Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 175, Do You Belief The 2012 Hoaxes..??

Let us have a look at this. I am going to look at this whole 2012 hipe going on for some time now, that will soon find it's ending on the date 21 December 2012. Now i am going to approach this from the point of view for those whom are believing that the secret societies know all about what is going to happen and that they have a stake in all of this thing. They may have a stake in whatever that keeps you NOT questioning the system that they use to be in such position in order for you to keep on fearing them so much. Just as you fear them, they fear you to in a way. You know why..?? Because they are hiding, very simple..!!  If they were really really powerful and have absolutely no fear, they will just be in your face, but they are not. A lot of work have been put into this date to make sure that most of the people in the western countries and some others countries in this world will fear such a date. Movies have been made, talk-shows and you name it, have been made about this date that is coming.

Now there are many videos done by the conspiracy fanatics that the super rich have underground tunnels and you name it, they have even secret basis on the dark side of the moon for crying out loud....loll   The secret tunnels,------------ that i can understand they built them, but not because of anything that have to do with 2012 craze, but more for what the rest of humanity will become and who knows whatelse they will be hiding for in the future. But to you they will sell you some other mystical story and some esoteric stuff to keep you from questioning what is really going on.

Now i am going to place a youtube video here that was done in 2011, by a conspiracy theorist called: Jesse Ventura from America.  Now in this video he is looking for answers on some conspiracies and secrets. I have chosen his video because there are some things he did question very well, but the approach is more like giving the Elite credit for their power so to speak, like he unwillingly in his search add to the fear that is already brewing beneath in the people to scare them even more.

So within this video Jesse Ventura walks around asking questions and get to meet some people whom are working on some projects that involve building tunnels for some rich individuals, which i find interesting. It means that these few rich individuals have reasons to believe that something catastrophic will happen in this year and mostly related to the End of times as predicted by some scholars whom are deciphering the mayan calender.  When it comes to the big tunnel that is being built in Denver in America, that to is an interesting one, this one they didn't really get to see what was happening but the proofs around the airport area ar enough that there is something going on besides the construction of the airport itself in the middle of nowhere. I would say, these elite people know that humanity will go crazy as hell when the shit really hits the fan economically and financially, and they know that people will look for whomever is rich in whatever part of this world to take revenge on them, we may even have a third world war, who knows. Everything is possible at the moment, and it will continue being so.  Have you noticed how in movies and in these kind of programmes it is always about how terrible things may happen to America, like America is the only country in the whole world where bad things can happen to them...??  The aliens will land in America, solar flar will hit America, everything always about America alone. This kind of way of presenting information is very brainwashing, because it makes the people in America more afraid and make them belief that there is nowhere else to go but to stay, because all they will ever know is their America. And in most cases, most Americans are like this to, they don't know much or don't know nothing at all that is happening in other countries, as a matter of fact most of them don't even know what is happening in their own country let alone in other countries, the re-election of their president says more then enough...!!  When one look at it from the outside, i for example saw that there might be a possibility that with all the protests in America going on, about the monetary system and with all the people loosing their homes and jobs and are now living in tent cities or just on the streets, it should have been enough to wake them up, but it have proven to me, that even that is not enough. So this means that  a total worse and complete suffering MUST happen to people before they really really wake up.  With the re-election of the president by the American people have shown that no-matter how hard they scream, when it comes to the real point of for example NOT voting at all, and then make sure to take the power back to the people is put in place through laws/rules/regulations by the people themselves, ----------------------------but what do they do, the majority....???  They re-elect their president whom is giving orders to kill other people in other countries, and is making decisions and passing legislations that even more will loose their homes and become really really poor. I don't care whom in this world is president or Prime Minister, whomever that is NOT willing TO STOP all military forces in their countries and construction and building of weapons and are doing whatever they can to SAVE BANKS, are NOT people i would ever vote for, never ever..!!  These TWO points alone is more then enough for me to NOT trust any of these individuals, because this is totally psycopathic..!!  We have psycopaths making psychopathic decisions and psychopaths voting for them, we are totally LOST....!!!  That is why the military is still existent, and the Banks are still HERE, because the voters want a military to exist and a Bank to, to keep on putting them in DEBT and those going into the military also like the idea of killing others so they may live.

So now back to this whole 2012 scam.   

Now i am going to place a video here where Jack is explaining in clear words and common sense words that NOTHING is going to happen in this year, that is almost over and done. Here beneath i place a video explaining the objective of the Portal:

For those of you whom are reading this, and you don't understand the Portal, here is a very small explanation of what the portal is. The portal is the BODY of Sunette whom leave her body as the breath of life and the body just stays here breathing as the substance of life, and in this state whatever that is existent can come into the body also as the breath of life and talk freely as the body of this girl that is then in the dimension. So through this REAL PORTAL we at desteni have found out what was really happening in ALL of existence. Most of you will NOT hear this message now, and if you are religious this leaving the body thing and having for examples what happened in the beginning when demons were coming into the body and do self-forgiveness and redeem themselves, will be a point that is very difficult for you to transcend, because in your books you are reading/believing, the demons are EVIL, so you must avoid EVIL at all costs, and you will believe every LIE that was ever told in this world about the demons which is very clear in this world already, but to hear them speak directly and tell their TRUE story and what they WERE exactly, you will discard. You are afraid of them, very afraid.  We understand all of these things, but life on earth will be so difficult that you will hear this message of Oneness and Equality, that which is BEST for all LIFE, what we have been repeating over and over in many different ways, and we will NOT STOP...!!!   STOPPING means giving up on ourselves and on LIFE. And we stand for LIFE...!!!

So when nothing happens to you on December 21 st, 2012 and you start to question all the shit you believed prior to that date, remember us, we will be HERE for you to support you and assist you and we truly have the REAL answers, ALL the answers you were always looking for throughout your whole life. It is done, what we all need to do is STOPPING what we are doing... !!!  forgive ourselves and start living/creating in correction as we move along living/creating that which is BEST for all LIFE, till this is our living reality...!!!!



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