that Love is not a principle. Love is an experience.

Equality and Oneness is a principle. Therefore, there is no feeling linked to it. There is no energy linked to it. There is a consequential, specific outflow in every breath that is measurable. Are we equal and is all our experience equal? Are the laws that guide us providing for all equal? Is the living space provided all equal? Is the food providing for all equal? Is water for all equal? Are resources for all equal? And are we dealing with all as one? One Body: the Body of Humanity. That is equality and oneness practically within the context of everything.

So therefore, even money – is all money distributed equal as a method of communication, as a method of sharing value, as a method of appreciation, as a method of support - or is it used so that some may experience money well, while others experience having NO money. That's not equality. That's not equality for life, either. It is not oneness. You bear oneness with the context of separation: some having, some not having. And according to your “not loving enough” because “you are not following the spiritual principles” [as depicted in mainstream religion] - you are not allowed to have this outflow of oneness.

But oneness, in principle within equality would say, “It is regardless at this stage of your particular situation; you should be treated equal.”

And the education should be equal. I would go as far as saying where technology already is available, that one must particularly start looking at even [the situation of] a child before they're born, be assessed if they will be able to live an equal life. Because what is the point to have someone who suffers in the name of someone's apparent idea that “God” has apparently bestowed upon you a disease that will harm you and make you suffer all your life, when it is clearly a DNA defect? I mean, we already know these things, but we will not apply because we do it under the experience of “Love.” I mean, where is – what does “Love” have to do with it? “Love” is an experience of self-interest. That is why when you “fall in love” with someone, I mean, it's all wonderful. But when you fall out of the, the experience changes. And it changes into something that you despise, hate, disdain. All kinds of experiences flow from it.

How can “Love” be a principle if it can change?

Love then, is not a principle that can be lived by, because it can change."

Now imagine that detectives were to not use facts as important for their investigations, but only rely on principles, something the whole of humanity never actually in fact have lived before, and I am saying this from the perspective of the principle of life, which is oneness and equality, that which is best for all life.
Adolf Hitler, the greatest story never told, is important to have a look at, in order to not only have one side of the story, which was the story most were told in their school books, which was the story of the ones whom won the war against Germany in that time. Why is it important? It is important, because as of now, we have made lots of decisions based on that story willingly or unwillingly or consciously or unconsciously, but decisions were made that lead to certain/specific consequential outflows in relationship to what was told about what happened. Our perception was manipulated in order to have certain and specific outcomes that will be beneficial to a small group. So if we do not understand why and how we came about to be what we are now, we will keep on having ourselves repeating the same thing over and over again, by a small group being able to use certain tools to manipulate us and changing history as to what happens to appear different in order to reach certain outcomes in their benefit because we will give them our consent.
To me facts are what are physically here as to how they function and to what relationships occurred that made them in the manifested consequential outflow that they find themselves in now. Thus the direct seeing of what is here as physical real proof as in how it exists as a physical manifestation. And then we use principles to measure the facts, if the facts have a result in the physical reality with the principle of life, which is that which is equality and oneness, which is best for all life. So there must be a relationship between the fact and the principles in order to understand and measure what is really happening at the moment, because humanity have never lived according to principles. We talk about principles as if we have lived them, but we haven't. There are very very very few human beings that have lived principles, and most of them have lost their lives doing so. Why? To show that the world as what the human has made of it, does NOT value principle living and does NOT want it either at this moment as a fact. It is not part of the systems we have created. There are some of us making noises out there, but the majority is not really waking up to stand as oneness and have one goal practically that will propelled LIFE on earth to be the best experience for every being that is born on this planet and go for it and really stand our ground. We are starting to see the deceptions, but we lack in our standing as one group. We haven't reached a point yet where we agree with each other, that only what is best for all will be our way out. This may sound selfish, but it is not.....because we are at the brink of time where everything can be seen and be known, the suffering can be seen, the abuses can be seen, the manipulations can be seen, and it is so in our faces that they cannot be denied anymore. The pretending will have to give way to the reality in everyone's life. Because as long as some of us our lives are o.k. we won't care about what happens in the lives of others. We may say: " oh what a shame, oh what sad," but that will be it, we do not really do something to stop it and change it practically, and we even resist the ones working towards solutions that will have a result that would be best for everyone. We are at the moment still choosing to protect our self-centered preferences.

Facts are:

Millions are starving to death on this earth, be them humans or other life-forms.
Earth resources are being (ab)used and depleted by us the humans, in order to transform it into money, they are not being used to support life on earth in the best way possible, equal and one for all.
We are building weapons to destroy each other, the faster the better and the more damage the weapons can do by murdering lots of people in one single blow, the better.
Our believe systems are all based within and as inequality. There are phrases in them that are principled based, but they are quickly ignored and certainly NOT being lived, but the leaders love using them in their speeches to attract the masses to follow them, and all of this begs the question: "have we practically change in the way we live with each other and everything else on this planet, with all these believe systems we are all participating in, that we can see with our direct eyes that we are living what is best for all in every way?"
Our justice systems support inequality.
Money itself supports inequality too. Money is not distributed to be equally available for all to equally having the same force(buying power) for each human using it to have a life of dignity.
Fruitful land is not equally distributed to all, neither being used in the best possible way to have it produce the best possible fruits to meet our survival needs.
Education is not equally available and is the best everywhere to educate human beings in being the best stewards in living on the planet and supporting life on the planet using what nature provides for life on earth to be supported in the best possible way.

 I can go on and on with these......

Thus we have to assess the facts as correct as possible in order to make sure we do not repeat the same mistakes, and use principle, to be more exact LIFE-principles, to measure if the facts are accumulating to have results that will be best for LIFE on earth and if not, where did it all went wrong exactly as close as possible, and where do we need corrections.


Larry Manuela

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