Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 358, Are we involved in really Caring?

Everyday Scenario's in lives of many:

One father waking up 4 in the morning, taking a shower, prepairing his bread to go to work with, getting into his car, driving to work on a busy highway, getting to work and there meeting all the rest of the colleagues that are going to be in his life, seeing him MORE than his family itself at home, yet when there and having connection/interaction with all these people. still he will not be himself as he is with his family at home.



A single mother waking up early in the morning prepairing bread or whatever it is her children need to go to school with, her body is tired, and her mind tired, she is stressed about work, because she is lacking money and thus her ability to survive better in this system is a challenging one. She always looks in folders to see which supermarket is having discounts in order for her to be able to buy some more food and also clothing or whatever it is her kids need. She buys a lot at retail stores, because there she can find more usefull stuff at a price she can afford.



A richman wake up early in the morning putting his laptop on to watch the latest news on the market to see if his company has made some money or loss some money. He has introduced eating together as a family, sitting on the dining table as something highly valuable to his family and they all sit and enjoy their foods that the mate that works for them has made, and their lives seem pretty relaxed when it comes to having money to survive, the only problem being that this richman has not gotten much time for his family, because he always have to have a very close look at what is happening on the markets, traveling all the time to meet up with business partners. He is also very much busy with what to buy and what to sell in order to keep the money flow coming in, thus his whole life is concentrated/revolves around making sure this whole money flow operation and him being a richman status continue even if he would lose his family.



Right in the middle of the city a young woman wakes up to go to school. She is studying on a university level and wants to finish successfully becoming a marine biologist. His father was one too, and she became very interested in marine biology by just watching her father do his job. In the weekends she likes to go out and have some fun with her girlfriends and visting some clubs that are very popular among teenagers and young adults. She has a very strong stomach as they say for drinking and taking alcohol. Even though she is a good student and her scores are well, she likes partying hard and becoming drunk in the weekends.



Far away somewhere on earth in the middle of some jungle, a village of jungle-people are waking up to do all the little tasks that needs to be done so everyone in the village is provided for. The men of the village wake up early in the morning and go deep into the jungle to look for food, which will take almost the whole day and the women stay behind taking care of the little ones and doing stuff around the village and all of these women work as one group, they do everything together, makes the hardship more bearable and they have fun together while busy surviving.



Last night this young man, did a drive-by shooting together with his gang memebers(friends) and it was his first drive-by shooting ever. He couldn't sleep well, because the whole thing kept coming up within him when he puts his head down, he knows that for him to be a good gang-member, he is going to have to find a way to man-up, to be tough. In his life getting money is about stealing, killing, robbing, conning people, dealing in drugs, the all so famous; ' life on the streets.'



Its very cold tonight, as a matter of fact this whole month was very cold for this family that is very poor and are living right on a belly of a mountain. Their main food is rice and some pork meat everyday. They have never heard of coca cola or any other drinks people are so accustomed with in rich countries. Now and then the mother make some sweet pie for them when they have some special occasion, when one of them has birthday. This is a family of a single mother with 5 children. Her husband passed away 2 years ago working in some mineral mines, and since then her life with her children has become even worse then it was when her husband was still alive.



" My feet hurts," says this young prostitute. I've been walking the streets last night the whole night and it was a slow night, I didn't make much money. There was this man who offerd me 200 bucks if he would pee on me. Normally I will not do this, but since the night was very slow and I was about to get back into my broken apartment, I said to myself: " what the heck, let him has his one time glory for awhile and I go home with at least 200 bucks." I was raped many times, reported it, but because I am a prostitute I am not being taken seriously. I guess it goes with the work I suppose?



It was reported in the local news last night, that the one and only survival of a small poor village that got the deadly virus has also left us, this small girl that was pictured as very strong and that has outlived and survived thus far this virus has given up and died, so her entire generation is gone. The sad part of this story is? The goverment did have a cure, but because of the government delay over issues about how much it is going to cost, by the time they reach the village, it was a waste land, with this girl alone still being alive rolling of pain in her bed, and in the stench of all the other family members dead and of the other villagers dead, the stench was unbreable and many couldn't believe how this young girl could take that and on top of it also being sick like hell.



I pictured here some small stories of what happens in  many lives of people on this earth EVERYDAY. Some are having much more challenging lives, others are seemingly drifting unchallenged by circumstances and looks at ease with their lives.

Now what do we see in these little stories I just coined up? What do they all have in common?

The pointers:

1.) They are all survivals in their own ways.

2.) They are all equally affected by the system they are in, even when they are not really in the system of money itself, like the ones living in the jungle.

3.) Each one go about their lives living in complete self-interest and isolation even being within a family, no matter what that is, and/or it being something that will be seen/judged as positive or negative.

4.) No matter what they do, there is always this lack, not enough, even when they are rich, like the richman story depicted here in my story.

5.)  For each thing/item/goods one has it has been made by someone else in the world, so one is directly connected through buying it, whatever the product might be, and this "buying" affects lives of many. Thus how we buy literally is a matter of life or dead in this world today.

The solution:

There must come a time where we must see that the only way out of these kind of stories is when each one individually care for everyone and everything, taking responsibility for the whole, making sure the whole each one is part of is best taking care of, IS when our own individual lives will be at its best. As one can see self-interest will never bring an experience of life on earth that is at its best for everyone and everything.


Larry Manuela

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