Sunday, 20 July 2014

Day 323, Why our opinions veil us to not see what are the facts of how life functions here?

So within a conversation with my sister today about what is going on in the world and how we live with each other in this world, what we accept and allow, I came to see/realize and understand that for someone to see that their believes/opinions/assumptions and their perspectives based on these same premises, thus believes and opinions and assumptions are not fact, is a very challenging point for most people to accept.


As we all know the all so famous words we use to defend our believes/opinions and assumptions with are: " We all have different believes about things, so let us just leave it to that" and with this meaning that because of this we are of the opinion that we will never come to work together or agree on the things that are really actually important in this world. The point not seen is that no-one is asking the how it is that we all have different opinions and believes and assumptions that are most of the times not based on actual facts. Most of our believes/opinions and assumptions are more based on knowledge and information, that in some cases some facts are used to defend it with, but the actuality of the fact itself is not a reality for that particular person. It is not something that the person in fact have proven physically for him or herself.

Let me give an example about this.

When I say that it is possible to stop thoughts/emotions and feelings and reactions and judgments, this is not a believe/opinion or an assumption I am sharing with another. I am sharing this with someone else as a fact that I myself have gone through and is going through, thus it is not a believe system from my part, it is an actual fact, because I have done this through forgiving myself and remaining here within and as my breath. Now, I am aware that this is a process, and that I am not yet still constant and consistent within this and that there are a lot of points that needs to be forgiven, and then corrected thus deleted within my mind and my human physical body, before I completely am just here breathing with no thoughts/emotions/feelings or any kind of energy reactions coming up within me.

But to someone else when I share this information with them and they do not agree with me on some points, they are not paying attention to or they cannot see clearly yet, that they are weighing what I am sharing with them based on what they have as believes within themselves, and will think and  believe that I am sharing my believes/opinions and assumptions with them, just like they are doing. But they themselves have not done the actual forgiveness and the actual being one and equal and staying within and as their breath to see/realize and understand for themselves and have their own proof that what I was sharing with them is not a believe, but an actual fact. But instead they will choose to not agree by using what they have as believes/opinions and assumptions within their minds without the actual fact for themselves. And just because of this also will not go into actual trying it out to see if it works or not, they will rather protect the believe they have about the points they do not agree with based on what they believe without having actual facts. And all this happens because we within ourselves have accepted and allowed that everyone have their own unique believes and opinions about the facts, so much so that we forget to look at the fact itself and by this we value our believes above the facts.

So within this we keep on devaluing facts with believes and we don't try something out practically to see/realize and understand for ourselves that what someone else is sharing can be so or not. An immediate dismissal comes up in the mind based on what we have accepted and allowed as believes in our minds that have no substance at all, because we are basing the believe not on actual facts, but on opinions and assumptions, and from there we project it out on the other that he/she is just sharing his/her believes/opinions and assumptions, because that is what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves as mode of operation, the things we have accepted and allowed about ourselves that we value and make decisions about life with.

We are all aware that if a human body does not have food to eat it will eventually die, this is a fact. No matter how many opinions we throw at it, will not change this fact, because this is how the human body functions in this world. There are certain things we do for example like the word "care," that we say we care because we feel sad and we get emotional about certain things we see and then we help someone that is in need and then based on this help we have given, we are then from the opinion and assumption that we are caring beings, because we are helping someone else, but in reality we cannot see yet that the helping is in actuality an acceptance and allowance of a system wherein these living conditions are a result of,  and thus that we need to change the system that produces that kind of end result as that living condition we all are aware we won't want for ourselves nor for our loved ones, but instead  that we create a system  that supports all life equally, so that no-one will be in a position where they can't take care of themselves, we accept and allow this to continue. We believe that help is the only thing we can do. Solving the problem itself so that no-one have to suffer needlessly and get into a situation where they need to be helped just for awhile we do not compute, because within our believes and opinions and assumptions this is an impossibility, and understand an impossibility that we have never actually lived to see if it works or not. We never created a system where life is being supported to have a result that is best for all life. But yet within our believes/opinions and assumptions we act as if we have done this already and it didn't work and that what we have now is the only way we can function even with all the proof we have daily that it is not working. Now the planet provides and produces more then enough food and also resources so that all the life expressions on it can survive and have all they need to live an optimum life with. But with the human, when the believes/opinions and assumptions comes up, we create systems wherein only a few can eat and the majority not or not well enough, and we justify it. We come up with all kinds of excuses to drive away from the fact that we have created a system wherein most will die of hunger and suffer severely, because within our believes/opinions and assumptions we are not equally valuable. We think/believe that some of us have more value then another and that we deserve to have more, and that we are special, all of which of course are believes/opinions and assumptions, because in the physical reality we as human bodies are not special, we all need to eat, we all need to poo, we all come into this world in the same way and we all die, we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, we all have two hands with uneven length of fingers, we all have hairs on our heads. There are things about the human body that one cannot change, because it will harm the body, or it will die. But in the mind we can stop and change anything in seconds and we will not die. We cannot stop our breaths, because we will die, there are consequences to the body when we do this, we cannot stop our hearts and continue living, or stop any major body function and continue living. Thoughts/emotions and feelings, reactions and judgments we can stop all these without harming the body. But of course if we do not test this for ourselves how would we see/realize and understand that these things that seem to be part of the human body is so or not? How would we be aware that they are the illusions? Would we just trust our believes without proving it to ourselves first if what we are experiencing as thoughts/emotions and feelings and all kinds of reactions are real or not?
Now I am aware that my mind cannot move in breath, my mind does not have any form of control on the breath itself. By this I have my own proof as I said some paragraphs above by staying within and as my breath one and equal, just following my breath, not needing any special meditation technique or whatever, just a simple being here with and as my breath following its movement in and out and whatever comes up within me I immediately forgive it till it appears no more and after awhile I am just here breathing. So if you are reading this and you have never done this before, test it out and see for yourself, but do not dismiss it because of believes/opinions and assumptions you may have about it. All of us that have done it and are doing it, and we are people coming from different walks of life that have proven this for ourselves and if we can do it, so can you, it is not reserved for the few or the special ones, it is something we can all do and apply. It is very simple but yet very effective.
So within this I implore you to before dismissing anything based on believes/opinions and assumptions in your mind wherein you have not walked the point itself in the physical and proven it to yourself that it is so or not, to first consider the point and try it out for yourselves. And then when you have your proof and it is something you have done yourself physically your process of becoming aware of what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be/become starts, and your creation of yourself into a being that live what is best for life starts and to also understand that it is a process that will take time, it is not something that will happen overnight, because it took us years to become what we are now as personalities in the mind we live through the body, so it will take some years to deconstruct that first and then start with creating ourselves into a human being that always does what is best for all life in all ways, always.


Larry Manuela

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