Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 275, The illusion of starting over anew.


I was looking at this point today within myself and i saw after i have red the blog of Ingrid that me and the rest of humanity is deluded and totally clouded into believing that when we start with a new count, by this i mean; we ''enter'' a new year, it's like a new beginning. Meanwhile in reality there is nothing new at all that happened. Because even the counting itself( an end with specific number and a start with a specific number) is not new, let alone what it is deliberately implying.

The reality is; we are now going to start for a period of time doing exactly what we have been doing throughout all the countings of:  ''ends to beginnings, to beginnings to ends.''  Within this what is really actually changing is the accumulation of what we have been doing, which is in reality not a real change. It is just an adding/compounding/layering of what we have been so good at doing throughout history, and that is; to destroy our own lives and the rest of what is here.

It is an accumulation of as for example:

**  more poverty in the world
**  more debt in the money system
**  more wars
**  more rape
**  more poisoning of our foods
**  more polution of the air/water/soil
**  more crimes commited to/against life because of the system of debt
**  more intoxication of drugs and alcohol
**  more cheap labour
**  more cheap products
**  more exhausting of resources 
**  more genocide against animals and plants and also some human races
**  more hatred/vengeance/getting even
**  more endings of relationships that are not working
**  more disagreement between 2 or more individuals or groups
**  more greed and strife for more power and control
**  more dumbing down of the future generations
**  more sickness among the children of the earth and the earth itself
**  more pillage and robbery/stealing
**  more taking away the right to life of each human being
**  more production of weapon machinary that kill faster and more people
**  more delusional hope within the beliefs that exist on earth among humans that belief is all we need to               change it all
**  more selling of LIFE
**  more people becoming more and more careless and uncompassionate in their actions/deeds
**  more movies/commercials/t.v. programs and series focusing on how we have to feel about everything
**  more songs and books talking about how we have to feel about things
**  more glorification of movie-stars and pop-artists
**  No actual/practical/factual solutions at all to all the problems

So the list can go on and on. At the end of each year, this is what we actually are celebrating about what we have accepted and allowed in that particular year to occur/happen to ALL of LIFE.
It would be great if we would actually come together and eradicate each point that i have written here and celebrate in the end of that year how much we have accomplished by actually/practically/physically not only looking at these problems, but actually/factually correcting and fixing them and placing a solid foundation of and as a solution where these problems will never ever happen again in the history of existence by changing ourselves each first and then as a whole/a collective.

Of course there are some of us whom are also wanting to look at these points as negative, which they are by the way, if one is looking at them from the perspective of polarities/opposites. The point of the matter is that they are certainly unacceptable, because each of these points will certainly as we have proven by participating in living them out on this planet either consciously or unconsciously, NOT what is best for all LIFE. No matter how hard we try they will never accumulate to that which will be best for all of life.

What we do a lot as humans is adressing the problems and talk about them. And here and there some individual or some group come up with some ideas as to how to solve the problems, but they are never implemented, because the majority of the human race will be against it/them. And most of the ideas were not ideas where the individual or the group took ALL of life into consideration, so that the solutions that comes out of them are solutions that are practical and will work as best for everyone and everything.

Therefore it is of paramount importance that one do check out and also participate into a proposal we have come up with as a group where we are inviting all those whom are able and capable and especially are willing to care about life to just come and make sure we live this solution and fix the problems we have inflicted upon life. This proposal  that we are now proposing is one that will lead to another one that is more practical in actually/factually making sure that, that  which is BEST for all life is a living condition for each being on this planet. This one is the EqualMoneySystem.

Our proposal as a transition to the other one is a:  Living Income Guaranteed.


Larry Manuela

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