Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day 130, When It Rains.

I always had a thing with rain. With this i mean, i just ''love'' it when it rains, even when it is disastrous, because i look at it as nature doing what it is doing and man trying to get in it's way for their ways and it doesn't work. I like the sound of rain falling on the roof, or just falling on the soil and the smell of it, and just how it looks when it is raining with little wind in carrying it or when it is carried with lots of hard wind, it has it's own movement, and i just like it.



In this country where i live now,which is Holland people don't seem to appreciate rain at all, they don't like it at all when it rains, because it interferes with their ability to make money and to go out and have some fun. There are very few that i have interacted with that will say that they like it when it rains, very few. It also have to do a little with the fact that it rains above average in this country and they don't get to see the sun that much, so they wish for a warm weather most of the times, the majority that is.

Where i come from it used to rain in every season when it was suppose to rain, like from November till March or so. But nowadays things have changed and it almost doesn't rain at all that much. But still from my perspective i always love it when it rains, because i see the rain as a support to the earth and life on earth and not as a burden or disturbance, like they see it here in this country. So even here where it rains much more, i still have the same view and perspective about rain, nothing changed, i see it's value in it's support, and NOT as a point of self-interest where it disturbs me of going out to do the things i want to do, the car is going to be dirty, walking in the rain i am going to get wet and my clothing all wet and my shoes all fucked up, and so on and on............ as many do in this country, they become even cantankerous here when it rains, can you imagine that....loll..........

This is just to have a look at how different people in different places behave around a simple thing like rain and experience the rain as either positive or negative and in most cases not as what the functionality of the rain is in fact.

So i have come to honor the rain in my life due to my relationship with the rain with the land and how what we planted is in need of the rain and everything else is in need of the rain, so i never saw the rain as a burden or a disturbance. So i find how the people here react to the rainfall very strange and not honorable in the beginning when i first arrived here in this country for my studies. Now i am used to them with their complaints about the rain.

I look at this for the reason that as i can see, when a society becomes more financially powerful, they start to distant themselves more and more from nature and even start to have like a hatred in some form against nature to interfere within their little lives of ''modern society.''  This modern society seem to be putted on a pedestal, above nature and what is real. Because the modern society is just a dream of the dreamers that constitute together this ''modern society'' and superimpose it on nature without any regards to how it affect nature in it's entirety. As long as the dream is being lived out, all seem great. Modern society seem advanced and all the none sense, when in reality modern society is truly a complete devolution, that at it's peak will bring only destruction to all societies and everything else. Modern society is trying to distant itself from nature, the part where the body consists of and exists as. So trying to distance oneself from the REAL nature and try and put in it's place the MIND as the false nature, will lead to complete separation, because the mind is not natural as the body that it finds itself in/as, and wherein it's trying to be the god thereof.

So when rain is not being appreciated and honored anymore, what does this tell us about ourselves..?? Are we not becoming more systematic and mechanical, and within this full of light and love..?? So light and love are systematic and mechanical and not natural as the rain that falls on the earth that supports with growth. The rain supports with sustenance of the whole ecosystem of earth. So the rain do it's duty very well as it's nature. Man is not yet at DOING at all as it's nature, which is being a breathing human physical body, that works together as one as equal with the rest of what is nature as itself right here.

As one can clearly see in the way we live with each other, this love has not been able to produce a growth at all in humanity where life sprout out of it and is being supported, like the rain is doing, something to take into consideration, when almost all of humanity is claiming that they so-called: ''love.''

But we the humans are so separated from nature that we don't even know anymore what the heck nature really is, and our bodies that is part of this whole nature we don't treat it with respect and honor at all as part of this nature that it consists of and exists as, as one as equal to this physical nature of earth and the whole physical existence. We seem to give importance to what our minds---------- what we belief/think we are, tells us about what our nature is in separation to the nature that is truly HERE in fact as our bodies, as the earth and as the entire physical existence as the whole universe that is physically HERE and not take this into consideration at all.


I will be doing self-forgiveness statements and my commitments to life for this whole relationship with rain as in how i perceive/view/interpret  RAIN tomorrow........





Larry Manuela.

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