Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 178, What Are Politicians Doing...??

Have a look. To be a politician in this world is in reality as just having any other job, and your job is then to serve your so-called: ''country''   which means, serving the humans living in this country, because humans only consider themselves alone as valuable and as ''deserving'' being alive on this planet and that they are THE superior ones, because of what they can do in accordance to their design. And all the things the humans do affect not only the human but all LIFE on earth. But yet in the decisions of the humans all LIFE is not being considered at all only the human life and even in this NOT all Humans either, just the ones on top.


Now politicians have a lot to do with passing legislations/public policies that affect the lives of those whom they sweared they would serve.
Now understand a peculiar thing about this particular job within this system. It is one of the jobs where you are allowed to lie and cheat and do all kinds of things and still get away with it. You can make as many mistakes as you like and still get away with it and on top of all this get a very good salary to doing all this, you can make all kinds of promises that you know you cannot keep, and when you can't keep the promises you made,------------ those whom voted for you to be in the office are still not going to sent your ass home, as that is exactly what will happen to most people in other jobs if they were to NOT do their jobs properly. And this is not all that is to it. It is happening in right in the peoples faces, but still these individuals have the audacity to open their mouth and talk about most of the times that their country is a democratic country..??  How can that be, when the politicians themselves are NOT treated like everyone else is being treated when they don't perform well in their jobs..??   What makes it acceptable to let them continue after all these peoples as ''voters'' have experienced at first hand what happens to their lives when these individuals make mistakes and/or apparently are making mistakes to suit themselves if one look at it closely.

So politicians are NOT really solving any problems at all that really matters, they may solve some little thing here and there, but really solving real big problems that affect all the lives of the people they somehow with all their higher educations never seem to manage to once and for all solve all the problems that exists in their countries.


To tell you the truth i don't see even why we need these people to be in office when it is clearly that they are incapable/unwilling to do their jobs well and effectively to benefit all, they are really a total mess when it comes to solving problems, and very good in defending the very causes that are making sure that the problems continue existing, like for example the MONETARY SYSTEM.....................ringing some bell....??   The moment none of the politicians are willing to STOP this system of DEBT that is existent practically, know that these people are NOT to be trusted and possibly they can't solve this problem either, and understand to solve this problem wil require the support from everyone. Not one politician can do this alone, this doesn't happen...!! 

Have a  look at how politics and politicians will be in an Equal money System:

I  leave here for you an awesome interview done by Bernard Poolman, made in 2010. Hear it carefully. All simple common sense.... 



Larry Manuela

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