Sunday, 1 March 2015

Day 349, Why do I allow limitation?

There has been these particular points about myself that I do allow to exist within me for either to not be in confrontational disputes or to not have to be not liked by others, or be hated by others, or someone that has to be avoided, because I will be seen as a " negative person." Understand that this finding me "a negative person," is just a label we place on people and if one really have a look at our world one can see that the reality out there is NOT positive. We can color it in all we want, but it is not going to magically change because we are a bunch walking along being all positive within our minds. If this was real, with all the positive religion explosion in this world that is going on, the world should have been extremely positive since the times of the Beatles, since the flower era. I am not looking for people to find me a "positive person" either, I am just telling the things as they are, not coloring them in, and if this makes me a "negative person," in people's eyes, it is their own judgment, has nothing to do with the reality that is a fact to be what we will term/interpret as: " bad/wrong/negative." The reality though is that our reality is harmful/destructive/abusive/unequal and these are labeled as "bad/wrong/negative." Here under this paragraph I place a picture that is fueling this dilemma, where with phrases like these people will always keep on brushing people away from them if they see that they are not agreeing with their positive bubble in their heads.


So I have a self-judgement that I fear that others might find me a "negative person," thus I shut up when it comes to the topic of what is going on in the world sometimes. What I did noticed though even within this fear, that when I do go into expressing myself for life, I am not fearful of wording what I'm  aware within myself to be common sense, and I talk loud and clear, and I am certain within myself about the points that I am busy conveying or bringing to the table as is being said.
As I have noticed and it is a fact, people do not like to hear these two words: " acceptance & allowance,"  because they know that these two words place them in a position where they have to take responsibility, and this word too is something most of us do not really want to engage into, especially when it comes to the responsibility to ALL LIFE.

The moment I say the world is the way it is, and not because of some politicians that are doing something or some elite somewhere is doing something, the world is how it is because we are the ones accepting and allowing all these things that we see as "bad/wrong/and negative" to continue  being here, being part of our reality.
We love to find someone else or a group to blame for what is happening, but the moment the blame is shifted and put upon us, ourselves, we want to push it away, and the "BUT's " will start to enter the conversations.

Of course in this world, you have in regards to what happens in the world two kinds of people, The ones that do actually DO something, either that something would be positive or negative, but they are the doers and we have those who just stand by....... the standbyers, the watchers.

Now the standbyers as I am calling us, which is the greater majority of us, which one can call the 99% of us in any particular country are the ones that will allow the 1% to do what they like, and we keep on blaming and blaming, criticizing them just because they are the doers. Maybe we secretly are jealous of them, because they actually DO what they say they will do, they are not just talkers, spewing verbal diarrhea. So even though the 1% is in their actions not doing what will be best for all, they do have the potential though to actually make things happen, meaning, they take action, something the 99% is lacking in extreme measures.
Now just imagine if the 99 % were the doers, all these things the 99% find that are "bad/wrong/negative" in their own lives, that they find the 1 % are doing to them, they themselves just make sure that these things will never happen again and go actually do it themselves, just take the stuff over and stop what is hurting us and change it? And when I say taking it over, I am NOT talking about taking it over by/through force or military force where people can get hurt and harmed, I am talking about taking it over by elections, making usage of direct democracy.
We are actually a humanity full of fears. We fear so much that we allow a 1% of us to put words on paper to actually bring harm instead of harmony, or put words on paper to enslave us, instead of freeing us, put words on paper to control us, put words on paper to tell us what to do and what not to do, limiting our participation in a world where all were born into freely in the same way as everybody else. Have you not noticed that the words on papers are all not words you directly participated in agreeing that they should be on paper or not? But yet here we are allowing all this stupidity to go on. Understand that words on their own are totally harmless, even the words that we have given to things that harm ourselves. It is us living what we believe these words to be, IS what is the problem and IS what is REALLY harmful.

Now let me tell you why that did not happen yet, and there were instances in  history when there were so called: "revolutions,"  but these revolutions were messy and were just a switching of powers, nothing really fundamentally changed, because we still did the same thing, allowing a little group to have the power over us, making decisions that influence our daily lives, and these decisions that are made are always only "good" for a few, these very few individuals that made the decisions, but never that we create a system that allow all of us to not only have a saying, like an opinion but that we literally all are corner stones of making decisions on behalf of all of us, thus that everyone participate in the decision making, because at the end of the day, what the 1% is making decisions about includes all of us, but they just make sure that they the 1% get more instead of making sure that everyone is equally provided for and we can start with the REAL living as a humanity on this planet.
So the reason all of this is going on is because we have accepted and allowed within and as ourselves separation to exist, we do NOT see ourselves as equals for real yet. We may talk about it, but actually in fact see/realize and understand that we ARE equals, very very few people can see this and actually strife to bring about this equality that is here.
And this is the why we are still roaming around in this system of inequality, because within and as ourselves we are unequal. We are unequal in our thoughts/words and actions, thus this what we are within is being allowed outwardly too, as anyone in this world can clearly attest now in this era that is called: "information era."

In my next blog I will be working out the points mentioned in the beginning of this blog.


Larry Manuela

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