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Day 303, Who am I in relationship with the word: " Human body." Part 18

Continuing with the next word, which is: " Human body."


Here is the link from the blog where I placed the lists of words I will be walking to gain more physical living understanding of them:

So now lets move to see what the dinctionaries are saying about this word:

So our human physical body is very important. We have been living on this planet for a long time as personalities in the mind in this human body, and love making statements, that we are our bodies, but in reality we are not as we are pretending through the usage of our words that we are. The body is like a vessel the personalities in the mind are using in order to continue existing. Up to this moment we have not lived as our bodies at all. This of course have great disadvantages because we will never be able to solve physical problems as best as possible if we do not stop and change the way we live, because we do not see and treat anything as a whole but instead in separation. We are so separated from everything and everyone, that we are even separated to/within our own thoughts/feelings and emotions, that are existing within our minds in our bodies. We do not know anything specifically about our bodies as in how it functions as a whole/complete unit, nor do we know how the mind functions as a whole, we only know a little through the observations we carry out in separation and believing that we know soo much. The more complex we can talk about the things we observe, the more we believe ourselves to know more, but at the end of the day they are only words we have coined up from the mind, to give something we observe a name and a definition, especially in the medical field when we are talking about the human body, lots of names are being coined up to give the discipline of being a doctor its value. And these names and concepts are only available for the ones studying to become doctors. The names and concepts are not all available equally for everyone, finding out things through observation only, have lots of limitations, because it allows for a very small part to be studied in separation to all the parts that the human body consists of and exists as. This is of course not to say that we should not do this, because we have to start somewhere and use what we already have and make sure we bring about with what we have what will be best for the human body.

Self-forgiveness & Self-commitment statements:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand one and equal with and as my human physical body and have only accepted definitions that others has given to the human physical body through observation and within this I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to see/realize and understand that I am limiting myself when I accept knowledge and information given to me by others without ever investigating for myself what these knowledge and informations really are for real, thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself in this way to make myself dependent on others to tell me about my own body, when I know it is not a direct seeing that has brought about their information, but a scattered in pieces observation of separate parts looked at individually apart from the whole of the human body as in how it functions as a whole with all its parts working together as one unit, the whole body as what it consists of and exists as.

I realize that I have accepted without question what others have told me about my own human body, or the human body without ever bothering at all to investigate what they are telling me, trusting their knowledge and information above what I could find out about myself by myself  and thus remain limited in my understanding as myself as the human body and thus not having any sense of direction at all in my living as the human body here.

Thus within this, I commit myself to start using little by little the informations that are available to get to know me as the human physical body and also to get to know who I have become as personalities in my mind in order to really practically understand me as the human physical body and start living as one as equal with and as it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only have believes and opinions about the functionality of my human physical body and in no way have a direct real understanding of my human physical body's functioning as a physical expression as a whole.

I realize that I have no direct real physical understanding of my human physical body, because I only look at it with the eyes of believes and opinions and within separation.

Therefore, within this I commit myself to little by little and step by step learn to physically understand my body by myself, through self-forgiveness in the written word or spoken out loud and with their commitments to start having a real physical in fact relationship with my body as equals, and become more and more aware as myself as my human physical body in real time and not walking around with information about my body that was given to me by others as myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to treat my human physical body superficially and not with full care just because I do not experience many body-aches as people that do go trough the experience of body-aches, and within this I consider myself to be reasonably healhty, when the reality is that I do not know for sure, because I never go for a check up until something is really wrong.

I realize that I consider myself healthy just because I compare my body-aches with those that have some kind of complications, when in reality I do not really know, because I will only go for a check up when I get really sick and the doctors have to find out what is happening.

Therefore I commit myself to treat my body with more care and make sure to pay attention to the little things that might be a warning for something bigger later on, but that I do not see as something to worry about, as small as it could be, to really investigate it and if it persists I go and let the doctor have a look at me to see if it is something that is harmful or not to my body.


Within this blog, I've come to see/realize and understand that I have been taking my living as my human physical body not serious enough, not paying attention to it in the details, and thus being careless about my body. Thus now that I have seen this through my own words I can firstly stop myself from doing so and correct myself in commiting myself to step by step changing my attention to the details and transform what is not what is best for my body into that which will be best for my body.


Larry Manuela

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