Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 250, Why do we see mess at work and at home, but NOT on the planet, In LIFE?

Fortunately at work i can see many things we humans do for Self-interest. Most of which makes me realize lots of points, that are very simple common sense.

At work we would do anything to keep the working environtment clean, making sure we produce less scrap, making sure and sometimes even be very angry at those whom leave a mess behind for others to have to clean.

At work we want to preserve and take good care for what we have at work, and most of the times we do that at home too. At work we invent all kind of matters to try and work together, because we belief that by working together will be good for the company, and thus good for us, and this ''good for us,'' means only that one can continue having a job. And for the company, ''good for the company,''  means MORE MONEY.

The question is; Why are we NOT as determine and well focused when it have to do with LIFE and what goes on in LIFE on this planet?
When it comes to LIFE and the planet, the animals, nature in it's totality, suddenly the interest is GONE.
If we were as commited and as determine as we are when it comes to our jobs and life at home, in the same way for the whole planet and everything on it and in it, we would have solved the existing problems and prevent them from ever coming into being again as to the magnitude we are now facing in this world. We would have made sure we don't produce products just for the sake of making profit, because we would have understood that we will be wasting earth resources and will be heaping up a lot of scrap and mess all over the place that will harm the environment. And when the environment is harmed so will we be harmed, and our future generations, because this is our HOME.

The only reason we are doing whatever it takes at work and at home to make sure everything is working at it's best, is because it is in our best Self-interest. Work is where we are getting our money, so we won't be against those whom are paying us, so we can have a life outside of work of consuming cheap produce and unhealthy food. At home we know that it is the only place we have where it is like our sanctuary, where we can be on our own, a safe environment.

Most of us complain about our salaries, that it is NOT enough and are always looking for a raise. And outside of work we are looking for cheap stuff, trying to find places that sell cheap stuff, so we can save some more money by buying something that is cheap.  When we go on vacation, we will be looking for the countries where our currency have more value then theirs so we can buy more with our money and live a life for awhile like millionaires. And when we are in these countries we will endulge in all the things the system have to offer, like prostitutes and stuff-up ourselves with lots of food as if we never ate before, all because our curreny gives us the incentive to abuse others, and so we will! 

Do we ever stand still and critically reason for ourselves that; these cheap products MUST be poor quality products and also that people are laboring very cheaply somewhere in this world and thus living a very very cheap LIFE? The extreme form of cheap LIFE is STARVATION, where labour itself is nowhere to be found and thus no money, and no money means in this world no food and the rest of what money buys. Things are cheap in lots of countries, because of some unseen rule that have been made among people; that things have to be like this in order for a few to abuse the majority? And on top of it to make things even worse, everyone accept this as; 'the way things are, or this is what life is all about there is nothing we can do about it'  Really?

Those whom are living on the other end of the chain, those that are actually having to do the cheap labours are living all the consequences of this, that none of us would want for ourselves and for our so-called; loved ones.
They live in shacks, their children cannot go to school, they are malnutrition, they cannot afford anything that is to do with a dignified living condition, NONE!

But yet all of this continues right in front of our eyes, we all know what is going on, yet we do NOT do anything to STOP it, and why? Becuase of Self-interest again! It is not YET happening to us or to our loved ones, thus we just don't have to do anything, we don't have/need to CARE as our believes goes. Because it is happening far removed and outside of our direct environtment, where it is NOT in our faces. It never crosses our minds that this can happen to us too one day or to our children now and in the future.

If one study history of all the nations that were once in power, one would see that most if not all of them never thought that one day they will be in a situation of NO power at all.
If we look at USA today, we can see how more and more people are getting more and more into poverty and are living in tent-cities or just on the streets, because they lost their jobs and homes. Do you think these people thought one second when things were working for them in their lives, that they would find themselves one day into a situation that they are now facing? Of course not! just like US for which things are still working. We have jobs and a home and food and so on. It also never really crosses our minds that it can be our situation too one day, where we will be living on the streets and in tent-cities, the poverty-life. And there are religious fanatics too in the middle of al this mess that will thank their gods for this, thus that they are the furtunate ones having jobs/house/food/healthcare etc etc ............. This is REALLY EVIL!! To be thankful and grateful for an existence of Inequality, just because one is on the side where one gets to be living the LIFE of those whom HAVE, and call it a BLESSING.

That is why we suggest a basic income guaranteed (BIG) for all countries, so we can get out of this mess, we ourselves have accepted and allowed to be HERE. It is a simple solution now according to the level of brainwashing as what humanity can accept at the moment, a transition out of the way capitalism is now running.

Through the implementation of this system we can start getting ourselves out of this mess and start to clean it up and little by little come to the point where we will implement Equalmoney System.

We must STOP this madness, because in the long run, everyone, including the ones that are thinking and believing that they are winning something will lose everything, because everything we got is LIFE!


Larry Manuela

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