Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 343, Consequences of using money as we do right now.

List of our delusions that have become our way of living:

I am making a living. { No, we are not making any living on this planet, we are destroying life actually, all we do now is try as hard as possible to make MONEY and making money stands for destruction of life in this world right now, even when one is making money with very good intentions}

I earn a living. { Why do I have to "EARN" my living, who came up with this idea? was he or she someone that gave life instruction/command for me to have a life, and if so he or she must be someone that was before life?, which of course is impossible, because there is nothing before life or beyond life and certainly not the human.}

I work for my bread. { There are just practical things we HAVE to do in order to survive, and these we can term work, but work as we understand work right now as in: "MAKING MONEY" is delusional, why? because it supports the system of money, and NOT life. Now, one may argue that money gives one the ability to right now buy the things one needs to survive with, which by the way have become more, our needs have increased with this money scam, lots and lots of products are being made to fit into the description of "our needs" that are actually not necessary, they only exist because someone wants to make money, which in their turn helps with the exhausting of the earth resources. Thus buying one's needs, or surviving, or believing that this means one's life is supported within this money system , is actually at the other end of the polarity, taking life/exhausting life/destroying life. The reason most of us don't see this, is because we don't pay attention to all that is here and question what we see and hear, and even when we do, we don't do anything about it, to stop it and then change it.}


I have to work. { Here, again we use the word work as meaning: "making money." just have a look at it, all we do is either striving to one day  have a work/job or we are working or we want to change work/job to get a better paid work/job. Is this all we came here to do, to just be born, go to school, study something so we can than use that which we have studied in order to have a work/job? That's it? Is this all what the human being is good for? According to the brainwashing, this is our purpose in life. Just have a look at it, it is all that we do. We spent more of our times working then anything else years on.}

I have to have an income. { The most successful brainwashing ever in the history of mankind, in order to convince the slaves to continue being slaves without much resistance.}

I need money. { Again the most successful brainwashing, actually believing that we  NEED money in order to survive, overlooking that all the things we really need to survive with/ all the resources we are using, are and were already here and NOT ONE human OWNS any of these!!!!! We just have to use them in the best possible way, but we don't, we abuse/misuse/destroy that which was here before the brainwashing happened and that are really actually what we DO need to survive with. We have made money the middle-"man," stripping/separating our direct relationship with what is here as the earth resources to work with and expand and learn and grow.}

I need money to buy things. { yes of course now that we have imprison our own lives, with this money we can place it as a big need, I mean have a look at how far we have come  to accept and allow this delusion/illusion, so far that people and animals and plants and lots and lots of other lifeforms have to die/be murdered/be killed in order for us humans to continue with our delusion of having to "need" money, so much so that it has become our reality, because we are living the delusion, making it real no matter what, destroying ourselves and everything else along the way.}

I am rich. { It may look like that for awhile, that someone can be "rich" in this system of money, but eventually poverty will be encountered along the way, because the very system that one is using to get rich with, is the system that takes and takes and takes from life in order for someone to be able to call themselves "rich" within this system. So when there is nothing more left to take, the rich will be EXTREMELY poor. So poor that the word poor itself is too poor to call it poor.}


I am poor. { The other end of the polarity, wherein our delusional great brainwashing as "money" as we know it, hold its grip.}

I have power. { No. We don't have power with this money at all, we are weak, very weak. We only told ourselves and came to believe it whole heartedly that when one is in a position of having lots of this illusionary thing called money, that one have power, but actually it implies that one have placed oneself through/by using this money in a position where one can abuse others. It makes abuse so much easier. Thus the power that is talked about within this current system is actually none other than the power to abuse others. It is not real power as in GIVING. This is what LIFE does,it GIVES unconditionally. Our current creation of money only takes. So only when we give money the REAL power to give as life gives, then money will have real power and us using this money as in giving with it, then our usage of the money is real power. Then we as humanity can empower ourselves and lead ourselves into living exchanging what we have become as a humanity that have learnt how to give and live it as its own expression wherein through the human as it express itself it is giving life to life back.}

