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Day 296, Who am I in relationship with the word: "Seeing." Part- 11

In this blog I am going to have a look at the next word I have placed within the list of the first blog about; ' what is understanding.' For those whom are reading this for this first time, I suggest the link here from the very first blog about these words I have placed that I am now working out for myself to have an understanding in practical/physical manner/way.


Here is the link to that first blog:

So lets see what is in the dictionaries about this word "to see, or seeing":


 verb \ˈsē\
: to notice or become aware of (someone or something) by using your eyes
: to have the ability to see : to have the power of sight
: to be or become aware of (something)
saw  seen  see·ing 

Full Definition of SEE

transitive verb
a :  to perceive by the eye
b :  to perceive or detect as if by sight
a :  to have experience of :  undergo <see army service>
b :  to come to know :  discover
c :  to be the setting or time of <the last fifty years haveseen a sweeping revolution in science — Barry Commoner>
a :  to form a mental picture of :  visualize <can still see her as she was years ago>
b :  to perceive the meaning or importance of :  understand
c :  to be aware of :  recognize <sees only our faults>
d :  to imagine as a possibility :  suppose <couldn't see him as a crook>
a :  examinewatch <want to see how she handles the problem>
(1) :  read (2) :  to read of
c :  to attend as a spectator <see a play>
a :  to take care of :  provide for <had enough money to seeus through>
b :  to make sure <see that order is kept>
a :  to regard as :  judge
b :  to prefer to have <I'll see him hanged first> <I'll see you dead before I accept your terms>
c :  to find acceptable or attractive <can't understand what he sees in her>
a :  to call on :  visit
(1) :  to keep company with especially in courtship or dating <had been seeing each other for a year> (2) :  to grant an interview to :  receive <the president will see you now>
:  accompanyescort <see the guests to the door>
:  to meet (a bet) in poker or to equal the bet of (a player) : call
intransitive verb
a :  to give or pay attention
b :  to look about
a :  to have the power of sight
b :  to apprehend objects by sight
c :  to perceive objects as if by sight
a :  to grasp something mentally
b :  to acknowledge or consider something being pointed out<see, I told you it would rain>
:  to make investigation or inquiry
— see·able  adjective
— see after
:  to attend to :  care for
— see eye to eye
:  to have a common viewpoint :  agree
— see red
:  to become very angry
— see the light
:  to discover or realize a usually obscured truth
— see the light of day
:  to become publicly known or available (as through publication) <manuscripts that will never see the light of day>
— see things
— see through
:  to grasp the true nature of <saw through the scheme>
— see to
:  to attend to :  care for

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