Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 321, Telling my daughter I am not her biological father part 3

Now  within this post I am going to layout the self-commitment statements in regards to this point.

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Self-Commitment statements:

I commit myself to stop sabotaging myself and look at things in a practical manner and not always follow what my ex. or anyone else say, and learn to take self-responsibility to/towards everything and everyone that is here step by step, breath by breath, till this becomes who I am here, doing what is best for all in common sense practical ways/manner.

I commit myself to stop evaluating someone else's stories without further investigation and find practical ways to ensure that I get at least more sides/dimensions of the story and also if there are people involved within the story and they are mentioned within the story to also look for ways, if it is possible to communicate with them too, in order to hear their side of the story, so I can have a better evaluation about the whole situation and can then make a better assessment and come up with practical ways to solve the problem for myself and for others as myself.

I commit myself to when I am in a relationship/agreement to make sure I have equal saying in the relationship/agreement and to not sabotage myself because the other one may be first in jumping to solutions or probable solutions.

I commit myself to when I have something that is critical and important to share, to evaluate it deeply first, looking at all angles both theoretically and practically and out of that make the best practical decision that will be best for all parties/people involved.

I commit myself to now and in the future to, if I have some problem with someone and the opportunity exists that I can communicate with them, I make sure I do this so I have more information about the person in question to, and not only information about him/her from hearsay.

I commit myself to stop judging other people based on someone else story about them without hearing their own story, and if there is a moment or an opportunity for me to get to hear their own side of the story, to do so and within this also making sure to not judge them in their own story but to use common sense assessment to see what is best for all in the story, and within this i can assist and support that person in helping them help themselves within their own words.

I commit myself to in the future to stop defending people only based on a story they told me, and make sure I use common sense to evaluate what they're saying, and only stand within the common sense they shared with me in the story, because I am aware that only the common sense perspective I can trust, and in this assist and support accordingly.

I commit myself the next time to not only weigh something on what might go wrong alone, but to look at it in a common-sense practical manner to see what can be best for all participating people and also from what will be best for all. Within this I also make sure that I only rely on common sense and not my mind consciousness system trying to make right from what I judge within it as wrong.

I commit myself to in the future to not let fear get in my way, especially when it is something very important to tell or share or that I need to find out. Thus I make sure to stabilize myself first through self-forgiveness and my breathing and then just go for it without having to have fear about anything existing in my mind and body.

I commit myself to not judge my daughter as "too young" and just tell her whatever I need to tell her in a way that is practically understandable, in way I would have want it to be told myself clear to the point.

I commit myself to tell the real truth when there is an opening for that at all times and not be quiet or try to avoid the real truth after weighing the situation within my mind consciousness system.


Larry Manuela

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  1. Cool Larry. I suggest to not place the words 'in the future' in a self-commitment statement as here you program yourself with the words 'in the future' instead of living the commitment within the moment here, when the moment is here.