I own things. { No we don't "own" things. These things we "own" were the things we have stolen by using the the scam called money as we know it right now. And as a matter of fact we cannot "own" anything, because we came with nothing and we will leave with nothing.}

I own a big house. { No we have to get out of this illusion of owning things, and just start to get use to USING things in the best possible way till we are no longer here.}

I don't have a house, just a shack. {yes unfortunately within this system of money, lots of people will live in these shacks, because apparently the middleman called: "money" is not here to support its creator, which is the human being, it is the creation of the human to enslave itself, imprison itself. Through its own creation the human will practically see/realize and understand that it did not gave its creation responsibility to/towards life, because we as humans ARE irresponsible. Our creation of money as we know it is just our reflection.}

I live in a mansion/castle. { of course this is one of the pleasures of some within the current monetary system, where these few can live in mansions and castles and probably having poor people to clean their mess up and taking care of these mansions and castle for them, all they have to do is give a very small amount of their money to these poor people and whuala, the abuse can continue, and they can now justify that they care about the poor people because at least they are giving some of them a job.}

I live on the streets. { unfortunately this is one of the consequences that happens in this monetary system, because it is a system that does not support ALL equally, give to ALL dignity and respect and value for being alive, life expressing itself within and as that one body.}

I live in a foster home. { this too, again unfortunately is one of the dilemma's of the current system where because of problems involving money some children will end up in the foster homes and some eventually with some foster parents. And by the way, here we think and believe that we are solving this problem by introducing these systems within the money system, but CHANGING THE MONEY SYSTEM  itself that produces these problems, we don't even consider.}

I am in the army, they pay good. { now here we are at the lowest degradation we can get, because we are willing to even murder others to get this illusion called money, put ourselves down getting commando's from others to go and kill in the name of our countries or whatever ideology, but as long as we are getting paid, we will do it.}

I am a victim of war. {many many men/women/children will be and continue being victims of war within this current system, because war itself is a way of making money for some people.}

I have a big business. { big businesses are the corporations in this world that are sucking huge quantities of money in, leaving little to very little to the average man that also have to work within this system, not realizing and understanding that there will come an end, because all these businesses exist because there are buyers and the buyers need money to buy things with, thus if there comes a time where they cannot buy anymore, because the corporations themselves have override the buying capacity of their own buyers, they too will perish and go falliet=(bankrupt).

I have a very small business. { Small businesses are little by little closing their doors, because they cannot compete with the large corporations in order to hold their businesses alive so to speak, and again don't forget that people are all brainwashed to only look for ways to "make money." It is all about how can I make money, or more money. What can I sell to make money? We merely never ask the question how can I support life in the best possible way?} 

I am going on vacation. { Within this system when one have money, vacation is seen as a great thing, to leave the workplace for awhile and go as far as possible. What is also very troubling within this whole vacation system is that those with money or living in countries where they have a job and can afford a vacation mostly choose to go somewhere where they can buy more with the currency of their country in another country, this is one of the abuses that are being overlooked within this system. People are always looking for the cheapest tickets, the cheapest hotels, the cheapest everything just so they can save more of their money in their own pockets. Thus going to a country where their currency is stronger than the others is always the primary choice, especially when going far away. Here the power to abuse in money is clearly seen.}

I am staying right here where I live, because I can't go on vacation, don't have money. { Here we are now, where we can invent all kind of ways of transportation but yet again money as the middle man rules, because the resources are NOT being used for support, for enjoyment and learning purposes of our reality, only when one have money can one travel to a distant destination on this planet.}

I eat anything I want. {Yes, with having lots of money and living in a country where food is readily available one can actually say that, one don't have worries anymore about where one's next meal is going to come from.}

I have nothing to eat, I am starving. { unfortunately within this world many people will go through this abuse and unacceptable situation because as long as one have to have money in order to get food and not get food directly from the earth itself for one's nourishment, one will eventually die of hunger and no-one will care nor know. One's death will be on a chart in the form of a number together with the rest of the people that died of hunger where some people will use these charts to evaluate how many people are starving and how extreme or not poverty is at in particular moment, but actually care, we don't. So one's death will be just a topic for discussion as it has been for long time now, either for the one's that want things to continue as they are or for those whom want things to change for the betterment of mankind.} 

