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Day 344, Is the earth really a sphere as we are being told/taught?

There are people up to this present day still of the believe that the earth is flat, like a disk, or that it is concave, some even believe that the earth is hollow. There are many theories out there. But this one about the earth being flat, the ones whom are believing this I find have some very strong arguments. The reason I am writing about this, is because I find it interesting and also to look at, what are all the things we have been lied to. Because many things we think we know, because we were taught it to be so are not in actuality really so. Working from the perspective of: 'investigating all things and keep that which is good," as Jesus once said, is of paramount importance to also include such a topics within my investigations.

What we are being taught in schools all over the world are the following theories(facts?).

We are taught that the earth is rotating and turning on its invisible axis every one day, with an average speed of 1675 Km/hour, which is 1,040 miles/hour.

Now lets have a look at this theory.

Most of us when we were kids while sitting in our parent's car would put our arms out of the car, sometimes even our heads to feel the wind pushing us. Now understand that a car most of the time will be at a velocity of 60 to 80 Km/ this velocity one will feel the wind wanting to push one's head backward or one's hand backward and one would have to fight the wind so to speak to keep on holding it in one place. So now imagine we are on a planet where there is no "INSIDE" on it, we are fully OUTSIDE. Because the theory goes that we don't feel the velocity of the earth's rotation because it is just like driving in a car, we also don't feel the velocity of the car, which is true. The only point being, that we are IN the car, if we were to have a pickup car and you will be in the back of the pickup car and would stand up, you will feel the wind trying the push you back, you would be having it difficult to keep on standing or keeping your eyes open, because the wind will blow too hard in your face and upper body. So keep in mind that we are not INSIDE of the earth and wind is blowing outside, we are completely expose on the surface, OUTSIDE..... there is no chassis protecting us like in a car. So how come we are not experiencing this enormous wind blowing when we are outside, we are talking about the wind blowing at 1675 Km/hour here, harder than any hurricane we have ever witnessed up to this moment. So why don't we feel this contra wind blow so to speak?  There are days where it is totally calm, no wind blows at all, so how does this happen when the earth is rotating at a speed of 1675 Km/hour? So the whole point about this is the WIND that we do not experience like we would experience if we would move at great speeds, we will experience a wind that push against us, and depending on the velocity we are traveling the harder the wind will be experienced.

Those protecting the status quo will tell you that the reason we don't feel any movement is because of the balancing of forces between gravity acting as centripetal force and earth pushing upwards on you.

As one can see on this picture here above where they are showing what Centripetal force is, one can go in that ride and tell me if you are not going to experience the WIND. Thus this theory does not rule out the wind-experience when one is moving in great speeds.


We are taught that not only that the earth is rotating at 1,040 miles per hour, but that it also rotates around the Sun with a speed of 67,000 miles per hour and on top of all this, the sun is also traveling around the center of our Galaxy at a speed of 600,000 miles per hour.

The earth circumference is 25,000 miles. Taking this into account at 6 miles one must be able to see the curvature of the earth and the object must be 16 feet below the eye sight, according to the equation. But this does not happen and was even tested. They tested this in England on a river that is 6 miles long and flat all the way, and they could still see the boat at 6 miles away from the point of departure, it did not go below eye sight of 16 feet as the ones that are telling us, teaching us are saying about the earth being a globe.


The Causeway Bridge on this picture is 28 miles long over water, or 38 Kilometers long. So at 6 miles this bridge must be going down the curvature of the earth as shown on the image below here in green. So where does the bridge "curve"? One will find that this bridge is all the way through flat, does not curve to meet the circumference of the earth. Thus this means that at the letter "H" is where one will start to see the bridge curve and will not be seen anymore, it starts to curve, looking at the image below here. from "O" to "H" is the 6 miles I am taking about where the curvature must happen according to what we are being told and taught in school, so where is it?


