Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 345, Freetime, leisure time, Do I have it?

Within this blog I am going to write a little about this leisure time as how I went through it all and also what kind of experiences I have gotten from other people depending in what kind of circumstances and situations these people's lives were in that moment and when I was looking at all that I saw certain patterns within people whom have not gotten much education in their lives, because they haven't gotten much of a support in their lives due to mainly money being the problem at the core.

I will be using some pictures and a video to illustrate what I will be investigating.

Now on this first picture here one sees a little girl with a bucket on her head, wherein she will carry water in it so in order for the family to get water, and who knows how many miles away she must travel in order to get water. This activity in her life is a MUST. Now there are children in these kind of life situations that when they have been asked what they want to become later on in life, most  wanted to do something that have to do with getting them and the rest of the people they are in relationship with out of the situation they find themselves, or at least they will choose something that has to do with helping them out of the situation they were born into. You won't hear them say, they want to be a specific engineer in whatever field, like we educated people would do, because we have seen more and are fed more information about careers and available jobs to choose from and to engage ourselves with. They on the other hand will most of the times want to be a: " teacher, a carpenter, a car mechanic, a doctor, a nurse, and very sporadically depending how deep they are in poverty few of them will want to do something that has to do with computers."
Thus these children are aware that more then anything else, in the situations they find themselves, these are their immediate pains, thus need immediate attention and support, thus will willfully choose something where they can contribute to the betterment of the situation they all find themselves.

Now let me take you into a little journey in my past, when I was just a little boy of 4 to 6 years old. In that period of time where I was born, living on the country-side was "IN" or as we say now: "ON." using a little bit of slang  So what I remembered from this experience was that almost everyone had a little country-side piece of land/farm where they grew food and attended animals mostly for consumption when was needed, so animals were killed but only because the people needed to eat, they were not killing animals because profit had to be made out of the need to eat. Now what I remember was that my parents let me stay at the farm with my grandmother, who is now diseased to keep her company. When I look back at all this, I found that even as this little boy, I felt very much like I needed to be responsible when I am there with my grandmother, because I am keeping her company, but also helping her with all the farm activities. So as I see now, I have known how to be responsible somewhere along the line within my own live, and imagine that as a "kid." And now it's like I am desperately looking to find that within myself, but this will be a topic in another blog about myself.


So back to the activities that had to take place during that time at the farm keeping my grandmother company. We would always wake up early in the morning and will milk the goats, and later on use this milk to either drink it or cook it, actually we will fry it. This frying of the milk will happen only when it is milk of a goat that has previously had a young. We had to milk them otherwise their udders will fill too much with milk and the young one cannot drink all of it by herself/himself. Thus by milking the mother we were then supporting the mother's udders for her to keep on producing milk for the young-one till the young-one does not need it anymore.

 Now in that time, because we were planting a specific kind of wheat(picture below) where from which we will make a kind of pancake, but this pancake will be much heavier than you the reader may know about pancake and also we would make with this like an oatmeal, thus this whole thing goes on in the morning, and with the goats milk sometimes we will use it to mix it in the coffee which tasted from my experience much better then mixing it with cows milk, or cream as we have now, but anyways we will eat this and prepare it on a Kerosene cooking-fire.



 Then when all of this is done we will let the goats go out in the wild so to speak to roam, and later on when the sun is going down we will go and call them to come back home. After we have done this we will go on the farm land and start to plow the land with our hands, using the tools specifically design for that. In that period of time they did have the plow-machine, but not everyone could afford it, but as a kid you don't realize in these moments that the plow-machine is not working on our land, because of my grandmother not being able to afford it. Sometimes she could but it won't be the whole land that will be plowed, some area's of it only. Now within each of these activities some handling is required, that one must master in order to have the best result as e.g. milking the goats, or plowing the soil by hand using these tools. There is of course more going into all of that, but then the whole story will be too long and the point I want to emphasize on, which is the point of free time, or leisure time will be lost within the story.

