Saturday, 11 July 2015

Day 359, Have you walked the 40 Miles for water each day, says the poor man?

A dialogue between a rich man and a poor man:

Poor man:                                        

My back hurts from all this waking up early in the morning to go to a well
that is 40 Miles away from where I live. I have to walk up there to reach it.
I got to do it, otherwise my 4 children, my wife and myself would be without water.
Water shortage started 2 generations ago, from my generation.
We have had many promises for help, but none ever effective.
First the wells closer to my home dried up, and then we started to look for wells further away.
My older daughter helps me sometimes with carrying water back.
We used to have a dunky, but she died, and now since there is less water available,
taking care of the animal stocks has become even more challenging.
Right now, I only have 2 goats, 1 duck, 3 chickens. I try my best to take care of them.
I know that someday soon one of them is gonna go, because we just need to eat too.
It breaks my heart having to kill my animals, especially when they grow so close to me.
But we gotta eat! but for how long?

Rich man:                                

I am driven to my business each morning by my personal chauffeur.
I do not really communicate with my chauffeur. I just give him my schedule
in advance so he knows to be there when I need to be somewhere.
My children, they have everything money can buy. I work hard for them to have
anything their hearts desires. I am aware that I do not have actual time to be there for them,
but we live in a world where money rules, thus money comes first in my life.
Without money, my happiness and that of my children will be none existent.
The way I have to do business is also not something to really be proud of in reality.
It is a world of "dog eat dog."
But as I said in the beginning, I have to make money and as long as there is this opportunity to
make more and more money, I will do whatever it is in my power to make more and more money.
So to you my fellow poor man, I find that you are just someone who complaints about their situation a lot,
and don't really do whatever it takes to get yourself out of it, its like you have no more will-power.
We Rich people, don't ussually adress poor people as dispicable in public, but I have to give it to
you now. We find you within our mids a dispicable bunch!

Poor man:

Well rich man, it is very easy to find me dispicable, when you have not actually really stood
in my shoes. It is very easy to see me as a scum of the earth so to speak. It is very easy to have all kinds of
judgements about me. It is easy to ignore me, very easy to treat me as less human than yourself.
At the end of the day, and this day when it comes, it is always going to be in a moment of time right HERE, because to the
moment in time it doesn't matter, it is just another moment in time, where we each get to sow what we reap, face our consequences, what we have accepted and allowed to be done to LIFE when we are here.
The trees you see, are in every moment standing completely as trees, they are never influenced to be something else they are not, there is NO way a tree can make itself belief itself to be something else, the same goes for any other expression that is NOT a human. However us humans, we are a bunch that loses itself in believing itself to be something else that it is not, and what it is for real, it doesn't give it value at all, because what it believes itself to be is of much more importance and value.
That thing the human belief itself to be within his mind, veils the human to see, to realize and to understand that the life that is within and as him is equal in everyone and everything else. The human cannot see that this life is equal in everyone else and everything else!  The human believes, based on its very own make-believe world in his head, itself to be a system of believe systems as what it really is, that this is of much more value than the life that is within and as him. Thus the personalities the human believes itself to be, because he experience them as an energetic experience, is what the human think and belief it is for real, more real than its human physical body/form, the real physical expression of LIFE.
So, based on this understanding, my fellow rich man, you have only managed by seeing me as dispicable, because you have allowed that which is defined by men as dispicable to be here and instead of standing up and stop it and change it, you allow life in another as yourself to be dispicable, therefore, I am dispicable to you.

Rich man:


The moral of this story and coined dialogue between a rich man and a poor man is to bring to the topic of what lots of rich man are thinking and believing about someone that is poor. And understand when I say: "rich man," I am NOT explicitly saying someone that is a multimillionaire alone or a Billionaire, I am saying, ALL of us that are capable of being able to have their survival needs met.
This believe system is a very strong believe system, because it will make one always being against any solution that will eradicate poverty forever more. Real practical solutions that will be permanent to eradicate poverty, these rich people, will resist it no matter what, and if they are in a position where they can put more pressure on the resistance to protect and enforce their view point, they will.

So I implore you the reader to have a good look within yourself as I do, to see if there are any judgements, thoughts, reactions within you about poor people, to remember that YOU are here and you ought it to LIFE to make sure LIFE is dignified in whatever form it expresses itself as within and as.


Larry Manuela

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