Saturday, 22 March 2014

294, Who am I in relationship with the word: "Death." Part-9

Now I am  going to bring to my understanding the word: "Death"

The dictionary is saying the following about death:



 noun \ˈdeth\
: the end of life : the time when someone or something dies
: the ending of a particular person's life
: the permanent end of something that is not alive : the ruin or destruction of something

Full Definition of DEATH

a :  a permanent cessation of all vital functions :  the end of life — compare brain death
b :  an instance of dying <a disease causing many deaths>
a :  the cause or occasion of loss of life <drinking was thedeath of him>
b :  a cause of ruin <the slander that was death to my character — Wilkie Collins>
capitalized :  the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe
:  the state of being dead
a :  the passing or destruction of something inanimate <thedeath of vaudeville>
b :  extinction
:  slaughter
Christian Science :  the lie of life in matter :  that which is unreal and untrue
— at death's door
:  close to death :  critically ill
— to death
:  beyond endurance :  excessively <bored to death>

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