Friday, 27 February 2015

Day 348, DEBT in the money system; The killer invented by humans!

The words and sentences used in this world in relationship with the word: "debt."


Words & Phrases:

Civilization decline
pursuing downsizing
suffering finances
deflationary drive
weak demand
high government spending
income tax
For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil
private banks
tax evasion by corporations
fiscal and monetary policies
hoarding money
gambling with the people's money
taking (high)risks
corporatization of governments and countries
restructuring of the monetary system
impoverish nations
financial reforms
cut off
critical liquidity
credit line
unemployment & underemployment
people's values
dead deposits
federal reserve
central banks
World bank
hyper inflation
stripped from service
experts on economics
competitive bidding
violation of constitution

manipulating the financial markets
free market
free market capitalism
housing bubble
quantitative easing
commercial banks
the poor
secret services
shadow governments

wall street
tax havens...........................................................................

I can go on and on with these words we use today that are mostly pertaining to the subject of economy.
We have managed to come up with so many words that in fact make things much more challenging and harder in relation to our living and surviving on the planet.
Understand that money as we know it is just an idea made manifest by us humans, we just agreed that money should be the way we would share the resources of the earth.
We take money so serious as if life itself depends on money, when in reality everything is depended on life, even death.
What is so funny and yet also so seriously dangerous is that we take this whole system as something we cannot do anything about it, and as if it is THE most important thing ever, when in reality it is soooooooooo limited and so easy to get rid of.
What makes it appear as if it is something so difficult to do or whatever, are these words we invented to make it sound so sophisticated and out of our reach, something that takes tremendous work and have high degrees of difficulty, when all in all it is all really simple. We just got lost along the sophistication of words and of systems and forgot totally the simplicity of life.

All the above words are very well mentioned in the news and in the languages that are being spoken in this world at the moment, because there is an imminent threat going on that what we have as this system is counting its last days. We all fear the consequences.

But one must understand the following;

When money dies, the resources of earth don't die with it.
The plants that you eat, don't die with it.
The animals you depend on for your survival don't die with it.
The water you use don't suddenly evaporate and its gone.
 The house you have built and is living in, will not disappear.
Your body, will not suddenly die.
Your ideas will not leave you empty.
All the roads and bridges we have built will not crumble and fall down
Rain is not going to stop suddenly.
The land you live on it not going to disappear.
The knowledge you have about how to do certain things, and how to survive will not suddenly leave you.
The doctors, the engineers, the construction workers and you name it, all of these people will not just suddenly disappear and/or loose their knowledge about what they do, because the money is gone.
The people you use to have relationship with to exchange goods in other countries, will not suddenly disappear together with the goods you used to get from them.
Your fridge is going to continue working.
The clothing you wear, are still going to be here, and the people and the machines and the resources to make the clothing are all still going to be here.

One can see where I am going with these. I am conveying here that everything that actually makes our living here possible, all the relationships that are here, between people and and the rest of what is here, are all not going to disappear because money disappeared.
But yet, here we are acting as if that is what is actually going to happen. Now understand that because we have limit all of these and tie them to money, it will in the beginning feel like and actually people will go through certain very extreme situations, but it all does not have to happen like that.
The way we are being controlled is through fear and through laws, to make sure we don't just turn our backs at those who are controlling the masses and using the masses for their own self-interest.
By making laws to protect them in being in control of the resources we use, was and is the way one  can loose all the relationships that are here and that are in need of people interactions and labor and ideas to happen in the real physical, practical world.

All the words and few phrases I have placed even though some may have a positive inclination to them, one must understand that in their totality and combined existence in this world in a system of debt, they all lead to the same outcome, namely: "destruction, harm and abuse to/towards all life on earth."

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Larry Manuela

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