Sunday, 16 September 2012

Day 124, Falling For An Image.

Now with this i mean, that i tend to ''fall'' for what the person, in this case a woman present itself as, instead of really getting to know her in fact to see and find out whom she really is or not. I see myself still looking at body-parts before i make a choice, and not getting to know the whom the person is in fact and then make a choice. And sometimes i know within myself that some particular woman are totally not interested in a man that is willing to stand for LIFE, because to them that would be something ''boring'' and because i expose what is going on in  this world, as what is HERE, as also within the minds of men they will interpret it as me being or having a negative view of life. They cannot understand that i am looking at what is going on as it is, and not as negative or positive, but as the thing is in fact right now, right HERE. And within this, i am also NOT talking about my opinion either, it is what is HERE, as what we accept and allow to be what it is, as it is happening. This is something very difficult to understand for most people whom have been brainwashed into this whole positive-thinking movement and LIE.



So here i am looking at all this within lots of woman that might be interested in me and i in them, but the problem is that my starting-point is still from the perspective of  measuring body parts, not much interested in what they ''think and belief.''  Or what really goes on within them, because i already know that what goes on in many as myself is not to be trusted,it is all mind delusions. I must STOP myself in doing this, for it is very manipulative and it gives me a sense of power over the woman in question, why..?? Because i see them as easy targets to manipulate to get what i want, which is basically SEX. Because all they care about is to experience positive energetic experiences as ''good feelings,'' so that is all i have to stick to, which is very limited if you ask me. Have you met a woman whom would accept a guy based on him giving her negative compliments...??   This will never happen, and this is exactly what makes it so easy, and they don't see how easy they are proliferating themselves or presenting themselves as an easy target. They may not fall for every man that comes along, but they will fall for the one they like, and the one they choose to like, or apparently are choosing to like, will also be using the same positive compliments to get the engine started to see if they are going to be accepted or not, because they as the ones the women don't like, also don't know if the women they are desiring is going to accept them. They are all trying to get the same thing, which is SEX from the woman.

The truth of the matter is, that i am tired of this,because it is so boring. Everybody doing the same thing over and over and no-one is noticing and just accept it within them. So if you are a woman reading this, you must understand you will NEVER accept a man that will tell you for example: '' your ass is not round enough,''  '' i would prefer your hair color to be another color,''  '' i don't like the way you reason, you are too damn positive,''  ''your face is not very nice, but it will do,''  '' you don't walk sexy enough as i would like to,''  '' your choice of clothing is not attractive.'' Now would you not be insulted and react in anger immediately..?   And this is also accountable for man. So as we ALL know this bullshit, why do we allow ourselves to be starting relationships on LIES and on trying to feel as much as possible ONLY positive energy experiences, as ''good feelings'' within ourselves..?? 


  Is there not another way to get to know each other intimately without having to be positive about it, or trying to ignite positive feelings first..??  And you women, you all know this bullshit, and most of you even like it when the man you like/want tell you nice things about yourself or better, about what you belief you are and what you present, because in that moment he haven't got a fucking clue whom you are for REAL inside yourself as your thoughts/feelings/emotions/back-chats/internal conversations/judgements and you name it..!!   So you want him to like the unreal part of you, and maybe later if he is also good in lying as you are, you can start letting some real characters out here and there.  It is time women of the world to NOT take this shit anymore, it is so limited, and self-abusive to lower yourself so low to only present a positive picture of yourself in order to be accepted and for purposes of getting into a relationship with someone and of course for experiencing SEX.  And i know it is difficult, belief me to be self-honest as the whom you are for real with someone you don't really know at all, without having the desire to be needing positive remarks and compliments in order for you to then make the decision that you are going to let that particular guy, you like to mess with you if you ask me, because we men, are all body-parts junkies, incognito. Trying to present ourselves and give as much positive compliments as possible in many ways, in order to just maybe, just maybe get to have that ONE thing, which is SEX from/with YOU. Not even if the man is a ''good man'' or a ''nice man,'' it is all about the SEX. That is what we have in our minds always as the FIRST and utmost important of intentions. Am i clear here..??   loll  ---------   This is our programming and we CAN change it, we don't have to accept this limited bullshit..!!!

I will be doing self-forgiveness and self-commitment statements tomorrow on this one.................


Larry Manuela

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