Wednesday, 2 April 2014

day 298, Who am I in relationship with the word: "Animal." Part 13

Here in this blog I am continuing with the following word that I have placed in the first blog I have written and wherein I have placed a list of words for a start that I do not really understand as whom I am in my relationship with these words. To see the list and that post, see the link here:

So lets see what the dictionaries online have to say about this word:



 noun \ˈa-nə-məl\
: a living thing that is not a human being or plant
: any living thing that is not a plant
: a person who behaves in a wild, aggressive, or unpleasant way

Full Definition of ANIMAL

:  any of a kingdom (Animalia) of living things including many-celled organisms and often many of the single-celled ones (as protozoans) that typically differ from plants in having cells without cellulose walls, in lacking chlorophyll and the capacity for photosynthesis, in requiring more complex food materials (as proteins), in being organized to a greater degree of complexity, and in having the capacity for spontaneous movement and rapid motor responses to stimulation
a :  one of the lower animals as distinguished from human beings
b :  mammalbroadly :  vertebrate
:  a human being considered chiefly as physical or nonrational; also :  this nature
:  a person with a particular interest or aptitude <a politicalanimal>
:  matterthing <the theater … is an entirely different animal— Arthur Miller>also :  creature 1c
— an·i·mal·like adjective


  1. Yes Larry; the human design has implemented and integrated the mind conciousness system and within this, we have separated ourselves from our own physical body and shifted into the mind and so, missing out the equality in and as the physical with and as all life. So lot's of work to do to stop, forgive and correct this separation in and as the mind. Animals are standing as support and example for us within this process.