Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day 129, Working up To The Age Of 67.

I was asked today at work by my supervisor to be careful with my back, because i lifted a heavy box up, and he said: '' remember you have to work till you are 67.''




The thing about this and that i did not go deep into it was, that it is because i know within myself that this current system is not going to be here by the time i am 67. For one, i will be one of those whom will make sure this absurd/abusive stupidity ENDS, wherein we work for not to support LIFE, but to owe someone or a minority group of people whom belief they deserve to be more and have more then all the rest, and make the rest PAY for what they have stolen/pillaged and declared as theirs, therefore i and the rest now works for them in order for us to keep ourselves and our families alive in this world system, that in reality don't care about LIFE at all.


So i have no problems with WORK itself, and when i say work here i mean work that really for real support all LIFE equally. With this every being working together to bring about a world that is always in all ways BEST for all living beings. So we can explore/expand ourselves and the earth and it's inhabitants and for real be free. At the moment we ONLY work to survive in the system that dictates to us that if we don't participate in the DEBT of the system we won't be accepted in the system and will be seen as outcasts and trouble makers, and also be punished for not wanting to participate in the system of DEBT in many different ways, through the laws/rules/regulations within the system that protect the thieves that are ahead of this stupid abusive game of a system.


Here in this country some people say: '' ik leef niet om te werken, ik werk om te leven.''   meaning:  '' i don't live to work, i work to live'' 


They say this because they mean that their work is only for their survival as what they belief, and work is not life, but the reality is that the whole saying is a catch 22, the snake eating it's own tale. Because within the system no matter how you play with the words, YOU are working in order to keep yourself alive in the system, because everything that is used and is needed for survival of the body costs money and the only way to get money is through work. Food/clothing/housing/sanitation/transportation/education---------------all of this is only available to you if you have money.



Yes of course you can go out somewhere and live in the bushes and plant your own food and built your own home with wood, but than you will be just an outcast and someone whom is an self-interest prick. And even within this, as all the lands are being taken by the super rich, you will probably not even get a bush to go amd live in, because it will be a property of some sick ego maniac as a rich man. Because you will rather try  and save your own ass and let everyone that are in the system to continue being abused and lied to, and murdered/killed. And by getting or moving into the bushes will  not change the world system to be/become a system that will be BEST for all LIFE. It is the same as an example as when someone gets laid off of their job, the job continues, only they were removed and their removal won't stop the job to not exist anymore,and the rest of  the people will continue working there when they are gone.  And that on itself( moving into the bushes) would not be living either, because than all of the rest of your life will be you surviving in the bushes. hunting, looking for food. And that will be about it. When one have a look at bush people or people whom live in very rural and remote areas, one will notice that all their lives is about, is looking for food everyday and then having some ritual they do at night before going to sleep, but the only thing they do is just trying to stay alive, they don't move out of this circle.



We already have all the things we need to distribute all that we all need to live a dignified LIFE on this planet, it is only in the HOW we are distributing it, that there is a problem. Because all that the earth is giving for free to support all life on it, is not being distributed equally as a support as the earth itself is doing. Some have robbed the earth and people and declare themselves as OWNERS of what is freely given to ALL by the earth and make everyone now PAY them in order to get it. And this abusive bullshit is what will be STOPPED. No-one will own any fucking thing that is a support and detrimental for LIFE of ALL the inhabitants on this earth..!!



I am sick and tired of this bullshit, people talking about their jobs as if it is a great thing and as if even when they don't like it, accept it and say: '' yeah, but there is nothing we can do about it,'' which is totally NOT TRUE.!!





No more of this abusive bullshit will be accepted to ever exist on this planet again. I for sure have had enough of my own bullshit and the rest of the population's bullshit, running around like little fear mongers, hiding behind fear in order to not take one's self-responsibility for BEING HERE..!!



I can tell you, that it is already DONE..!!  There is more going on that you don't know of, and even if i would tell you, you won't  belief me anyways right now. I and the rest of the peoples whom have realized themselves and are busy deconstructing ourselves to transform ourselves to be/become the BEST human we can ever be that always does what is BEST for all LIFE in all ways, and we will not STOP until ALL are FREE, only then freedom is REAL. And this is my purpose for being here on this planet.



I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to react within myself as in being tired of people not getting this whole world system they are participating in, and accept and even defend it as if it cares for their lives.


I commit myself to STOP myself in moments and circumstances where i see myself going into or about to go into feeling tired of people NOT getting how the system they're supporting everyday really works.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system exists when i am here that dictates to me and everyone else how long they have to be wage-slaves and force everyone tacitly to accept/allow this wage-slavery.


I commit myself to show in my writings of self-forgiveness and my commitments to life that we are just wage-slaves in a broken system of abuse that doesn't care at all for LIFE, only in consuming LIFE to turn it into money.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system exist where such things as supervisors can exist within it, that are the ones whom are looking for ways to make the wage-slaves just like themselves to work harder for the system and the ones on top of the system, hiding behind the justification that they to need to eat, that they can't do anything about it, and that if they don't do it someone else is going to do it anyways. Within this i realize that people are afraid to come together and stand together and make the change, and this is because they don't trust themselves let alone trusting someone else they don't even know, so they will rather continue with the abuse that is trickling down from above as the ones making the decisions to put more pressure on the ones that are actually doing the real part of the work, the practical part, so they can get more of the gain of the part that is illusion, which is the profit as money.


I commit myself to show all people whom are ready to hear that the positions they have in their jobs is nothing but a position that can be used to make the system as it is continue existing as it is, where some are seen as be having more value then another and deserve to have a better life then another and get to be rewarded with more because of the positions that are being seen as having more value within/to the system.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let work exist in the form as it exists now, as a form/structure/system to enslave people rather to be used to explore and expand our experience on this earth as in the BEST possible way for all Living things.


I commit myself to show that work in it's current form is just slavery. it is not practical actions to produce a life worth living that is BEST for all living things.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system exist that dictates to me and everyone and everything else if they are going to eat or not eat, if they are going to have a roof over their heads or not, if they are going to be able to cloth themselves or not, if they are going to be educated or not, if they are going to be able to transport themselves to some other place or not, if they are going to be cured if they get sick or not, if they are going to have enough to drink or not.


I commit myself to show that the system as it exist  currently is nothing but a system that sucks on LIFE and not in anyways whatsoever honor LIFE at all, all that the earth produces freely for all life on it to be given freely so all life is as the BEST possible supported is being taken and transformed into money and money is being used as if it itself is LIFE and is the real resource, so money now is the false resource, a belief system created by humans to be put in place for the few humans to have their lives being lived as best as possible for them alone.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system of money exist that only support the self-interest of humans and even within this NOT all humans either,but only few of the humans.


I commit myself to show that those whom have made the laws/rules/regulations within the system to glorify self-interest above all else, did this deliberately in order for them to get the upper hand and so the others won't notice.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to let a system exists where the minority rules and make decisions for the majority through laws/rules/regulations that will benefit only the minority and make sure the majority is enslaved though/by these very laws/rules/regulations that seemingly no-one dares to change or better yet throw away for they serve only self-interest.


I commit myself to show that laws/rules/regulations of men are all but a limited version of opinions of men itself that has not taken into consideration ALL LIFE on earth, only for the lives of few humans as are being called: '' the upper elite.''




Larry Manuela


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