Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 176, What Will Happen To The Special Love on 21 December, 2012


Now let us have a look at this. In the spiritual community there are believes going around that there are lots of other levels of love that exists, with much more higher vibrations and frequencies.  I don't know if you have noticed but since the scientists have discovered this whole quantum mechanics and are still exploring it these kind of terms they are using became very popular in the spiritual societies and  all the science-fiction societies like the people believing in other super lifeforms in other parts of our galaxy or universe having higher vibrations and frequencies, that will come and save our asses from shit we created ourselves. Understand that all that is HERE, as what we humans see as ''bad/negative/wrong'' are here because of ourselves. Starvation exist because of us, animals going instinct exist because of us, war exist because of us, fresh waters being poisoned exist because of us, the air being poluted exist because of us, virusses and bacterias that can kill us exist because of us, sicknesses exist because of us.......etc etc..................all these things exist because of the way we live with each other and with everything else. But what do we do instead,...?? we seek for someone else  to put the blame on, or something can be the Reptilians, the Draconians, the Devil, the Demons, anti Christ...etc etc...and because we don't see none of them here on this earth we will give them super hiding skills in our minds so we can keep on trying to run away instead of once and for all STOPPING and correcting ourselves for what we accept and allow to be created by ourselves that are destructive and abusive.  All these characters we have in our minds and were in minds of people in the past and were placed as memories in books, are the characters we ourselves have become. All the things we believe these characters are doing behind the scenes are as a matter of fact, in reality what we ourselves are doing to ourselves and other lifeforms and unto this entire earth, but we keep on giving these imaginary characters in our  minds and those that exist as memories of humans that has gone before us, but left their memories in written words in books,------------ to be the ones that are acting behind the scenes orchastrating this whole EVIL that is existent throughout the history of mankind. And we are looking for an escape/an easy way out, in the form of special beings of light and God and Jesuses and you name it, to save us from the other EVIL characters, without seeing/realizing/understanding that all of them are just characters in our minds, none of them are HERE, it is only us doing what we are doing to ourselves and the rest of what is HERE. That is why it is very appropiate for God and all these unseen characters to be invisible, so we can have an excuse to keep on believing that they exist and/or argue with each other that they don't exist and that they are influencing our lives here on earth in some way or another.

So now many believers in light and love are expecting their higher love vibration to reach such a high state on 21 December 2012, that they will just ascend because of this, and that they are somehow some special one, and that it is their time, their own unique individual path of ascension, and that finally in the end all will reach the ultimate level some day somehow anyways, and be eternally shiny and full of immense LOVE vibrations, that only the light will be everywhere. Now understand that none of these individuals can explain in detail and specificty how that light exist and how those vibrations were created or exist, and what are they doing here in a lower frequency and can't get out of it by themselves but needs a little help from some other Galactic brothers and sisters whom agree to never leave them behind and alone in the god forsaken place called: '' Earth''   I mean if they were these really super powerful beings just in these bodies of humans of earth, leaving their bodies must be a piece of cake, don't you think, but yet not one of them can do this, and will find many excuses as to justify why they can't, attempting to safe their own nonesensical believes.

Now understand that there were a period in my life, that i went through all these things to, investigating and even believing in some of them, looking to find out which one could be trusted as a so-called:  ''truth.''  the reason i beleived these kind of things is because there are some real evidence here on earth that there were some alien visitations accuring in the long past, most of it is hidden though, and understand that our archeologists are mostly believing that most of the civilizations that went before us were uncivilized and that there were some of them that was more advance in some way or another and had some kind of technology that even today they can't understand nor create but yet, in their view they were not as smart as we are today. Now as i understood it from the creator Gods themselves whom created us that they have placed within our minds from the beginning all the information of everything of how we were created and everything else, leaving some specific details out of course and then just streched time from the beginning till the end and place many events and in betweens, they were just playing with the timelines like for example putting a civilization to be highly evolved when it should not be on that particular timeline in history and then after maybe 1000 of years putting a civilization that is totally dumb or placing one that is suppose to be on the timeline on the year lets say 1000000 and super intelligent and then put that when it is the year 100  and then put the year 100 to the year 1000000, where they will be completely devolved,  and also let them evolve and then let them fall and then get back up again and then fall again and they will never know what happened before them, because after a few generations they will forget. They were doing this throughout the evolution of mankind so that they will be confused and never be able to decipher what was really going on and where they came from, because their whole history is NOT running in sequence as they may believe or are looking at these things. It is exactly like i don't know what happened exactly like 200 years ago to people in this world, the only few things we know, is what is written by  some individuals, and even that is incomplete.

So will some humans reach their higher vibrational love on 21 December 2012...?? Well this is NOT going to happen, and the way love is being lived in this world i will be very careful if i were you, because you may burn yourself to just nothing when you vibrate higher due to the extent of evil that is exitent in this love that humans experience here on earth, because it is love rooted in self-interest..!!.....lollll