Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 327, So Larry, Why don't you change? PART 4

So now I am continuing with the next step, which will be the self-corrective/commitment statements.

Here are the links to the previous posts I did in regard to this particular point:

So now up to the self-commitment statements:


I commit myself to when I take knowledge and information in, to also direct it within me and make it easy for  everyone to understand it, meaning I have to make it understandable for even someone whom won't be interested or is well-read or well-informed. I commit myself to take my self-responsibility to digest the information and lay it out in a way that is understandable and easy to go through for everyone, and within this also look within myself to how to bring the knowledge and information in a form that is best as possible I can do in a moment for myself first and then for others as myself.

I commit myself to actually/really dedicate my time that I have to be/become the change I want to see in the world and to push myself when and where I see myself not moving or applying myself.

I commit myself to do what is necessary to be done step by step till I stand completely free of limitations within me that obstruct my process and delay my own process, so I can be the example in the world as to what it means to live the change one wants to see in the world for myself as a living application and for others as an example to follow and implement in their own lives.

I commit myself to work extensively on my justifications and sabotages to free myself from them using the tools of self-forgiveness and self-commitment done in self-honesty.

I commit myself to work out through the writing of self-forgiveness and my commitments to life to not only support myself but to also support others as myself for they may find within my writing similarities of patterns that they go through and hereby my writing support and assist them too.

I commt myself to dedicate the life I have here on this planet to bring about a world that is best for all, thus best for me too and to stay focus within my application of this till I am completely living it as the whom I am as a living example.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into or I am about to go into anger to/towards myself I immediately stop and breathe, I realize that I am letting the emotion as anger taking over my directive will, thus I breathe till I am clear and stable and then in this clearness and stability I look for a solution that will be best for all.

I commit myself to make sure to remind myself constantly that I have to live my commitments to the fullest so the integration of what I stand for and as can take place on a physical level in practical living.

I commit myself to push myself to stop myself to do just a little just to hold face, but to actually do what is necessary to be done and be done with it, period.

I commit myself to also dedicate my life that I have been given to make sure that such atrocities as poverty will never ever again be part of reality nowhere and for any being in whatever form, making sure I embrace the poverty concept till I understand it completely and then from their I can change it.

I commit myself to also dedicate my life that I have been given to make sure hunger does not exist in existence anymore for any being and to make sure to understand all the mechanism that leads to the outcome that is hunger so I can find a solution that will be best for all.

I commit myself to do more then what I am doing now, which is too little and make sure that I push myself too in moments I see myself not doing more when/where I can do more and just do it, till this becomes a living expression of whom I am.

I commit myself to really be completely self-honest within my writings about myself and to not leave certain specific aspects of myself unwritten just to carry on with them and put them on hold. Thus I make sure I push myself to really be self-honest about myself within my writings.

To be continued..............


Larry Manuela

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