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Day 339, Free choice and Free Will.

So here we go with some common sense with these two words. I am going to use the first word which is the word: "free" in front of the other two words which are: " choice and will."

 lets see what the dictionaries are saying about these words.

 Here is the definition according to one of the dictionaries about the word: " Choice."



noun \ˈchis\
: the act of choosing : the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities
: the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities : the opportunity or power to make a decision
: a range of things that can be chosen

Now the other word, which is: " Will."


verb \wəl, (ə)l, əl, ˈwil\
past would present singular & plural will

Definition of WILL

transitive verb
:  desire, wish <call it what you will>

and now as the last word that we love mentioning a lot as humans, but that we don't actually live as a physical manifested part of ourselves in this physical world. This word is: "free."


adjective \ˈfrē\
: not costing any money
: not held as a slave or prisoner
: not physically held by something

 Now lets look at these words from the context of the physical reality, the way we live with each other and everything else on this planet, including how we live as ourselves too.

If we were truly "free" as we believe we are because of certain lifestyles we have depending where we are coming from, meaning in which country we were born and in what kind of family and what we have gain as our knowledge in our educational system, we will notice that there is this peculiar thing that is behind it all, which is money, either your family have money, or as people will say: " your family have the means," or you are born into a country where the opportunities to get an education to later on in your life get a job that will give you access to money in order for you to feel free.............,of course you will firmly believe that you are free and that you have "free choice"and "free will."

Now first of all about the "free choice" part. If we were really born for example with free choice or even came here already having choice to choose freely, things would have been different, but from the very start, being born into this world, into a specific family and country and having certain opportunities to be able to survive in the system that is also already here when one is born, had nothing to do with one's "free choice." One did not have any choice in all of that.

Secondly, whatever one will learn as language( and within this I am speaking of all forms of language as in communication one can think of) depending of course in which country one is born, within all this, still one also have no saying, all of it will be put into one as the knowledge from those that went before one, and in this again one will have no choice, thus one will be the memory carrier from those that went before us, thus living the past in the present and building on the future with the past as memories they already have set forth through the acceptances and allowances they have accepted and allowed to be here.

So we are born into a world where from the very starting point of us coming here, IS already in full circle, we are than born into a system where we did not had any choice of the matter in the system itself being here when we are born into it, it was already here before we arrive on the scene. Everything was and is set.

Thus all the so-called "choices" we will have as believes of choices will not be actual choices, because we did not choose to be born into a system we would have want to be born into, we had absolutely NO saying in that. Exactly as we had no saying about the language that will be put into us for us to survive in the very system that was already here before we came here.

What is happening is we are all having false choices, because all the choices we are making are choices based on our own survival within the system we were born into without having any choice in the matter. Thus the system as it exist with all it's so called "choices," were choices placed by others in front of us to give us the illusion that we are having choices and that we are choosing between all the choices, but of course again, it is all false choices. We are not seeing/realizing and understanding that the so called: "choices" we are having are choices made by others and placed in front of us by these others. We are choosing what they have placed within certain parameters within the system so we can have our so called: "choice," but is it really so?

If I were to put 5 glasses of lemonade in front of one person with 5 different flavors and ask this person to choose, the person when he or she chooses one of the flavors will think and believe that he or she made her or his own choice, but it is just an illusion of choice, because I was the one placing the 5 different flavors for her or him to choose from. So her or his choice were in my control, I am in control of the choices they will have but yet they will experience it as IF they made the choices themselves, because they will have no choice to put one more flavor to the 5 choices I gave them. Even if they would decide to not choose any of the flavors, still that also will be in my control, because I also gave them the illusion that out of what is here as the 5 flavors they can say "NO" to them and refuse to choose none. The effectiveness of the illusion by this latter part is much convincing, because it gives one the impression that one somehow freed oneself from what others are telling one to do or in this case to choose from. To make things even more interesting behind the scenes, I will create systems of control about what we will like and what we will not like, thus controlling the taste we will have about the flavors I have given as choices to choose from. So wherever one will turn I will have control about the so called choices one will have.