I have debts, lots of it. { Debt is the engine of this monetary system, and this very engine always run dead at some point where a new engine is needed, only this time when using the word engine and comparing the situation with a car as I am doing here,.........the roads are all messed up, the car is corroded,lots of destinations that one used to drive to are none existent anymore. Thus even if some wants a war in order to reset the same old system with debt as its engine, the world and the resources are already too exhausted to carry on with the same activities we are involved with/in at the moment, even with very small percentage of humans left and within that, even for them the food and air and water would be poisoned.} 

I have no debts and have lots of money. { No, unfortunately this is also a delusion, because one may appear to have no debts personally and it may be so too, but unfortunately where one lives and the money one uses is always DEBT, if there was no debt one would not even have the money, because all debt will be paid and no more money will exist. Thus the word: "buying" is actually = paying debt.}


I was able to go to an university. { Of course again, when one have money and living within such system as ours, going to a university is a piece of cake. The only problem is that the universities are all within fitting the design of the system we live in itself, meaning: " with the current knowledge one will be prepared to move into the system to be effective for the system and university is where one can achieve the highest level of education, thus one is then knowledge-wise and information-wise better equipt to function at the highest levels within the current system. Thus the design of education is to imprison one within the parameters of the current system, getting out of it is almost impossible. And most of the people educated on this level will be the loyalists within the system, and will even defend it, because their reward within the system is much better then the rest of the levels beneath them.}
I have no education. { Again with having no money of course education too will be a very challenging thing to get, and this is for this system a "good" thing, because now these people that have no education can go do the jobs that those educated one's do not want to do, the so- called: "dirty jobs/lower jobs." One will find then later in ones life educated people giving speeches and creating programs to help the lower educated people and feel all good about themselves, but yet at the same time some are helping them with good intentions, but most actually are exploiting them to get them to do what they themselves won't do with the simple words as these: " someone got to do these jobs too." This "someone" is never them.
I am a scientist. { Who knows how many human children died in third world countries that could have become great scientist and came up with great ideas, but then again at the moment we will never know, because there is this have's and have not's dilemma to deal with and on top of it, there is this whole race problem too in regards to this, that people believe that those whom are poor somehow won't be able to be smart. But how can they know if we have never given them a chance to reach their highest potential, they were born in poverty and will die in poverty as long as this current system we participate in continues to exist.}

I am a simple person, not smart. { being born in poverty many and many will be simple person, but this word: "simple" is actually an euphemism for "stupid." We feel guilty about what we allow and because we don't want to "hurt" the people's feelings and call them directly that they are stupid because of course they cannot afford an education and cannot read and you name it, we will call them "simple." I mean, how bizarre is this, leaving people who needs our support for their own vices just in order for us to feel guilty about it, as if supporting our guilt is somehow a solution? } 


Thus within this list I have made if one noticed it may appear as if I am blaming some people or all of us but in reality I am giving a sarcastic view of what is really going on within the world we live and what are the things we accept and allow and some things we are thinking but we don't talk about them, and some things we just do and don't care about the consequences they may have, because we haven't gotten to the point where we can see yet what all the consequences of doing or not doing something will lead us into. We all know that this list can be made very very long, but as what I have written here, I find that we all can understand it, because most are things we see within our world or things we know about.


The first and most thing that we have to do is look for a way to come together and agree together as to where we want to lead ourselves within this world and we form a bog enough group and from and within this group we appoint individuals whom for now will go and be on the political platform and effect the changes necessary to bring about a change that will benefit all equally. One thing is certain at the moment. We cannot continue like this, because we will lead ourselves into destruction. Therefore have a look at our proposal LIG and join us to perfect it more and more as we go along, because working together as one, will be the only way out of our own accepted and allowed consequences.


Larry Manuela

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