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Day 253, An in-depth resume of an EQAFE interview, a guide giving his/her perspective.

  Journeys into theAfterlife - The Guide standing Aside - Part 4



Now within this post i am going to give you the reader an indepth resume about this particular interview that was done, where a being that was a guide in the heavenly realms for some humans here on earth is giving his/her perspective on what he/she went through when the Portal opened.


Now before i continue, i like to say that this interview is now free for download on the EQAFE website. You can go and download it there for yourself and listen to it and there are many more that you can download for free and there are also many very interesting interviews that can assist and support you immensely within your process.

 All the interviews are in-depth and detailed perspectives --- as never shared before in this world, experiences of the beings themselves coming through the portal to share their perspective as how things actually work(ed) within this physical manifested existence and the inter-dimensional existence, and also not only beings, but expressions, manifestations, life-forms, systems, energies, physicals, animals, program manifestations, vibrations, frequencies, magnetic, structures,  etc etc..............anything that is HERE within this world and also within the inter-dimensional existence.


So now up to the Resume:

In the beginning of the interview the being tells his/her experience of how with the opening of the portal the individuals in heaven and heaven itself  was transformed, and that nothing was ever the same again.

The guide tells that, during that time the individuals in heaven did NOT realize to what extent their individual existences and their experiences in heaven was Founded in ACCEPTANCES and ALLOWANCES.  They always participated and observe from a distance what was going on, on earth.

What the guide was, was:

·         an energy-embodiment

·         and an idea about him/herself


In this interview the guide says; that everything that is HERE within this physical reality, is EVERYTHING we have separated ourselves from, from ourselves.

Great fear was existent among the guides and also in heaven and it was believed back then, that if for example  if they would come in to close proximity of the vibration of this manifested physical reality------ it was believed that they would be then merged with this manifested physical reality's vibration if whomever in heaven have not mastered their ability to vibrate their own presence within the intensity of the White Light, which is the intensity of heaven. So they believed they then would not be able to get out of this vibration that is presence within this physical manifested reality, and thus if they can't get out, they are trapped. This was a great fear that was existent in heaven and especially with the guides, because they had to walk in close proximity to the humans.


And because of this great fear, the authorities in heaven locked down and automated  the mind consciousness system of the human, the unified consciousness field and the universal unified field.


What i also found very fascinating within this interview was how the guide was giving perspective of how they could see. They could zoom-in and see the human in its total context  and this happened in for example 4 different ways:

·         See their mind, see their systems, see their programs, see their energies,  it was like having an X-ray vision.

·         they could change it to seeing; the human physical body, the condition of it.

·         they could change it to seeing; the physical in how WE see our own bodies with our human physical eyes and,

·         they could change it to only see Energy, and to seeing demons.


Thus, they could see various stages and layers the human consist of and exist as.


The guides were residing mostly within the earth's atmosphere  and when they would come down to earth they would experience an compression that manifested within their very beingness.

In heaven their presence/beingness/form was a lot softer and expansive. It was being experienced for the  guide in this interview as Air. He/she was NOT so solid.

thus this solidifying was experienced when they moved closer and closer to human beings in this world, this reality.

Their forms became as they move closer and closer------ more defined, like an compression to such an extent that their very form changed and made them feel smaller, then what they do when they are up in the heaven realms, closer to heaven.

They never stayed long enough, because they felt themselves becoming more and more solidified.


What i also found very interesting and supportive within this interview was when the guide expressing his/her perspective on what he/she realized when they finally walked their processes in the inter-dimensional existence through Self-forgiveness.


What he/she realized is the following:


That the Physical Manifested Existence, IS the Reality of Existence  and that they that were in heaven with heavenly bodies were the ones NOT Real!!

And this was proven when the portal opened and they walked a process within heaven and that all of them that were in heaven at that stage,-------- that Energy could simply be STOPPED and they were still HERE.

Their very Beingness is NOT Energy!

The Beingness is the Substance of the physical and that of them IS what is Real. And this physical reality is the manifestation/ the creation/ the expression of that Beingness-Substance that IS ourselves! Thus this physical reality IS a manifested creation of ourselves AS Physical Substance.


This point(s) above i found very supportive and assisting in regards to making things more clearly and having a much broader understanding as what all happened and was happening in LIFE, and thus supporting and assisting me in walking my own individual process as each of us must do and will do either HERE or in the inter-dimensional existence.


There was another point that i found very interesting too, which was how the guide was telling about how everything was layered in separation, like this:

You had at the bottom, the physical reality and within it very close to it the demon dimension, then if one move up one will be in the world or path of where the guides themselves stood and then from there up, one will be by the guards of White Light( guarding access to the actual dimensions of heaven), then moving up from there one would be completely enveloped with the white light and will be able to see all the layers and the planes, various being's heavens and multiple parallel universes and existences. Thus a complete  Alternate-Reality will open up.


The guide's account of what happened when the portal opened when he/she saw lots of demons gathering around a human shape what to him/her was unusual, because none of that ever happened before that lots of demons or even themselves will come together to one point, they were all much more on their own doing their own stuff. Very seldom would they or the demons come like 3 of them together and discuss things and things like that, so to him/her seeing so many demons gathering around the human form was already something out of the ordinary and that caught his/her eyes.

What he/she could see was that; in the body was NO mind. Instead there was a placement that was manifested within the human physical body, that WAS the human physical body. Whether the guide shifted from physical to Inter-Dimensional seeing when he/she usually sees the mind, and even when they did see the mind, they always saw how the mind was attached in the human physical body, because they had to see that to ensure the mind is place within the physical. But this time when he/she shifted into Inter-Dimensional seeing, she still saw the physical BUT in a manifestation of eternity.


Thus the guide just saw a manifestation of eternity when he/she shifted his/her seeing, in every single part and particle of the entire human physical body. It looked to him/her as: '' The physical was an embodiment of Eternity.''


So, there you have it my in-depth account of the interview done by one of the beings that was an guide in the heavenly realms when there used to be an heaven and his/her account of how he/she experienced the whole opening of the portal that changed everything for him/her and the rest of the individuals that were in heaven at that stage and heaven itself.

            So my suggestion to you the reader is to go on the EQAFE website download a bunch               of free interviews that are available there and also if you are interested in supporting our             Equal life foundation through buying these products that are, educational and supportive,             please do feel free to do so, it will open up and array of insight that one have never                       heard before and assist and support one immensely in understanding what happened                 and what is happening in great detail and specificity.






Larry Manuela

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