The ones believing that the earth is flat are saying that; because of the strong gravitational field of the earth,light of the Sun take a curved pass around the gravitational field of the earth and this will make things that are flat appear curved but also make things that are curved appear flat, thus one must be careful with using light to measure things in high gravitational fields.

A very strong point I find that the flat earthers have is the following.

They say that if the earth was a globe as we believe it is, when we were using plumb-bobs to construct buildings we would not find a straight line to the center of gravity to measure and built a straight up building if the earth was a globe, because you will then have a building that will look slim on the bottom and very wide at the top, which I find is a very strong point.   

Now imagine if we would extend the line that runs from "O" to "M" and we will move "M" all over this ball, we will see that at the circumference at the point where "M" is in contact with the circumference one will find that at the bottom if one uses a plumb-bob, it will be slimmer at the bottom and wider at the top of the building.



What we can also do is just stand one day in an open field and when there is no wind and throw a ball straight up in the air, and one will notice and find that the ball will fall straight back from the point where one threw it in the air. Now if the earth was rotating and specifically at 1675 Km per hour,  that ball would never fall back where one threw it in the air, because one will move away from the moment one throw the ball up with 1675 Km per hour speed, thus the ball will never land where one threw it up. Now this does make sense, if the earth beneath ones feet was moving or rotating as they say. So the theory that says; it is because of the gravitational force of the earth makes it that the ball lands exactly where one threw it up in the air does not make sense. because if it was windy, that ball will not fall back in ones hands, so the gravitational force seems weak when it is windy? Does this make any sense?

The moment men went high enough in the air to see if the earth is actually a globe or not, is when we all believe that to be true, because of the pictures that were taken, that we can rest assure now that the earth is a globe, but don't forget that these pictures were taken from space as they say and light that travels through space will curve at the gravitational fields surrounding any object. Thus the pictures are correct, but from the perspective of the light curving around the gravitational fields of the earth, thus what we are seeing is not really really a globe, we are seeing light that bends/curves around gravitational field of the earth, and thus will make earth seem as if it is a globe.

The gravity that holds us on the land is the same gravity that holds the tonnes of water as ocean on the bottom of the ocean as the scientists are telling us. So how can the gravity not crush us? because the tonnes of water is much heavier than us. So how can the same force of gravity hold something that is heavier down as it also holds something that is lighter down and without crushing that which is lighter, putting to much pressure on the object that is lighter. Earth has an equatorial surface gravity of 9.81 m/s². Does this make sense? would that be enough the hold the tonnes of gallons of water on the bottom of the ocean and also at the same time be enough to NOT crush us that is lighter than these tonnes of gallons of water as the ocean?

Now lastly about the point of the Hubble telescope, they say that the Hubble telescope can look in the universe as far as  14 billion light-years.  Now 1 light-year is 10 Trillion Kilometers, thus that would be 14 Billion x 10 Trillion= 1400000000000000000000000 Kilometers. So here we are having a telescope that so-called can look into the universe that far away and just Google the earth images we have you will see that all of them look like a realist painter did them.

Here is a link to look at all the pictures from NASA taken from space, and have a very good look at all of them.


To me it does not really matter what form the earth is, but what does matter is that if we are being lied to or not. As long as the government goes and the military, these two are two organized bodies that have hidden and lied over almost everything, and understand none of us have had the opportunity to actually go in space and look at it ourselves, all we have is pictures and today in the world that our technologies have evolved we can see that it could have been very easy for NASA to Photoshop all its images from space, and another point is also people are not allowed to fly over the South Pole, which I find strange and questionable, because here we are sending (man on the moon?) and sending probes on Mars and yet we cannot fly over the South Pole, does this make any sense?
So the best thing to do is for us to work together to bring about the best living conditions for everyone in this world and when we the people have the power and we are then really free we will investigate all these points and see what we will find, because then no-one will be able to tell us we can't go there or go here or only certain people can have access here or there, we can all freely explore our world and actually get to really know her.


Larry Manuela

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