On the farm with all the work that has to take place in order for the farm life to happen is a whole daylight activity, meaning that during the day, one is consumed completely with the farm activities and work, that free time, or leisure time is almost impossible, but within this what I found was that the work itself, thus that which needed to be done was in itself liberating. Free-time out of it, would be when we would break for a moment to eat and rest a little and then to continue after. Why I ask myself that the work done on the land itself is liberating, was that even though one is doing the same thing day in and day out, one can like see the changes in nature afterwards as in how everything grows when the rain comes and how the whole land changes from being plowed and seeing just soil to eventually turning into like an open source where life happens, where everything grows, the whole scenery changes. Of course I had a little time left after the work of the day to play for awhile, and even playing will involve some sort of mastering of something practical within what is available on the land of the land. Thus comparing that child's life on the picture above with mine when I was a kid, the work that has to be done is almost similar, especially from the perspective of learning how to practically balance that bucket on your head for example as this kid is doing. There was a time in my life that I have done some things that will be considered "bad" in this world, but I myself will call it " harmful or abusive or exploitative." Doing that, have placed me in a position where I could meet with poor people or people whom have it difficult in their lives, and when I looked at their lives they all have the same pattern, they all wanted to just get out of the living condition they are in, and will choose whatever way to do so, as long as it makes money.
Within this group they do have leisure time, which will be accompanied by drugs/sex/alcohol. That is what their free-time would be like, because the money they were getting was and is being seen as money to have fun with and also having to do with these people being effected into believing that free time means time for me to have parties and you name it, or buying luxury life as is being promoted in the media and when they do so, all the money will then disappear and their lives don't really improve, because the money is being used for other purposes, even though they do cover their expenses and basic survival needs. But the need to party takes precedent.

Now I am placing a little documentary here in this blog to have a look at people's lives in this world, where poverty is not just a word we use, but is an actual reality of people's lives of intense suffering.

Within this documentary one will see and realize that the poor have NO leisure-time or free-time. All they have are worries about where their next meal will come from. Their lives are just one struggle after another. Sometimes they have rain, but then again too much of rain where they won't be able to grow food on the land, thus all in all they will be stuck for a few months without being able to grow food on the land and thus will not be able to have food as they should. So within this small documentary they take the viewer to different parts and regions of Bangladesh to show the poverty that is a thread there as they have said in the video, a thread for the lives of these people. These people have no hope and dreams, all they want is work in order to get the money and then after getting the money to pay to live or buy their lives. I am deliberately using the words placed in the form I just wrote them, because as we know even within our own experience with money, we are doing the same thing, " paying to live and buying our lives," which of course is unnecessary and completely delusional.

Now the reason I placed this like a story is for you the reader to get the sense of exploration that goes on in the activities we do in our daily lives, wherein within it lies possibly our solution.


Thus when I compare my own experiences with others I see that leisure time is available for some depending where they were born and in what kind of culture and religion, and traditions, all of these will have an impact in how they will define leisure time to be according to what they have accumulated in their lives based on their experiences as how hard their lives were or not. Where people live in country-side area's and yet are still people that do have money, these people will have another take on leisure time, and yet others living also on the country-side but are poor, will also have different perspective on leisure time/ free time. Yet people living in cities for example again will have other ways of looking at leisure time and also of practicing it, again based on, in which country one is living. Thus leisure time is dependent on the living condition of an individual and also on the input the individual have had in his/her life in relation to his/her relationship with the people and the whole environment at large in the country he or she was born into. All of these will influence not only on how they will see and interpret leisure time to be, but also how they will practice it.


When I take what I experienced when I was a child being with my grandmother on the farm was the ability to explore, to find out new things or how they work and how to work with them. Thus what I am saying is that humans will find leisure time attractive when it involves an activity that somehow gravitate on the premise of exploration, in whatever small or big this exploration may be. If we have a look at toddlers, we will notice that they enjoy finding out how things work in their environment and explore new things and new possibilities. Thus by gathering information within/from each parts of societies world wide, we can integrate and come up with new ideas as in how to give leisure time or free time another meaning, where it will become the time one gives to life yet at the same time enjoying doing it, because it will be expanding oneself and adding to one's whole life experience on earth and wherein out of which new inventions may sprout, contributing to not only one's life alone but also in the lives of all living on the planet. Thus making sure our monetary system support such endeavors as a way of principle. At the moment those whom are living in poor conditions do not have opportunities to have a look at what are playing out in the world at large so they can integrate some aspects of what they will see and learn into their own lives to explore, thus when we put our ideas and share our ideas with each other, they too will start to come up with ideas about how they would like to spent some leisure time/free time. Within this leisure time will be enjoyable, fun, transformational, supportive, practical, and contributing to the betterment of life on earth. Thus looking from the perspective of how we that have money in this world have come to define leisure-time or free-time and bringing it into practice we would see, realize and understand that there are some modifications to be taken into account on some areas depending on the type of activity that is being done during the leisure-time or even complete termination are needed where leisure-time is abusive and harmful to life.


Larry Manuela

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