Saturday, 22 February 2014

Day 286, What is understanding?

I have listen to many people talk/speak and give perspective on what is understanding.
There was one man that I used to listen to him talking. He called himself: " The speaker."

His name was Jiddu Krishnamurti. From all the things I have heard him speak about, there is only one thing that I kept with me and hold on to, and that was/is, and I will quote him: " To understand, is to transform what IS."


So with these simple words, I saw that I did not understand anything about myself nor about anything in this world, even the things I would say I understood, they're not real understanding.
Within this understanding, it means that when someone is really living as something completely, looking at it completely as it IS, without the definitions and all of that understanding whatever one is looking at comes into being.
So here I am looking at this one word understanding, and after awhile I came across the people of desteni and their message is: "Oneness and Equality, that which is best for all life."

And I ask myself: "Do I understand this message completely?" How does one do come about to understand for real such a message, which is even more then just a message. It's a living principle. Now I know what this message means, but there is NO understanding of it yet, because if there was an understanding of it, it would have been something that I am living continuously in every second of every breath.
It would be like for example, when I was a baby, I used to crawl and then I moved to standing and then walking and eventually running. So there was an understanding of crawling as a baby, then because of the understanding of cawling I moved to standing and then from there was an understanding of standing, and so I moved to the next step which was walking till I got to the running. So within this one see that there are real physical changes that occur in the progression of growth of the baby and understanding of the body itself on a physical level as how itself functions and what it has to do according to its own design.
Now within this understanding, there is something else going on, which is called: "awareness."

So I see within myself that real understanding also with it goes hand in hand actual awareness. With this I mean, that without understanding there will be no awarness and without awareness there is no understanding possible. I am now a grownup man, and I have no understanding of how it was and is that I am walking for example, because there is no awareness of me walking. So how could it be that I as a baby went through all these steps from crawling all the way up to walking/running and now that I am doing the last step as what the purpose within the design of the human body was/is, I cannot only not explain it in detail and speceficity, but I have no understanding at all as in HOW my body as a baby did all that. But yet here I am, my body is still doing it, I physically have evolved from crawling to standing and then to walking/running, which would be the purpose of having two legs, existing to walk on them.
Now here is the dilemma because I am doing something or better said, my body is busy doing something wihtout me being aware of it all as myself. I am so unaware of everything, that I take unawareness as even natural, like it is all suppose to work by itself automatically. Does it really works automatically or is this word: "automatically" a justification of/for not understanding how me as the body functions and me not being aware of my body as my own functioning. Automatic working is my interpretation of myself not being aware of how I function as my body.

I will place a little list to start working on real understanding about these words.

List of words I do not understand about me and about the world in actual Self-Awareness:

**  Thoughts
**  Emotions
**  Feelings
**  Anger
**  Fear
**  Life
**  Death
**  Walking
**  Seeing
**  War
**  Animals
**  Wind
**  Clouds
**  Air
**  Water
**  Human body
**  Planet Earth
**  The universe
**  Atom
**  Molecule
**  Money
**  Sadness
**  House
**  Car
**  Airplane
**  Learning
**  School
**  Life-force
**  Being

So I can place much more words and say, I know these words and what they imply, but I do NOT have any understanding whatsoever what these words and their definitions actually imply in actual Self-Awareness at all.
This means that all of these words I never ever lived them as whom I am for real. All the words I/we use are talking and saying something about something that exists within and without us. Most of the words have an actual real manifested form in this reality, in which they can be seen. And there are forms that are subtle but yet physical, they cannot be seen with the human physical eyes so to speak. So I can say that I do have knowledge and information about these words, but how I turn these words as knowledge and information into Self-Awareness is a whole other story which involves actual practice and dedication and patience with oneself till Self-Awareness steps in and with it also understanding.

In the next blog I will be doing self-forgiveness on this whole ordeal.


Larry Manuela

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