Now when it comes to our entering and our exiting into and out of this earth reality, we also have no saying, no choice. We will die and we must die, it is certain, no-one will leave this place/earth alive. So where is the free choice in this? We are not free to choose; ' not to die.'  And in this the physical reality is showing its power very clearly, no matter what you believe yourself to be in your mind, you will not leave this place alive, you will die.

Thus the memories of the ones that went before us we are continue building on them and here and there we are making some little changes, but mostly they are changes made along the way as we encounter difficulties on our paths that are consequences we are living from the past, some of them can be changed, but most of it will not change without a consequence. Because all of it is an accumulation of what was accepted and allowed by the ones that went before us and they even left the memories for us behind to continue on the same path that will have certain/specific outcomes.

Now lets look at the "will" part. As we can see the dictionaries are telling us that our will is our wishes, our desires. Our wills are going to be the pushers that will shape our illusionary choices. What we will fail to see is that when we have a strong will about something we want to do with our lives and we go for it, mostly it will be something that is already here, something that is already within the system we already did NOT have a choice for it to exist the way it does when we came here, we were only taught how to survive within it to a certain level/degree, where most will be in on the level of obedience either tacitly or willingly or forcefully, it doesn't matter. The matter at hand is that one did not create the choice, one was born into a reality where what one chooses from will be placed by others for one to choose from.
Lets take an example.  Lets say when I was a kid I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but than along the way as I grew up my perspective changed and I developed a strong will/wish/desire to become a monk. Now here I am doing whatever I can to become this monk that I have as a strong will within me. Now if I made it to become a monk or not, doesn't really matter, because its all about me believing that I made a choice about what I want/wish/desire. Can we not see/realize and understand that most if not all the things we will have a choice about are things that are already here in place? Why is it we are not having choices about creating whatever we will in the best interest of all, without it having to do with what is already here, thus where one actually create a choice and then live and manifest it?

Now first of all, most will not even go through the investigation of themselves as to what made one change what one wanted to do along the way, what were the events and points that made one divert or change and develop another will/want/wish/desire? Now why is this important? because we are living in a system where we have no choices, no saying and that system because of us accepting and allowing to exist as it does, is having certain and specific outcomes that will influence our decisions we will make and in so doing, completing our believe we have that we are making choices.

One particular thing about our choices and our wills are, that most of it are purely based on Self-interest.
Most of the choices we will make will be about our own survival within the system where we were born into without having any choice in the matter of the system being here.
How come that if we have free choice, we never choose to have a world of equality, where we make a choice to put a system in place for instance that will work for everyone equally, and that will have an outcome that will be best for all forms of life here on earth?
Why are our so called "free choice" always as it is right now about us choosing to protect our own survival/ our self-interest within a system where none have a choice to NOT choose another system as it seem?

So when it comes to the practical/actual/physical/factual living here on earth in this physical reality there are certain and specific things taking place that we have no choice in the matter.

We have no choice in how we look like.
We have no choice in being born into a specific family
We have no choice in what genes we are going to carry
We have no choice in being born as a baby and not being able to communicate with our parents
We have no choice being born into a specific country
We have no choice about how our bodies will function as how it exist as
We have no choice in how nature works here on earth
We have no choice in what language we will get from our parents when we arrive here
We have no choice in the believes and knowledge that will be imprinted upon us

Now the good news about all this is that we in the end can change all this. Some things we will not be able to change, because it will have consequences to the whole of life on earth, but there are a lot of things we can change to make it work in the best interest of all forms of life here on earth.

Thus what I am saying is, that when we go to the real nitty gritty of this choice phenomena we will see that we actually only always have two choices in all  the so called choices we believe we have and these two choices are: to choose to live as equals as life or not. If we choose to live as equals as life, it will  be forever, and if we choose to continue with to live in inequality as NOT equals as life, we will end. These are the REAL choices we have.


Larry Manuela

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