Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 305, Who am I in relationship with the word: " Universe" Part 20

With this word " universe" I am refering to here to understand through my own words, is the universe that all the planets and stars, black holes, the solar systems and galaxies or light and matter and dark matter, sound, vibrations and you name it are part of it and that are existent within it-------- thus this physical universe with everything that is existent within it and that it consists of, including the human mind with its program that is called CONsciousness. The consciousness is made of the energy that is existent within the universe
Now there is a reason why I say this specifically, because I am aware that in some spiritual disciplines in this world, other references are being given to the word universe. Within these definitions of the universe in spirituality it is just one of the many universes in the multiverse. Now I am not going into all that here, because it is something that boarders with the point of believes, and imagination and projections of fantasizing about something to make it seem more then it is, while not being able to actually verify that it IS so. One thing that is certain is, that this universe we are in and are part of is HERE, this physical existence as the universe that we are part of and participants within it. Everything we ever measured or study be them as abstract as possible even, are all existent within this universe. They are not things that have been found outside of it or separate of it. It is all IN it. With this I mean manifestaions like; ' energy, light, sound, frequencies, vibrations, matter and dark-matter,' are all existent within this physical universe, they are not outside of it, alien to it.


One thing most, if not all humans miss is the LIFE that is existent within the universe, and I am specifically saying the life that is within the universe itself as a whole, that which is behind of everything, the origin of everything and not so much an expression of life that we have named: "animate," within the universe, where we separate animate manifestation with inanimate manifestations. LIFE is what is FIRST, THE source of EVERYTHING.
LIFE is existent within the very small to the very big/large, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Within the desteni material, we learn that we have an inter-relationship with Life, Substance and Energy, but these are all one and equal and there is no separation within these. Our problem is we are not standing as one and equal within/as the absolute point, the source of ourselves that is LIFE. Within this I mean that Life is in Substance as it is in Energy. We have created ourselves into total separation to this LIFE that is existent in everything. We are now in a separation relationship between Energy(mind) and Substance( the physical). We are so separated that we are not even one and equal with the energy(mind) nor with the Substance( the physical) let alone the LIFE( source) that is within/as them.
The oneness and equality that are being taught and spoken of in spirituality and religion in this world are mental concepts and not the absolute standing as the oneness and equality of LIFE itself that is in EVERYTHING. And this is very easy to see/realize and understand, because there is no communication with everything at all that this life is existent within and as. If it was true that those( spiritual masters and Gurus) in spirituality were really one and equal with everything as they believe themselves to be when they go through a specific experience of Nirvana/Higher Consciousness/God Consciousness or whatever, they would have been able to communicate with everything that exists directly in their expressions, in whatever form the expression might be, in specificity and detail and have complete understanding of the expression itself as how it functions and why it is, all its history of what it is and how it came to be, from its very conception or manifestation into existence all the way to what it has become because it would have been a standing of equality and oneness within that point of absoluteness of it which is: " LIFE," that is existent within it and therefore being able to also communicate with it.

For more indepth information on that, I suggest to have a look at: "the secret history of the universe series" on EQAFE.

Self-forgiveness & Self-Commitment statements:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself totally from my mind(energy), from Substance( the physical) and from LIFE as one as equal as what I am here.

I realize that I am separate of all that is here as mind(energy), Substance( the physical) and LIFE(source), because I am not at all standing as one as equal with all of them as myself HERE.

Thus within this understanding, I commit myself to through my writing of self-forgiveness and my commitments to life in self-honesty to workout all the points I have created myself to be in separation to myself within myself as what I have accepted and allowed myself to be/become in separation to the mind(energy), to Substance(the physical) and to LIFE(source).

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept the concepts as they exist in this world without questioning them in common sense, to see/realize and understand for myself that they were just concepts people have created within their own minds about what they do not stand one and equal as yet.

I realize that as long as I cannot stand as one as equal with the concepts that I believe to question and verify  the oneness and equality of it in relationship to all life for myself these concepts will just be concepts reserved for personal experiences and nothing else but that, but will not be a direct equal standing as in having complete understanding of what the concept is really all about and if it can stand within the oneness and equality as LIFE here.

Thus within this I commit myself to only use my common sense to measure a concept and if a concept is common sensically viable I will use that as a support to see/realize and understand myself within oneness and equality as life, in my process of birthing myself as LIFE here.


Within this blog I have seen/realized and understood that when it comes to the universe I have much more to do, in terms of forgiving and changing myself in order to come to the point of absoluteness within and as myself as LIFE, and that I am aware that this will take time and dedication and patience, because I have separated myself so much that is literally not any direct relationship or even awareness as myself as everything I have created myself to be and become and let alone the context within which they exist.


P.s. this word I have just walked here are from a list I have made myself in a blog wherein I stated I will be walking each of these words to come to a practical understanding of the words for myself. Here is the link to that blog.

Larry Manuela

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