Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 174, Being In The System.

Yesterday at work, we had a meeting with some executive people from the company/factory. they wanted to talk to us about how wonderful the company is doing and how they have managed to even ''make profit'' in these terrible/difficult financial instability times. We were shown charts, as to how ''we'' progress and what changes they brought into the company to make all this gaining of profit to become what it became. So due to this they are going to give ''all the people'' working in the company a bonus, because they say it is now possible to get a bonus. But on the bonus are also some work attached, you don't just get a bonus because the company made profit, you get a bonus when you work in a efficient way, making sure the company don't loose that much money and also make more money, thus in our line of work this mean, working throwing less crap away, and producing more products with good quality and making as little as possible mistakes so they can put some money aside for the raw material they're using. The total amount that the workers can get in a whole year is grossly  400 Euros.


Now when they finished their presentation the group was asked if they had any questions.
I of course had questions. Because i saw some unfairness being done in this whole bonus idea.

I and a lots of other colleagues are working in this company but via an Agency that this company/factory have a monopoly with. This means in reality, the Agency  just look for people that need jobs and then they get you in there, and you are the one that is going to do all the work when the agency and the company/factory will make lots and lots of money on your back, and they have a wonderful system that make sure that you stay within their company for a very long time before you can get, that is IF you ever can get the opportunity to become a steady worker. We are called ''flexworkers'' which is another name for ''temporary workers.''  The company i work for that gets me into this factory, is an Agency that facilitate ''temporary workers''    There are many laws/rules/regulations in this country that were specifically designed to make sure '' temporary workers'' can stay ''temporary workers'' for their whole lives if it's possible. 

Now there are temporary workers that if they perform well, meaning: '' making the company more money, through their participation within the company,''   they give you a year contract via the agency so that you can have work for the whole year in the factory. I and the lots of other colleagues are the ones that have these year contracts. So what does this mean...??  It means we also contributed to the company so they can have these wonderful charts they were showing us for this year, but yet we were NOT included in the bonus idea, only the steady workers reveiced this bonus. So this is a very clear situation to show how other people make profit on the sweat of others in your face kind of way in this world. Now understand, i can care a red ass about some freaking bonus. To me it is about the unfair treatement of the factory to us the ones whom work for one year there. They have a special name for us to, they call us: '' payrollers.''  If we were coming in and worked for just a few month and then get a bonus to in these few months, when it was the others that worked there, that had to do most of the work, that will be not fair as in this system way of operation, but it is different when you work the whole year there and they give bonus for that year of work that you also were invloved participating in doing the workand even harder sometimes, because YOU are the one they have the power to sent your ass home very easily, so they make good use of this in the companies,this is the main reason many companies/factories are most of the times these days hiring only ''flexworkers.'' You will never get a steady job, because more and more companies/factories are making monopoly contracts with these Agencies that facilitate these ''flexworkers.''

So when i asked this man, why it is we were NOT included in this bonus idea he turned red in his face, indicating that my question was a hard one, and they even went as far with much difficulty and uncomfortableness saying that there HAVE to be a distinction between the ''flexworkers'' and the ''steady workers,'' those whom work directly for the company.  So that was their answer, and i just left it to that, there was no need to continue asking more difficult questions to these people. But as you can see, they forgot that the ''flexworkers'' and the ''steady workers'' are all doing the same work, and the real distinction between these two is that the ''flexworkers'' are the ones that can easily be sent home if they don't need them anymore or they don't work hard enough in their eyes, they can just find a very easy excuse and sent you home by telling you for example that, there is not much work now at the moment so we are going to have to let you go, and then there is nothing you can do about it.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to be a little angry when i saw that i and others as myself were  treated unfair within the company/factory i work for.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to loose myself into a little anger, so that i just had to open my mouth about the way we are being treated, that to me as the others was and is unfair.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to feel a little uncomfortableness in my stomach when i asked the question and i saw the man becoming red in his face, for i did not intent to make him feel uncomfortalbe, my intention was that of wanting clarity.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to also feel a little bit of power just because i knew i could fuck with people and make them feel uncomfortable due to what they do to me and others, because my question was also directed out of a revenge point of view, meaning taking revenge in asking THE question that will hurt more, because i know that they know what they are doing, and i wanted them to see and understand that we know what they're doing and that there are some of us even in this case if it is just me alone, that will open their mouths about  the way they are being treated.

I commit myself to maje sure that whenever i see myself going into or about to go into anger, to just STOP and take a deep breath, before i open my mouth and speak. So in this matter i will speak out of common sense and clearness, and not out of reaction as a little bit of anger in this case.

I commit myself to make sure to always speak in common sense whenever i see necessary and the moment is right so i don't put myself into unnecessary consequencies that can happen after.


Larry Manuela

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