Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 266, Lifeless and Isolation.


So i am going to investigate within myself in common sense what these two words actually mean to me and to find out IF they can be lived. If they are NOT to be lived, then i Redefine them in order for them to be livable for me and also to find out why it is we invent words we Don't actually live nor CAN we live them. Because to me a word like: '' Lifeless'' is impossible to be lived as pertaining to the definition that goes with it.

Before i do this i am going to write what these two words mean to me without the use of a dictionary.

What the words mean to me:

Lifeless: Something or someone NOT having LIFE. Or to be without LIFE. Dead.

Isolation: To exclude oneself from the whole and feel alone about it. Or to be totally separate from the whole.

Now here the dictionary definitions from

life·less  (lfls)
1. Having no life; inanimate.
2. Having lost life; dead. See Synonyms at dead.
3. Not inhabited by living beings; not capable of sustaining life.
4. Lacking vitality or animation; dull: a lifeless party.


isolation [ˌaɪsəˈleɪʃən]
1. the act of isolating or the condition of being isolated
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (of a country, party, etc.) nonparticipation in or withdrawal from international politics
3. (Medicine) Med
a.  social separation of a person who has or is suspected of having a contagious disease Compare quarantine
b.  (as modifieran isolation hospital
4. (Sociology) Sociol a lack of contact between persons, groups, or whole societies
5. (Psychology) Social psychol the failure of an individual to maintain contact with others or genuine communication where interaction with others persists
in isolation without regard to context, similar matters, etc.


So now i have seen the definitions as what they mean and as they are widely accepted within society.
When i look at the defintions of the word; '''lifeless'' i see only one definition that i can say i have lived that definition myself. And that is the last one as in; '' lacking vitality or animation; dull.

The other three defintions before the 4th one, i never lived them before as in me being aware as myself as these words, as what they're being defined as. I only have an understanding of them by seeing what is happening to other beings or looking at pictures of other places. And even the one that i do live as in lacking vitality especially, i see that it is based on when my mind is tired, it is a mental tiredness and not a physical tiredness.
As i look at all the definitions i, and the rest of humanity accept to define ourselves within and as are all words in separation to ourselves, we don't actually live the words we speak, we live in separation of the words we speak and then the words become nothing less then definitions and concepts, something we talk about trying to make our living make sense. And it makes sense from our mind perspective only in separation to all that is HERE as LIFE. So we only see fragmentation as valid within the words we use as in how we tend to live them.


When i look at the 3rd defintion for example where it is written; ''not inhabited by living beings; not capable of sustaining life.''  I am wondering if we are aware when we use these words what they actually imply. Because what is a ''living being'' to us really? We may not call a stone a living being, but yet it is. We may not call the Moon a living being, but yet it is. The very fact that they exist and are physically manifested means that they are alive. So a living being according to our mind interpretations are things that have certain movements and capablities or a design similar to ours, and if it is NOT so, then to us it is NOT a ''living being.''

All of this is then for us to see that because we are not AWARE of ourselves as LIFE, we cannot see as in being ONE and EQUAL with all of LIFE to see/realize and understand that all that is HERE is LIFE in many many manifestations and forms. We see only fragments and separation and within this we then coin up words to support our fragmentations and our separation.

So i can clearly see that i and everyone else are living words in separation to ourselves and even come up with words we cannot even live, which to me is a very strange phenomena.

When i have a look at the second word, which is ''isolation,'' i see that this word is a word i live more often then not, and is also more often used by others as myself in this world.

Within this word i can also see how with each word we keep on separating ourselves from the very word in different sections. With this i mean; the word will be used in the proffesions we have, in the beliefs we hold as our truth and based on our beliefs, the judgements we have about ourselves and others as ourselves-------------all of this separating ourselves more and more from each word.

So how can i redefine these two words in order to make them words that i can live?

The first word, which is; ''lifeless'' when i sound the word i hear withing sounding it, the word; '' LIE'' and then i can within sounding of the word use the word for myself as ''LIEless''  which will mean; ''having no LIES.''  Now this is a word i can do something with it, as in living it for myself and is also at the same time a word that when i live it, is a word that is BEST for all of LIFE.

The second word, which is; '' isolation,'' when i sound it i hear the words; '' I- SOUL- ate - tion.''
Within this word ''isolation'' i can see there are hidden symbolics within it, as in this case I ATE MY SOUL. And as the whole sounding of the words I-SOUL-ATE- tion,'' is the act of one eating ones soul. It is an act of consuming ones soul. Now The word soul to me in this very moment stand as the substance of LIFE within and as myself. Thus in ''isolation,'' i am busy with CONsuming myself as the substance of LIFE.
So now i can see how i can live or in this case; NOT live this word, because it is clear to me that i cannot keep on consuming myself as the substance of and as LIFE.

In this very word, i can also sound it to be; '' I- SO - LATE- tion''   Which will imply that when i am in ''isolation'' i am always in the act of being late. Being late in what sense?  Being late in; NOT being constantly HERE, as LIFE. So the act of ''isolation'' is the act of NOT being HERE as one as equal with and as LIFE. With other words NOT actually LIVING for real as one as equal within and as ones human physical body/form, one and equal within and as this physical world, this physical reality and physical existence.

So now through/via the sounding of these two words, i can do something with them, can make something out of them that will be BEST for all LIFE. With these two words i can see what they are implying for me when i am using them, because i have Redefined them as words that i can live and also as words i have an understanding about them as in how they affect LIFE, if i am to live them in certain/specific way/manner.
Words i/we use are words that will either harm what is to be BEST for all or SUPPORT what is BEST for all. Words that are used in separation have always intention to harm, because they are not used in consideration to ALL of LIFE, parts of LIFE are being left out, thus harm will occur as consequence thereof.


Larry Manuela

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  1. Cool Larry. I would say for Isolation - I soul ate ion - I-as the soul (I believed to be) ate ionen (as the loaded atoms from the substance of life).
    (Because Soul does not really stand as substance of life, does it? Only in and as our manifested belief).

  2. Cool. En I soul ate i on = Ik ziel at ik op