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Day 299, Who am I in relationship with the word: " Wind." Part 14

Thus today I am continuing with my list of words. The word I am going to work out for myself here is: " Wind."

And if you then reader have not read the first part of this series where I placed in my writing a list of words that I said I did not really understand them completely, because I never really saw/realized and understood Who I was in relationship wit these words. Suggest to check out the link here:

O.k. let me see what the dictionaries have to say about this word:





 noun, often attributive \ˈwind, archaic or poetic ˈwīnd\

Definition of WIND

a :  a natural movement of air of any velocity; especially :  the earth's air or the gas surrounding a planet in natural motion horizontally
b :  an artificially produced movement of air
c :  solar windstellar wind
a :  a destructive force or influence
b :  a force or agency that carries along or influences : tendencytrend <withstood the winds of popular opinion — Felix Frankfurter>
a :  breath 4a
b :  breath 2a
c :  the pit of the stomach :  solar plexus
:  gas generated in the stomach or the intestines <passwind>
a :  compressed air or gas
b archaic :  air
:  something that is insubstantial: as
a :  mere talk :  idle words
b :  nothingnothingness
c :  vain self-satisfaction
a :  air carrying a scent (as of a hunter or game)
b :  slight information especially about something secret : intimation <got wind of the plan>
a :  musical wind instruments especially as distinguished from strings and percussion
b plural :  players of wind instruments
a :  a direction from which the wind may blow :  a point of the compass; especially :  one of the cardinal points
b :  the direction from which the wind is blowing
— wind·less  adjective
— wind·less·ly adverb
— before the wind
:  in the same direction as the main force of the wind
— close to the wind
:  as nearly as possible against the main force of the wind
— have the wind of
:  to be to windward of
:  to be on the scent of
:  to have a superior position to
— in the wind
:  about to happen :  astirafoot <change is in the wind>
— near the wind
:  close to the wind
:  close to a point of danger :  near the permissible limit
— off the wind
:  away from the direction from which the wind is blowing
— on the wind
:  toward the direction from which the wind is blowing
— to the wind or to the winds
:  asideaway <threw caution to the wind>
— under the wind
:  to leeward
:  in a place protected from the wind :  under the lee

Now I have taken only the first part of the definitions and concepts that are given about the word wind in this blog, otherwise it would be a loooonnnggg list of definitions and concepts given to the word wind.

Now this word wind is interesting. I find the wind for what it does as its expression is very powerful and have lots of responsibilities to life on earth. Now some of you who may be reading this blog, may not see the wind as an expression of life, you may see it as just something that occur in nature because of certain currents in oceans and certain effects based on the rotation of the earth etc etc.......

I always wondered how through for example by just waving my hands up and down creates a little wind movement, but what I find fascinating is that I am pushing something in a sense that is already here. So what is this what I call: "wind," that is already here but is being moved by certain other forces? With this I mean what is the wind in fact. Now I am not going into conspiracy theories here, I am pointing out that I have never ever stood as the wind, I mean; equal and one with and as the wind to trully see/realize and understand from that perspective what it is to experience myself as wind for real and how it is to be aware of all that I am as the wind.

Self-Forgiveness & Self-Commitment statements:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize and understand that the wind I experience touching me on this earth I am not one and equal with it, therefore only have a name to give to that force that touches me, that I cannot see but yet is supporting me and everything else that is here within and as this world.

I realize that because of my lack of living in equality with what is here as the wind, makes it a challenge  for me to really understand the wind I experience touching me that I cannot see.

Therefore, I commit myself to little by little step by step to start to change my relationship I have with the wind that I experience touching me, and that put all believes and opinions and concepts that I have about the wind as what was passed down through generations that went before me, which have left behind only a definition of a wind, but not an actual real physical equal and one understanding in standing equal and one with and as the wind here, thus within this I give myself the opportunity to fix my relationship with wind till I am one and equal with wind in full understanding of what wind actually is.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge the wind as powerful, without seeing/realizing and understanding that when I do that I separate firstly, myself from the wind and secondly I separate the wind from the rest of expressions that are here and place the wind as something special, something more, when in reality all expressions have their functions and their functions are specific in order to make the whole of what is here function as a whole.

I realize that I judge the wind as powerful because of what I see the wind doing in this reality and because it is something that most other expressions on earth cannot do, yet without seeing/realizing and understanding that the wind has its function as what it is designed to be and to do.

Therefore, I commit myself to change who I am in relationship to/with the wind in oder to stop judging it as powerful then other expressions just because of its functionality and to do this change through self-forgiveness and writing and in speaking it out loud and commit myself to life in self-honesty to remain here within and as my breath as learn more and more how to actually live with the wind here as one as equal as life as what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to like very much the force of the wind when it takes the form of a hurricane with high wind-speeds that destroy infrastructure and nature and also take lives, but yet been totally engulfed by the fact of what the wind as a force of nature can do without seeing/realizing and understanding that within me I am somehow liking lives also being taken by this force without any feelings whatsoever.

I realize that I through my liking of what the wind can do when it takes the form of a hurricane when it destroys life on earth is accepted by me as a form of sensation without taking into account the lives that were taken because of this hurricane and the nature that was destroyed.

Therefore, I commit myself to through my writing of self-forgiveness and my commitment to life to investigate within myself why I have allowed this destruction to be sensational for myself and stop myself and then change myself little by little till I am no more a sensationalist that enjoy the force of the wind when it takes the form of an hurricane.


Within this blog I have come to see/realize and understand that my relationship with what have been termed; 'wind,' is totally in separation so much so that I need defintions of other people whom also never understood the wind from the perspective of an actual standing as equal and one with the wind in physical real practial application. Thus within this I am now more akin to learn by studying my own relationship and who I am in relationship with the wind so that I with patience can one day formulate words together that give perspective about what is termed wind from a personal real standing as an equal with the wind.


Larry Manuela

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